This is another Reddit post I did prior to them turning traitor to the cause of righteousness. Rather than help fight against corruption, now they assist in it, so the post has a new home. This was originally posted on August 10th, 2018.

Their Arrival or, Our Introduction to the Real United Federation of Planets

As much as the rank and file of the world may feel that we are alone and have no real proof that ET actually exists, those well enough in the know understand that nothing could be further from the truth. Our world and our society would be unrecognizable without their influence. They have been here helping out in subtle ways throughout the years, and have kept in contact with world leaders the whole time. They have communicated with Trump as well. There is even a video I have seen of a European lawmaker discussing on video in open session talking about the meeting he had with ET.

In my other article, and in my cartoons, I go over their history, and how they affected our history. In a very very brief summary, they were here the whole time. As crazy as it sounds, they did very carefully nudge things in just the right thing in the right direction, at the right time to help us to where we are now. They were the ones responsible for wheat, corn, rice, and other crops becoming food sources we used, and they did it in ways that were subtle enough to be overlooked unless you know what you are looking for. Then the signs are clear that this was not just our work, or random luck from nature. We did not just evolve like the Out of Africa states with a 40k to 80 or 100k time frame to present. That is 2,000 to maybe 6,000 generations. We could never have evolved with all the races we have, in the way we did with that time frame. We were here in a process more similar to Multiregional Evolution, for a lot longer. The 1 to 2 million year since Homo Erectus is more in line with reality of what did happen.

We were here literally for a million years with the same technology, the same lifestyle and all of it stone age. There was no movement but very slow evolution of our minds getting a bit larger with time. And that was done in parallel in many areas. The Out of Africa theory is an attempt to cover up the reality that would be very inconvenient to explain. Our civilization did not just naturally evolve right when our bodies were ready. There was no one point that we were just different. It was a slow process. In a normal evolution, society gets to where we are at in a much slower way, increasing in technology more gradually, with more false starts and mistakes. In our case we went along for a million years, pretty close to what we are now then right at about 10,000 years ago, we went from the stone age to making discovery after discovery that brought us right to where we are now. Yes that seems like a very long time, with a large amount of work done on our part, but it is only because we have nothing to compare it to.

To make a long story short, “their” involvement with us is nothing new. We literally owe who we are now to their influence. They are invested in our success and in a peaceful future, a future that can only happen if we are mature and experienced enough to continually demand nothing less than that from ourselves. Those are lessons that can take a very long time to get, and ones that many never find. It was always with their help that we are reaching their.

So in that spirit, then it should not be unreasonable to expect more help in years to come. As many of you may know by now, most of what I write about comes directly with my relationship with them and what they have told me. Yes, it is more than one in 7 billion chance that I would be the only one communicating with them in this specific way, so I understand more than a bit of healthy skepticism on your part. But it is what it is, I cannot control what they have wanted to show or tell me, but as unusual as it is, here we are. Future will prove past. Time (a lot of it) will show this is something legit. Until then you will have to use good judgment.

So getting back to the topic in the title, yes they did clearly without equivocation state that they are coming down here. They will be here among us, and everyone will see them. This was not a maybe, but something that will absolutely happen, as I was told it. As you may also know, I am very skeptical of anything they promise for the future, as they lie far more than they tell the truth. So I will let you know of what they let me know. I do not really believe that they will carry though with the plans, because they are liars, but they also do always help and guide, so I am sure something of use can come of this.

Basically the gist of it is this. In our past, pretty much all of it since they have been here, we have been very corrupt. I wrote another article on this same profile about how that came to be. It is well worth a read, to get the background of it. My cartoon series can help as well. This corruption was at the top, and it was always there in one way or another. The ancient mystery religions and the craziness we have now comes out of that. There were a lot of long term problems that came out of this.

One problem for example, is the poisoning of our food. Between GMO, and other chemicals we use, our food is long term more damaging than we believe. Much of this is actually intentional as well. They do have some responsibility because they encouraged the most evil leaders to get out unhealthy food that could damage us long term. That is not as bad as it sounds though. If that were not done, we would have had starvation and war over the lack of food. I know that sounds unbelievable, but there are those with enough power and influence that do have the ability to cause massive food shortages if they want. The idea to slowly poison us was one that was basically kicking the problem a bit further down the line until it could have a better solution. Their goal by doing so is to get food at that time that would keep us going, then come back and fix long term problems, before people are affected too much.

Keeping in mind that this is only one area, and there are a lot others, this promise to come here and help is NOT something that would just be nice to do. They know full well that we have been given food, and an environment that is slowly killing us all. They know full well the long term effects are worse than anyone realizes. They also know full well that coming down here and fixing us in person can reverse most of the long term damage before it has a chance to do all that much. They were the ones that through expert manipulation helped get that idea put into practice (as the alternative was immediate genocide). They know the effects, and so coming here in person is what they have made a solemn promise to do, considering all things.In the many areas of our lives and our world, there are other things as well that are just as pressing, but not something most are aware of either yet. They have promised to help with that as well.

So how will they just suddenly get here? Well these details are honestly a bit sketchy because wile some things are set in stone, other things they do more or less on the fly. They are expert manipulators, and things that they seem to have just happened by an extreme coincidence that could never have been planned, you find out later was actually just something that they are just that good at doing that they can plan things to that level. As bumbling as they seem sometimes, that is honestly most of the time an act. I have seen them plan and carry out plans like you would never believe possible no matter the advanced tech or experience. But they do frustrate me as well far more than I would like.

But the how is related to the events that are here now, and which should get worse. The volcanoes, the water events, the space events are all connected. As some of you know our Dwarf Sun is on approach now, and should be causing more problems as it gets closer. I know that may sound like it goes from odd to nuts, but this part was carefully planned. They know the schedules of space events far better than we do. It was known thousands of years ago the timing of these events, and our readiness to get to this great awakening was carefully timed to coincide with these natural events in space. It was roughly going to work out to be in the general neighborhood anyways, so this was something that they could not resist, as they are hopeless fans of drama, or at least drama that they make. They love putting on a good show for everyone, and this was something that was not going to be passed up. So yes the Great Awakening did officially start with Trump getting in, but it would have happened in other ways had he not.

So, the plan as we have it now is for the people to take maybe 2 to 3 years to awaken with a constant drama in the media that is breaking free of its corruption slowly. People take time to process a lie that is this huge, and the schedule we are on now is quicker and more successful in many ways than they had anticipated it could likely take. But the schedule and the experience for the better than everyone elite that were the bane of everyone’s existence is slightly different. They have access to classified satellites and data that none of the rest of us have. They can see the coming natural events like none of the rest of us can. The top most evil people can actually see when the demons get or got released. They actually see daemons around us, that we unenlightened do not.

So over the next year or so they should start seeing enough to get the hint and go underground to their bunkers because of the threat from space. It is significant enough to where they do not see any way around the destruction of our society. “The Event” that you may have heard of if you follow enough of what is going on when them is expected. They know about it and are sparing no amount of money or effort in getting ready for it. And if that is not enough, as our awakening goes further, they will see that now everything is coming out, if the natural events do not finish them off if they stay here, the angry voices of a much abused public will. So they are supposed to take the hint and go to their hiding spots, roughly by a year or so from now more or less. At some time after they do this, the plan is to have their apocalypse happen. Their world will get destroyed more or less as they imagine. They will be stuck with the world they wanted. Their short term punishment is that they will have to live with the consequences of their own actions, and with the very poor leadership that they themselves give. We will either be dead or gone or something, from their point of view.

For us, once they go, at some time we just will not hear from them again for some reason, not sure what the excuse will be, but I am sure you will buy it. The stubborn ones that refused to go where they were supposed to will have to deal with a very angry public that WILL be in charge of the government and the courts. They will NOT be able to wiggle their way out through connections. They also could just be wiped out. Once their purpose is filled, it really does not matter what happens to them. not to be cold, but corrupt lower lifeforms are a dime a dozen. They really only have value as long as we are not capable of running a society without making a corrupt class to replace them. As soon as we are capable of running a more fair society, then they are as useless as yesterday’s lunch or a cockroach. I do not know all the plans if they remain, but as their usefulness is done at that point, as bad as the underground bases are, it is better for them to be there than here with us.

So for us, as the awakening goes on, the media corruption is torn down and the public wakes up, then the natural events are also a problem for us. This is the time frame that I suspect the Space force may be meant for. Trump should know very well that there is no threat from ET. Yes he has plenty of Military connections, and many in the Military have seen scary things, so who knows. I am not a Trump insider, so maybe he is nervous about the things the military was shown. But the only real threat is from natural events. If Trump is wise, that would be the only real use for the Space Force (unless it is never intended to be used at all). These events are supposed to be bigger and more dangerous than we are capable of dealing with. That is the reason why the elite go to their bunkers. They know we cannot handle it. In their world, they do not ask for help, and they do not get it. They want to be on their own, so have fun with that decision. In our world, Trump asks for help at some point when we need it, and help comes. The natural events that were coming anyways (but masterfully well timed to coincide with these political events and our development). So this is how the ET come to help. They are invited in to save us from a catastrophe that we are not prepared to handle. So please do not think they made that to just put their foot in the door. They did not make it, they are just using it to their advantage. There is a big difference. Also, they are far more likely to leave than to ever stay so if they do get here, then take every advantage of it, because they do not tend to help much once we can handle things on our own. The threat is NOT of invasion, but rather that they will leave us with a mess that they really can and should help with.

So,when I talk about the world the evil will be in and our world being different, please do not let that throw you. I do not believe they will make it know at that time that this is what happened. Both sides will think that what they are seeing is what happened to the Earth. ET are FAR more capable of advanced tech than anyone knows. Splitting reality like that is old hat. It involves parallel dimensions, which I have explained in a cartoon, and which I will make an article about later.

My concern, and the reason why I believe that they will never come in person, is because they DO tend to hate the spotlight. They are extremely far more advanced than we know, but they hate showing up in person unless they have to. They are not lazy, but efficient, and value their free time. Why teach a man to fish, when you can throw enough clues out to where he can eventually learn himself well enough without dying? Maybe I jest a bit too much, but they strongly believe in the value of teaching yourself. If they do end up surprising everyone and coming here, keep in mind the danger is NOT what any movie has shown. The biggest danger is that they will just leave too much up to us and not do their fair share. It is easy for them to help. They have far more advanced tech, and it will save lives, and help our society grow and get better in ways we cannot do, if we are alone in this. If they get here, demand that they help with our medicine, because they owe us. Remind them of their role in this, and do not believe lies if they say otherwise. But whatever you do, do not do anything to scare them off soon. They are good at leaving us alone and helping from behind the curtain. They will never let us come to too much harm, but they really do need to help out a certain amount now they they already did help create this mess. Not taking enough responsibility, and excusing their actions is one weakness they have.

So if they never come in person (what I think is more likely, even considering the many promises they have made) they would just find a way to avert the threat with only the higher levels of the government knowing who took care of it. From our end it could easily look just like a stressful time that passes without doing anything that we cannot recover from. From those in the know, they would see how close we came to being goners.

So what will happen? Who knows. Even those on their council level may feel 100% like they know, but honestly even at that level they keep secrets and change their mind at the last minute so much that no one can keep track. Things are decided in real time, and then later you find out that someone was planning that the whole time, and just managed to surprise everyone, including most of the council level.

What about the natural events coming that I speak of? Well that depends on a number of factors. While they are natural, ET has more than enough ability to deflect what they need to, to keep the experience only what we need to have for our optimal development. They may pretend that it is a struggle, but that is just a lie and false modesty. If HRC would have won (and they DID help make sure she did not), the natural events would have been worse, and they would have made a way that our awakening would have happened anyways. But the most destructive limit is set in place. The protected areas will not have anything worse than what most, even the poor can handle. It is flexible though. The better that Trump, Q, and the rest of the patriots around the world do, the less need to let as much through that will cause problems. It is all up in the air, but whatever happens, do not be afraid, if you live in the protected areas. Society and the learning and lessons we have learned are the number one priority. NOTHING will be allowed to take that out, period. This is never ever ever going to be allowed to happen no matter what the evil elite want, or whatever natural event comes. Everything else is just up to decisions of the moment. It may be scary for all, it may be mild. Our awakening is the purpose. As long as that happens, then we are good. However many natural events that happen, we will get through it and rebuild. If they do not come, then we will rebuild and manage the health care some how. If they do, be very grateful and do not take it for granted.

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