This is a page that will help find the video and audio rantings/commentary/opinions that I have made over the course of two channels. The Tirsoh cartoons Youtube main channel has some videos, and the other channel has audio with pictures. The other channel was actually first, and served as a trial run for the main channel.

Brief Summary of the Transition to the Era of Peace (June 2020)

This video is a summary of the transition to the Era of Peace. I cover all of this in different posts on Twitter, but as that is mixed in with a lot of other posts, it can be hard to get in one spot.

Timeline Information (March 2018)

This video was recorded and uploaded to Youtube in March of 2018. I go over a bit of what and why of what is currently planned for this Awakening.

Rough Plans For The Awakening (May 2017)

In this video, I go over more of the theory of why and a bit of what. I did not have the exact timeline details then, but the why should be useful. I had been under the impression that it would take about 10 years, rather than the 5 year plan we have now. (5 for the awakening, then a lot for the rebuilding phase. Yes people across the world are still waking up in the rebuilding phase as well.)

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