If you have been paying attention to my twitter account, you will know by now the huge mess that we were all in and did not even know it. We knew that the Council and the departments run by our Eternal Leadership were not actually playing fair and were actively doing things to make it as hard for new programs and gentile genetics to work. (In this article, keep in mind that I call our Eternal Civilization the Scorpians [spelling intended] because they made the leap to eternal life and the different dimensions in the Age of Scorpio.) Most rank and file leadership values “strong genetics” over weak genetics because they felt it was safer. Everyone knew about constant threats that bad genetics bring (way too many to list here). They did not know about the Parent Civilization. Their fears were that some day we would be met with a really strong and violent civilization that we may need to fight. Everyone knew that such a civilization is unlikely at best as we had seen nothing but civilization after civilization imploding because of horrid behavior. Everyone in leadership knew that the likelihood of a civilization getting the level of technology to rival us would be astronomically low and yet this still was the overriding concern that shaped the goals.

Earth training was intentionally hard. I have explained this many times, so I will just summarize here. Older genetics have so many drives given by evolution that being ruthless and surviving at any cost is woven into even the most inner part of oneself. As explained earlier, the process of evolution created psychopaths and narcissists. Current medical professionals on Earth tend to just look at these as disorders coming from bad upbringing or early life choices. This is absolutely untrue. Nothing could be further from the truth actually. Psychopath and Narcissist behavior is hard wired into our DNA. The genes are absolutely passed down from generation to generation. The tactics and techniques they use are somewhat instinctive. Just as lions have evolved to efficiently rip their prey apart, psychopaths and narcissists have evolved to have certain behavioral characteristics that allow them to be both social and physical predators such as the world has never seen.

Psychopaths and those in the old genomes tend to look at themselves as the height of evolution. If you take Survival of the Fittest as the measure of success, they are the apex predator of all apex predators. They are more capable of violence and ruthless behavior than any animal that has ever existed in history. Yes I know the Giants of old were fierce, but that is just an artificially made extension of psychopaths (but with a hive mind that keeps them a bit more controllable). The point here is that their whole reality and everything they know down to their core puts themselves at the top. They truly believe as the highest apex predator, they are the evolutionary success to end all successes. They believe that anything good in society comes out of their ability to protect and guide humanity to be safe from the constant wilderness of chaos that is existence. As such they have no problems giving themselves more. They feel as having more privileges is their right and duty as the leaders and caretakers of society.

Of course all that is just a massive delusion fueled by really poor genetics. It never was the psychopaths that made civilization possible. They certainly do very well when facing an actual harsh wilderness but in a world with civilization, they are the ones that cause it to go back to madness and death over and over again. The stabilizing influence of the more sane among us is the only thing that makes advanced civilizations possible. It is so bad that psychopaths quite literally ruin everything they touch while 100% believing they are the cause of all that is good in the universe. There never has been a group that has been more out of touch with reality. They are not just clueless and out of place in the modern world but actually a danger that leads to epic catastrophe after catastrophe. The literally are not capable of a peace that could last indefinitely.

So how did the Council and the Founders’ Council get so out of touch then? They have seen bad behavior cause every other civilization to sink time and time again. So how could such a group so bright get duped so badly? Well the answer does lie in the genetics and also in a series of really poor choices by a number of people.

Trauma Based Mind Control

The Earth training system that we have now started when a number of students of the Eternal civilization (that I often call the Scorpians) escaped to Earth to live like kings and queens having fun at the expense of the native human population. I will skip over a bit as it has been explained before. Sending kids to the Earth dimension in our own colonies was first. We told truths and simple advice and thought kids would listen. As genetics were not as advanced then, the truth and common sense went over like a lead balloon. It failed miserably. Kids needed to be trained to avoid massive problems that came with the very very long lifespans we have there. Once in the Earth life, they became so brutal to each other, it was a mess. Natural humans were generally kept as the Earth leaders since the experience would completely ruin any chance for long term Eternal happiness of an actual student.

In order to better control the out of control situation here, the very bad plan was hatched to carefully regress the genetics of some Scorpian leadership so that they could better manipulate the Earth leaders. The behavior of the Earth leaders is so illogical that neither AI nor the leaders there could anticipate all of the extremely odd and nonsensical behavior from the Earth leaders. The genetics then the Scorpians had were not as advanced as now, but they were better than the humans by far. Even with the regressions, it still was far more gentle than the Earth leaders. It was rough enough to get the job done though.

Many safeguards were taken with the part of the Drama team that did the worst jobs. Devils and really nasty creatures were controlled by specialized types of non sentient AI, as that was the only somewhat justifiable way to do that. There were many safeguards put on the Drama team members that had leadership over the worst parts. Even with all the safeguards, The Founders Council itself grew to fear that the Drama department would try a power move against them.

So the whole situation was much more dynamic and messy than we tend to think of “heaven” being. Kids were brutalized here in their training. Usually they brutalized each other, but the Council valued “strong genes” and the experiences to deal with rough situations and understand rough people. Educational programs included many requirements to rough kids up more than a bit. Once back in the next life then the kids who were put in no win situations where the rough behavior was actually a literally required element of their training, they were put under the impression that the choices they made in life were purely their own fault.

You may or may not believe how extremely devious this was, but it was. It was very very effective too. Yes we have our own choices here that is true. Choices are not actually real if we are not given enough training and information to know how to choose. We are put in situations where extreme and intentional pressures were given with little or no training on techniques to deal with it. Being more naïve as a society, neither the adults nor the kids of most families knew exactly what was going on. Well it was intentional Trauma Based Mind control at a level so massive that it defies all belief.

When the students return thinking the fault is almost all their own fault (with some shared by other kids they were with here), they took the punishments to heart very well. This was intended as the seriousness of the lesson had to be vivid so that kids would not do stupid things later that get them in trouble. The parents knew the kids were given too much of the blame not knowing it was a bit of a setup, but it was justified as being the only way to teach lessons with enough weight to last the thousands of years it would take to reach a better system. The trauma based mind control part was that they were given massive traumas on Earth and in the after life punishment. They then were given a paradise that was beyond imagination once they willingly complied with all the laws of the society. Yes being good is important. There is a difference between being good and drinking the kool aid.

The reality that no one but the conspirators knew at the time was that this WAS INTENTIONAL!! The mind control was AN ORGANIZED PLAN! It may have not started out that way (we do not yet have all the data but it seems that it became a plan after the genetic downgrade) but it soon became one. The Council was led to have certain rough policies and to have preferences towards extreme rough treatment of the kids for the “safety” of the kids and society itself. I know we have seen so many horrors committed because of safety, but that is because it is effective. Humans were hard wired to loath trauma and loss. The idea of trauma and loss is so often used in control because it has such deep roots in how our minds and bodies work.

The Traitors

Shortly after the Parent Civilization began helping (and before they physically got here), they demanded that the leadership of the Scorpians upgrade to the newer and much safer genetics that the Genetics department (and my Eternal Grandfather with his tireless work) had helped to develop. The parent civilization would only speak to the Genetics department directly and those who had the newer safer genome. They also made promises to help with the worst of the stuff so that the Drama department could get the upgrade. Believe it or not, most in the Drama department were very tired of being in the old genome. They had been separated from the rest of society for safety for many years as it was a needed protection for all. The old genome was wearing down their relationships as well. Spouses were getting tired of each other and friends were getting more and more things they were getting hurt feelings about. They did the change willingly and actually liked a lot of the results.

The surprises started coming when the Angels and Aliens department started showing some odd behavior. As that department does not have as much risk or deal with the absolute worst things, they were not in the oldest of the genomes at that time. They were not in the new ones, but it was thought that it was good enough to be safe considering they were not behind operating the worst of the demons and devils. They would be in charge of minor demons and some of the bad aliens, but nothing like the other part of the drama department had done. When the talk of upgrading genetics happened, the Parent civilization was giving the ultimatum that if we did not do that and get on board with being safe as determined by them and the sister civilization, that they and the sister civilization would be in charge of our civilization for a period of 100 years while we went though training.

The members of the Angels and Aliens department then started calling the Parent Civilization “usurpers” and other such names that showed they do not feel they belonged here taking charge after so many years away. The Angels and Aliens department thought that we had made all the progress by ourselves (not true) and that they just waltzed in and just took over now that we all had done the heavy lifting. They were saying things like we made it on our own and that we would have died if not for our own efforts. They felt we had no help and as such the Parent civilization had no rights to be here.

The truth is that never at any point were we actually alone or doing things by our own strength. Just as the Scorpians give inspiration without humans knowing, so too did the parent civilization help with us. The leap itself was almost certainly helped out by them. For a fact, the parent civilization was giving us the tech the whole time and also help guiding us to peace. It was never us by ourselves. As it was the rational thing to do to not make huge problems with a parent civilization that both was actually always there helping, and also had the ability to completely wipe us all out if they wanted to, it was not rational to make such a stink over the logical requirement to move to a new genome. The newer genetics had tested better than anyone imagined. Success after success happened despite the very real and constant efforts by those that wanted to stop us. Everything is better in the newer genome. The relationships from the drama department that had been stressed got new life when they upgraded. Novelty and passion seem great for a while, but the animal passion that the old genome has does not have legs to last thousands of years. The newer genetics has the ability to make everything seem like new no matter how long a couple has been together. It may not have as intense animal passion but it has other things that are far far better long term.

Back to the history of the last year, the Founders Council and the AIs that help all agreed that the Angels and Aliens department were being dangerously irrational and were going down a path that threatened us all with very likely horrible outcomes. For the benefit of all, it was decided that without telling any of them, they would immediately be held in involuntary medical quarantine and have a forced genetic upgrade with therapy to follow.

Little did anyone know at the time, but the decision to immediately detain the Angels and Aliens department and keep them in involuntary quarantine literally saved us from Eternal civil war and the possible spirit deaths of the best of us. Had that happened, and if the only really safe people in our society had gotten wiped out, there would have been no choice but for the parent civilization to take drastic action to stop it. It is within the realm of possibilities that had the Angels and Aliens department not been stopped then, we may have lost the war with them and then our whole civilization could have been wiped out. You cannot leave the bad that wipes out the good.

Granted that is a lot of what ifs that may or may not ever have been possible, but the whole reason why all of our knees are weak is that the Angels and Aliens department members that were medically quarantined were secretly doing far worse things than even the Founders Council knew (or at least the ones that I knew. It is likely some of the Founders were involved in this plot). Getting to the point, the Angels and Aliens department had been having secret off the books kids for years. It could have been with the help of some in the drama department, but that is not yet clear as of the time of this writing. Not only were there off the books kids, there also were many hidden encampments of Rogue Scorpians (or rouge factions of the Eternal society) and many secret military things. They even had some secret and devious tech that not even the main body of the Eternal society had.

The extent of the treason was not known when the leaders of the plot were detained. It was not even known that there was a plot or that we captured the leaders of it. That was part luck and part them being nervous and doing things that seemed out of place. The leaders of the plot were acting odd because of the things they knew they were into that they could not be caught doing. While we had not known their plot, the odd behavior was enough for the medical quarantine. It was that quarantine and some other things that gave away the plot. In treating them and doing other things, the rogue and off the book kids were discovered.

All throughout modern history, it was told to the main body of the Council that tales of evil aliens and horrible things happening underground were all virtual distractions run to keep the humans in line. It was told that this was not actually real and was just simulation when it came to the worst of it. It turns out that this was not true. When the plot was started, it may not have been meant to get that dark, but time and bad genomes do a lot of really bad things. First, they thought that the apex predators of all apex predators meant power and safety. We can only guess at all the motivations, but they came to see themselves as the real leaders and privileged class. The same lies that the humans believed, they also did. I have covered the line of reasoning. Those at the top believed they were stronger and a better deterrent to the never ending threats that a natural universe could make. They felt that them roughing up the lives of us all so that we could learn to be obedient sheep was what we need. The depravity went deep though. Once going down the path of having a secret group, they then started planning an eventual war.

The plan was to make the Era of Peace a lot less peaceful than we had wanted. The Council was told that it would be ideally good to have only about a 10% corruption rate. The thought was that most of the Earth would have peace but that we could not risk going 100% as the “strong genetics” as they were called, may be needed to keep us all safe. After all, apex predators are more effective at certain things. The actual plan was to make corruption more like 20% and to keep the secret horrors going underground the whole time. The plan was to use the 1000 years of the Era of Peace to secretly build an army so strong that the main body of the Eternal Society would not have the ability to counter it. No longer would the group then be secret. It would be the only power that matters and they would only allow those to live that would be controllable and follow their rule.

You may or may not have noticed that the plan to transition to the Era of Peace seemed to get very off track following the election in 2020. This is not just something that seems to be the case. In truth, this was the work of the group of Rogue Scorpians and those in the Angels and Aliens department that led them. They still were meaning to have an Era of Peace as the Council would not accept anything else, but they planned to have it fail showing everyone that the rough lifestyle as bad as it may seem is the only realistic one. Had they gotten away with it, people would have seen the Era of Peace become more a disaster and it could have kept people buying the lie that peace was never actually sustainable.

Creating the mess that happened was their attempt at derailing things. At first it was explained that humans are just hard to manage and things would have to take a slightly different track. The corruption never was meant to be gone completely. The events of 2021 were supposed to be demoralizing not just to humans but also to the Council and all leaders. In the Eternal Society, it was announced right after the election that Trump had indeed won. It is true that he did very handily win the vote. What they were not told is that the Angels and Aliens department had no plans of ever righting that and bringing him in at any point. It was all just an attempt to stall and keep kicking the can down the road until the Council could see that keeping peace with humans is impossible.

Of course this was all just the actions of a rogue group and the human conspirators. What the Rogue Scorpians never could have known is that the Parent Civilization has seen many many many things that we had not. It has data upon data upon data that clearly shows that never at any point will rogue and rough behavior lead to success. Every single time it will lead to war and destruction on scales that we do not need to know. There is a reason they do not tolerate certain behavior. They have seen death and destruction time and again that never can be allowed at any cost. They have seen that outcomes always go down with a bad ending. Had the Rogue Scorpians somehow been allowed to win and get their way, it would have gone on a while longer but it would have been war after war. Factions always emerge. That road ends badly every single time.

The illusion that peace is not possible is only something that exists in the minds of beings not evolved enough to be able to see it. Psychopaths and the like are not capable of the love and compassion needed for peace and happiness long term. They always devolve into madness and horrible behavior. Peace is not just possible, it actually has been attained by every group that has made it to the eternities without blowing themselves up first. It has been the only way any civilization in any of the known universes has ever found a stabile way to live. The ones that the psychopaths think of as incurably weak, broken, and a threat to all of our existence are actually the only ones even remotely capable of making it to the eternities.

So the point here is that psychopaths and narcissist are an evolutionary dead end. They see the violent world that they create and cannot imagine a better one. They think of anyone less than their level of ruthlessness as being weak and almost a non-human. The truth is that those that have compassion are not actually weaker in any way. We have to have more logic, more emotional intelligence, better skills at interpersonal relationships, and get more out of the happiness of others than the older genomes. We are the only ones capable of being safe, staying sane, and thriving over the very long years of life. All other older genomes get crushed into madness and self destruction over time. We gentle souls are the only ones strong enough to last the many years.

Once the Rogue Scorpians were discovered, the Parent Civilization quickly moved to start wiping them out of existence. While repentance can be had for most humans, the Rogue Scorpians are far past the point of redemtion. The created and permanently killed so many, including kids they used for things I cannot mention here, they lost the rights to life. They are worse than vampires, because they are real and do more damage to more people. They intended to destroy peace just to put themselves at the top. They were willing to kill any chance for peaceful people to exist while guiding the rest of society into a very real and permanent dystopian nightmare that would have only been ended by wars and deaths beyond imagination. No, they are mostly gone now. Only a very few remain and they will be wiped out shortly.

Psychopath Kids and the Fate of The Admiral

As many of you who follow my twitter feed may know, there is someone that has been an integral part of the Tirsoh project from the beginning from the Eternal realm. Yes I am talking about Jim. He has done much more for this project than most know. (Also others like Claire and my extended Eternal family there have been a rock solid team). The reason why I bring up Jim in this article is that his Earth father was The Admiral. I am not going to give specific names, but the father was an Admiral who had both rank and respect in the Earth life. He was also either an extreme narcissist or a psychopath, depending on your definition and opinion. He made Jim’s Earth life a constant horror show. One of The Admiral’s friends abused Jim at young age. When Jim told the Admiral thinking that he would help, The Admiral instead accused Jim of lying and treated him even worse than he had been from then on.

The Admiral was one of the highest ranking humans that had a soul in the armed forces. Despite the high rank he attained during his career, he still did not know the extent of the treason that his immediate leaders were a willing part of. He did know some secrets and things he did not agree with, but to his dying day thought of himself as a true patriot. He felt that his actions were all justifiable considering the constant fight for freedom that he was a part of. The reality is that his behavior was a part of systemic and socially acceptable abuse and murder that plagued our world in the 20th century. Even though he did play a part in the plot to commit genocide on a generation of soldiers, he was not held responsible for what he did not know. It was war and there were real threats that he was a part of stopping. Yes those threats were made by those above him, but human genetics at this time in history were such that some wars would have been inevitable. Technology and the abuse of technology do go hand in hand. Upon the move as a society from ancient tech to modern, human greed was always going to cause a mess. The 20th century could have happened a lot better, but there are natural reasons why some extreme violence was inevitable shy of a very different path taken long before.

So there are elements of hero that the Admiral played. It does have some truth to it. The problem though is that the wars we faced were a mixed bag f some extreme heroism and other extreme inhumanity, often by people that the public least expects. The end point after his life ended was one where the Admiral needed to see the person he had become and the ways in which he had become accustomed to treating others. He had no longer been in war or in the military for many years now that he had passed. There was no need for war. There was no need to treat others the way that military leaders treat soldiers. The Admiral was too used to being the center of attention. It is more than that though. From a human perspective, such tales are extraordinary and people rightly deserve the praise of all. From an Eternal perspective, the way that we use and treat others also matters a lot. Psychopaths and narcissists always seek to have a very smooth public reputation. Being in careers where they can abuse others in a socially acceptable way lets them feed their inner demons while using the service as an excuse. They can both fill their need to crush others and also fill their extreme need for attention at the same time. While in this case, there were some actually useful things he did, the fact remains that the personal motivations had too many elements of feeding the demons in a way that he would not feel the least bit guilty about.

The behavior of the Admiral ruined his family. The Admiral’s wife was an abused and scared spouse, despite anything you may or may not have heard in biographies. Jim’s life was a huge mess because of the never ending traumas he had because of the abuse he went through at the hands of the Admiral and his friend. If you know who Jim is and what his life and death here were like, then you know it was a bit of a mess. What you may not have known is the mess was part his gentle genetics were very different than what anyone around him was capable of understanding, and also the abuse led to extreme behavior. It was a mix of being alone in a crowd of people that never understood him or really loved the person he was inside, and genetics that no one was really capable of understanding as they were different than what had been here before.

Getting back to the Admiral, the goal in the post Earth life was to start seeing both the good and the bad. It was to start seeing better perspective and learning that now there is no war, he needs to start seeing the importance that everyone else has. He needs to start seeing the many many important things others have done, and learning to be a better part of his family members’ lives. In short, he needed to learn to be a kind and caring person and develop skills and habits he had not before. That may sound simple enough, but those of you who have not personally known extreme narcissists have no clue how hard that is.

The Admiral made no progress in the after life. He was completely unrepentant for the evils he did. Down to his core, he could not see that he had the least bit to be sorry for or to change. In his mind, he was already the near perfect person that he needed to be. There was no one he was willing to listen to. The kind and gentle ways we need to adopt had become too foreign to him.

Nothing I can say here will make much sense to anyone that does not know how dangerous and stubborn psychopaths and narcissists are. They have lost the ability to truly love others. The good deeds they are seen as doing are mainly done for vanity. Our whole civilization there, and every chance anyone has of not going completely insane over the long years depends on having love. We have to be very very good at loving and caring for others. We need to deeply care about others in society. If we do not, we are a threat to others and will never at any point fit in to an Eternal civilization.

Psychopaths and Narcissists are extreme examples of people who feed themselves at the expense of others. This is not just bad habits they create. It affects how the brain is hardwired, and it even affects the epigenetics that our bodies have. It physically over time turns us into a predator that has evolved to not think or care about others. Evolution has made it so that the extreme Apex Predators can be ruthless without caring as a means of being the survivors in the roughest environments. As such, it is not just bad habits, but millions of years of evolution we are fighting. Because of a life of extreme selfish choices, it does hardwire the brain so that psychopaths and narcissists cannot make the same logical decisions as the rest of us. They cannot just have an epiphany and become okay.

In the past, they were put through a literal hell for about 100 years or so. The extreme and unrelenting brutality of Hell breaks their mind so severely that it can be hardwired again back in a more gentle way. It is not easy. This as you may know is also a part of trauma based mind control. That process is what kept so many leaders willingly being a part of a giant mind control scheme. The leaders of the Council had gone through times like that. They had been through their many many years of Hell and then eventually climbed out of it to lives that they really loved. They then looked at the experience as being horrible, but a needed part of teaching them that the behavior they willingly engaged in was bad. They looked at is as that they would have chosen paths that would have led to their very real death had it not been for the efforts of the Council and the unpleasant Hell they went through to learn to be good. They did see very real examples of many in the past that were not so lucky. We did have many kids who were lost forever due to the enticements of the old genetics and the psychopath lifestyle.

What this means for us and why it is so important

What the Council was missing is that people like The Admiral never were extreme Narcissists until they were sent to a life and given genetics that doomed them to failure of epic proportions. What all the adults also did not realize is that times are not like what they had been 10,000+ years ago. We do have better genetics available now that are capable of learning to be safe in far more gentle ways. It not only is safe to train those with gentle genetics without as much brutality, it also is more effective. Kids actually learn better and become stronger and wiser individuals when you have guided and appropriate learning, rather than the old drop and bop system.

While it may have made sense to those who wanted to use trauma based mind control to keep an Eternal society blind to a secret treason plot, and keep them in a path that enables psychopaths and narcissist behavior, it does not make sense to anyone in charge now to put kids through that type of Hell. Quite frankly no one values The Admiral or anyone else enough to put the kid through 100 years of Hell that they did not get into on their own, when there is another choice.

So you see the reason I put this account in this article is for this paragraph here. Going forward, the Earth Persona of any extreme psychopaths or extreme narcissists who cannot adjust will just be gone. They will be wiped out forever and never be a part of this or any society. They literally will be dead forever. The kid who was sent to Earth who became the Admiral will instead be brought back to the person they were before this life. The person we were is then basically divorced from the horrid being that they became later. The human psychopath part is dead. The eternal part will just get bits and pieces of the life that they were a part of. Those memories will be further distanced as well. It will be told to them that they were just a passenger that was trying to influence the human, but that the human was just too hard to control and could not be allowed to continue after the natural life ended. The original good person never became a psychopath in the first place. They will have no need to be there 100 years in Hell. They were not a bad person. The bad person was the devolved monster that the soul was put into. It is so much of a disconnect that the Eternal kid will be revolted and learn the lessons needed in a much more gentle way.

Keep in mind that there are different methods for each person and that the learning techniques are evolving based on what works best in each situation. In some cases, the kid may have to be sent down to a different Earth life like the first never happened. Family members and those affected by the bad behavior of the psychopath will just have to understand that the person they knew no longer exists. The original kid sent to that hell of a life was just as much a victim as they were intentionally setup to fail in ways they had no power to stop. They would not have done that or become the person they were had it not been for Eternal Parents who gave them the genetics intentionally so that things like this would happen.

What you may not understand is that with certain genetics and just the right push, a person has no realistic choice but to become a monster. They do have some free will. In some cases, the monster will be someone like the Admiral who does things that are not way too bad in the view of the Earth perspective. They could become a monster everyone hates. The path to success is just not there though. The genetics they are given are meant to put them through Hell. This is why that has been taken off the table. If kids have to be sent back they will. If kids can just make due with bits of the life “they observed” they will.

Understand that Psychopaths and extreme narcissists have no future past this life. Even in this life, the genetics will be gone. They are being made illegal. If there are any future generations that read this, they should no longer have anyone around at that point with the extremely dangerous genetics that we do. The probably will think we are all crazy. Either way, the only place they will experience those personality and genetics types are in a simulator.

Best to not be extremely self absorbed. Be a psychopath or extreme Narcissist and you will not be invited to have Eternal life. That part will be gone forever. The soul will not, but that part of you will be gone and no one will ever bring it back.

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