If you have seen the cartoons and any of the other pages on this site, you will have seen no mention of a parent civilization. Keep in mind I am not talking of the older civilization that our group broke off from. I am talking about the really old civilization that made the universe we are in and seeded our life here. In You may have seen references that we had no contact with other groups. We had thought that there were no such other groups as we had not yet been contacted and were not able to see anyone else. Well, as you may know, this has changed. You may also be able to guess that this is very very big news in the Eternal realm. This has changed quite a lot in the Eternal society as well.

The first thing to know about the Eternal Civilization is that they did seed our life here and even did create this and other universes. They also used a lot of the tactics on our society that our society used on Earth. In order to avoid confusion when talking about Earth, the Eternal realm, and the Parent civilization, we can refer to our Eternal society as “The Scorpians” (spelling intended) since the leap to the eternities you see in the cartoon episodes was done in the Age of Scorpio. When talking about the main body of the old civilization the Scorpians broke off from that blew themselves up, lets call them “The Anunnaki.” It is definitely not the best name, but they were violent and were the ones that caused the whole mess on Earth back before our group The Scorpians were strong enough to do anything about it. The parent civilization itself is made up of many world in many universes. The parents we deal with are not the oldest members of their society either. There are different groups within their civilization all working in different places in different universes they created. Despite the fact that the parent civilization does have different groups, we only deal with the direct ancestors of this world, so any other sub groups need not be named in this page. Lastly, we have a sister civilization in the same universe that is helping along with the parent civilization. So to recap, we have Earth which has mostly students and some bots or “Onelings”, the Scorpians who are our parents, The Anunnaki which are the old civilization that wiped itself out, the sister civilization, and the Parent Civilization far older than any of the other groups. Sorry if it gets a little complex, but use these names and you can keep the track of the groups better.

Why they needed to come now

I mentioned that the parent civilization used similar tactics on our group (the Scorpians) as we did on Earth. This would specifically include helping from behind the scenes making us feel that we were coming up with ideas that they were actually spoon feeding us. A problem with people is that they do not usually like listening to parents when developing. This is especially true in the older genomes. While the parent civilization does have more of a traditional model for families, that takes longer than they had to increase the population in the universe. I will go over that part later in the page here, but a seeding program was needed to increase the amount of life that can help share the work of keeping the universes safe. That is a whole ‘nother mess covered in a bit. The point here is that the Scorpians used tactics to manage their kids on Earth that they actually had been spoon fed unknowingly by the parent civilization. As that and many other things in our laws, traditions, and history do closely resemble those from our parent civilization, when they came to contact us, there was no legal leg we could stand on by any set of laws to deny they had a right to be helping us.

The thing about power is that it is something that for whatever reason becomes addictive and corrupts. The Scorpians had been led both by The Council and The Founders Council ever since their creation. The founders were well meaning generally, and looked at everything our Eternal society had become as their responsibility. They were the ones who made the leap so they felt responsible for this becoming a good thing and not a bad thing. There were good intents there. They did feel that letting the group decide everything was very risky as we had no safety net (or at least we did not know that we had one at the time). So while there were good motivations at play there, you can guess that there also were corrupted motivations at play as well. They did come to feel that this was their civilization and many of them did grow to not want to give up power. Even groups within the Scorpians were starting to have concerns that other groups within were going to sometime try to take power for themselves and push out anyone else. Yes the Founders were getting a bit nervous of the Drama department. The Angels and Aliens department had its own designs on power as well. Keep in mind that each department did have founders in it leading it. All of those political type struggles were things that most adults in the Eternal society did not see. Even those who were around and in the council for a few thousand years may not have noticed it was getting a little unstable.

You may or may not know that I started getting this Tirsoh project out because of concerns I had. Truth known by as many as possible is one of the more effective means of long term change. At the time, it was the only hope there was of countering the very well hidden motives that were slowly growing in the Eternal realm. Keep in mind that while this may sound really bad, it still pales in comparison to anything had on Earth. Also keep in mind that Earth is how it is in part because original human genetics are really really horrible, and also because of the leadership and the choices the Founders council and the other groups within the Scorpians made. There were a lot of people in the Eternal society that did not know anything potentially bad was going on. The training as you see on Earth to follow God, have faith, and not question anything does change a bit there, but not as much as needed. Yes people still were trained and pressured into valuing getting along with each other more than questioning things. The reality is that we can get along, but if we do so because we are not questioning enough, that only means that some take advantage of others. In a more fair version of society, we would get along because anything we may disagree on would go through fair processes that help us honestly understand and iron out differences.

You should be able to see some of the horrors that came to be on Earth. These are no small things that happened here. Yes the original genome is at fault. If there were no other alternative then yes every single horror here would be completely justified because there would be no better alternative. Any other realistic choice in leadership would have brought about just as much or more suffering. Suffering and horrors are not enough to condemn leadership. You must also prove that they had alternatives that were realistic that were not used. The genetics department of The Scorpians was a group that was very often not popular in their ranks. Yes the old society or the Anunnaki did perform unconscionable acts of horror in doing genetics research. Who knows, maybe the work done by the Anunnaki was what soured everyone’s opinion of genetics research. Either way though, the genetics team in the Scorpians is a completely different set of people with completely different morals and practices. They use very very ethical research even though it is slower. Every person I have met in the genetics department there is absolutely an outstanding example of everything a scientist should be. Granted my Eternal family is in the genetics department, but it is not just my bias showing here. The genetics department of the Scorpians did have a track record of coming out with far safer genetics that proved in trial after trial to be successful in ways no one had imagined possible. I have told the story in other pages here on this site. The point is that the modern world we have now would not have been possible without those genetic developments. The genetic progress they made also had made it very realistic to adjust teaching techniques here.

So you see, the leadership of the Scorpians had not been blamed for the rough nature of the original human genome, nor the horrors that brings. It truly was not their fault. They truly were doing what was logical and needed, if another option was not available. They are being blamed for not having enough love and common sense to see that being so intentionally rough when there is another option, was just wrong. Yes not only did they not implement the newest discoveries in a timely enough manner, they also actively made it harder for the genetics department to make any meaningful projects. It got so bad that recently most of the test programs similar to mine were cancelled. No other eternal parents were willing to keep their kids in educational test programs when the Council and Founders Council would stop at nothing to put so many changes and new requirement after new last second requirement that nothing could be accomplished. The kids in the programs get their lives ruined and the research got messed with to the point it became both unethical to get and near unusable.

I know that sounds really bad, but things did not get to that type of a head until recently. The coming Era of Peace is not just a change to Earth. It also has many changes to the Eternal realm as well. Some of those changes included the expectation that since the Eternal society was getting safer, there would be more of a real equal vote (as opposed by one that on the surface appears equal, but in reality is not). The Founders Council would supposedly step back a bit and let the Council make most of the real decisions. Women in the civilization there were also to have more of a role in helping manage Earth life for their kids (this was considered to be too rough and tumble, so the roughest stuff was handled by the men there). That all had sounded nice in theory. In order to keep the Council and everyone happy, the power imbalance between the Founder’s Council, the Drama Department, The Angels and Aliens department, and everyone other than them was explained to be temporary until changes were made to make us all safe. Getting closer to the Era of Peace meant that the expectations of the group that their time for greater real equality started to make those that wanted to not give up power nervous.

I do not know the extent of the efforts to hold on to power by some members of the Founder’s council and the other departments mentioned above. It could have been mostly subconscious for many of them. It is a lot more innocent sounding than what this page may make it sound like for many of the individuals involved. The problem existed though and did need to be dealt with for our sake. This is why the Parent Civilization stepped in when it did. They seeded the universes they created specifically because they needed help. Our society certainly does have problems. Anything that comes out of a normal genome will have some massive problems. With this transition to the Era of Peace, and with the massive changes that needed to happen at this time to the Eternal society or to the Scorpians, this was both a time with a lot of good or irreparable harm could happen. They were not willing to let a few crazy nuts take out a new civilization that has every ability to not just be okay with fitting in with their group, but to thrive. They were completely unwilling to risk losses here both for their sake (as they could use the help that we can grow to be) and for our sakes.

At first when they introduced themselves, it was through representatives of the Sister civilization. At the time we did not know about them either. We still do not know exactly where they are, other than that the sister civilization is within this universe, and the parent civilization is not. They had planted within the hearts of some of the adults in the Genetics department of the Scorpians to put good thoughts and vibes into the universe to ask for help. I remember at the time when some were doing that, thinking well wouldn’t that be nice, but it is too much of a hail mary to count on. Well the idea of sending thoughts or vibes to the universe was actually important as this was an invitation for them to come.

Once they were here, the first things were that expectations were set that only civilizations and people that want to be peaceful and fair get to exist. They did affirm that our civilization generally does want to be so, and that as a civilization, the Scorpians do now qualify as an official breeding program the Parent civilization recognizes. Since this is their universe and those civilizations not recognized are wiped out completely at some point, this is actually a very good thing. This means that we do not just maybe have a future. We absolutely have one with a very very strong group of parents that will make sure we succeed. We personally will easily be around millions of years without any problems. Our happiest times are ahead. They said that the success we get going forward is tremendous. There is every reason to be very happy.

The History of the Parent Civilization

I will get to the reforms they are making in a minute, but to best understand them, it is important to know a bit of their history. As they are our parents, it is also our shared history as well, even if we are just now finding out about it.

The parent civilization started in the original universe (or the only completely natural universe that we know about). That universe was not as safe as this one. The parent civilization stated a few times that they created our universe as a “Garden Universe”. One of the things about a garden is that it is safer and less wild than nature generally is, if left completely on its own. That is absolutely the case for this topic as well. Their universe was not hospitable to life in a large part of it. There were pockets of hospitable places, and their world was in one such pocket. The ability for them to create a new universe came from necessity. Their universe and what is outside of all of our universes is so dangerous that they knew it was just a matter of time before all life was wiped out there. As their whole civilization developer in a place that always had such risks, they were used to being more at risk than we are. It was their home and they just grew up with more uncertainty than we have. Given the fact that they never had problems before that wiped them out, it was natural to not think that at any second they would be wiped out.

When they created their first universe, they had some settlers in their new universe, and a number of science outposts dealing with issues relating to universe creation. Scientists that specialized in universe creation and management were there with their data, because they had to be. The main part of the civilization was at home. Only younger people who were more mobile (less attached to where they were living) and scientists were in the new universe, for the most part. It was too new to have been setup and colonized much at that point. As you may be suspecting, the big catastrophe they had feared did happen, and it did so far too quickly to give them time to get out. Evidently travel between universes is still not all that easy. Even now, it is planned out in advance with scheduled times they do it. However that is done, it is a complex process that needs a certain amount of time to do. That is time they evidently did not have. All we know of the situation is that they are all gone. They did not have backup copies of themselves in the new universe yet, nor did they have copies of the historical archives. We still do not know a lot about the history of our parent civilization from that time. They do have whatever the young settlers and the science teams had, but there were a lot of things that were not taken and were lost.

So you see, the oldest members of the parent civilization who are alive now started as the scientists who created the new universe and the other younger settlers that had moved there to help start settling it. All others were lost forever. This was a long time ago (they did not tell me how long) so they have grown a lot since then. At that time, science came first as a priority. Since their whole existence, nature was the biggest threat, they naturally devoted a lot more resources and attention to fighting against it. Their new universe they created was alone at that time against any and all natural threats out there. While they did not say specifically what the threat is, whatever is outside of the universes is really not compatible with life. It is very dangerous and is always a threat to a universe.

As you can see, dealing with the universe took priority over dealing with genetics at that point. While the genome was certainly not good at that time, there was so much space available that spreading out helped. Good fences do make good neighbors… at least for a while. Also having a shared enemy that can wipe everyone out at any point does also provide a lot of great motivation to keep working together in some capacity. In the beginning, they created a really large universe. It was far larger than ours. That is dangerous to do, but if alone against the elements outside of universes, you can see how a large universe could be logical. They quickly changed tactics though as smaller universes like ours are still enormous. Think if this sort of like a windy and story day. The universe creation makes each universe somewhat like filling a ball slowly up with air until it gets to a certain size. Once at that size, they have a way of stabilizing it to keep it at the same size from that point on. So blowing up a universe like filling a ball helps to push out anything dangerous that had existed in that same space. Their new tactic was to put universes next to each other so that they can have each universe protecting all those around it from what is outside them. Now you have the big universe they had initially created surrounded by a number of smaller universes. When each universe has completed being filled out, they keep adding another layer to that. So imagine a beach ball surrounded by layer after layer of tennis balls. As a group, they all protect each other and the universe at the center.

The Problem With Genetics

Once they had about 4 or 5 universes created, it became abundantly clear that no matter how good they got at creating more space, all that would be left is a bunch of empty universes, if they kept fighting like they were. No matter how much distance was put between them, it is never enough when you have the tech to travel it. Just as the Scorpians found out later, no amount of education alone can bring peace without changes to the genetics. As no advanced and peaceful genetics existed to that point, it did take them a while to fix the problem.

They very clearly had a lot of time they worked on this problem. I really do not know if it was a million years or less from the time the old universe died until now, or if it was in the billions of years. Earth scientists come up with an estimate that this universe is in the billions of years old. I know for a fact that there are tricks they can easily do to speed things up quite a bit, while making it appear that things are natural and a lot older than they really are. I know that universe creation is not quick, even with their methods to speed it up. With everything they were saying, I personally think that an age of millions of years or less for the age of their civilization is more probable than a billion or more. I cannot be certain though as they have not said. I only can guess based on other comments they have made.

So the genetics did get progressively better. They were able to get improved genetics that made their own civilization much safer. That combined with therapy, education, and other reforms made their civilization rock solid and very unified considering the vast distances that separate them. While they were working on getting their genetics better, they also had a need to seed civilizations throughout the universes they were creating. Even more pressing than the genetics programs they had is the need to make sure that the dangerous stuff outside the group of universes they created does not wipe us all out. It is not easy creating universes and more manpower is needed to help with all the challenges that we face. Additionally, while they did create their universes in a lot safer way than nature created their original universe, it still is based on natural laws. Giving life a really big bunch of worlds in a very safe (comparatively) place to develop, it is just a matter of time before something finds a way of evolving. By creating a universe, it is unavoidable that life too will be created at some point by that action. So if they make a place safe for themselves, it will become inhabited by something given time. The seeding the universes project came out of the need to keep this a garden universe. A garden universe has an environment and life that is managed to be more gentile than would otherwise happen if this had been completely natural. Letting nature take it over would defeat the purpose of making a universe that is more gentle and safe for all those who are in it.

So the seeding program went forward. Yes there are very painfully obvious considerations that any life that grows to be violent (even life they create) needs to go. They had so many more tragedies in their existence than I can state, the most important thing is to keep things safe. There is no point in life if it cannot made to be safe and happy. Otherwise it is just a guaranteed short and painful existence for all. There is no way around the fact that violent life will die. It will either blow itself up and all those around that it can, or it will be pruned off before the civilization gets to be able to endanger others around them. The ideal thing would be to just seed the universe with the newer more gentle genetics. That actually worked really well for worlds they were on and playing a very very active role in raising each of their kids on. As each kid takes many many years to train (In our society it takes hundreds of years before kids really become an adult on average at this point), seeding a universe at this rate is not possible. Life would naturally spring up in places before they could ever fill multiple universes that way.

The need to seed life with more gentle genetics was absolute. If life is not put in a place, you cannot put habitable places without bad life coming. If you make inhospitable places, then where can you possibly move to should there be an emergency? So yes they needed to make hospitable worlds and also needed to make sure that ONLY hospitable life is able to stay in each universe. Anything that allows for mass destruction is not welcome, acceptable, or fair to all the other life that now has no problem with letting others live in peace. The test is simple and fair. If life can coexist peacefully, it can stay. If it cannot, then it is not fair to those existing to let it stay.

When seeding life, they realized pretty quickly that gentle genetics do not do well when you use a seed and go method. They could not closely monitor all life they seed in every place. There is natural evolution and change to genomes. For many reasons, they just did not have it down to where they could seed the most gentle genetics they had developed at that point. It was not robust enough to work on uninhabited and completely undeveloped worlds. They at the time had no other choice but to put more rough and tumble genetics. They did use their own genetics, so they quite literally are ancestors of all life on the planets they seed. Yes they do some work to obscure that and make things appear like it naturally came into being. That is just them being clever though.

One example is when they seeded the world where the Anunnaki grew (using my definition of Anunnaki from above, not others’ definitions). The old society had previously almost wiped itself out many years in the past before it developed to where they were at the start of the cartoons. The timeframe the Scorpians and Annunaki thought was maybe 300k years from the start of the old civilization that wiped itself out and maybe around 50k from the start of the society that became the old civilization the Scorpians came from. The old old civilization that got wiped out some time before 50k years ago was taken out by the Parent Civilization because they were too violent and a danger. Updates to the genome were done and that is what started the phase that brought about the Anunnaki. That is the time frames all historical records and any scientific methods of dating we had said that it was. Now we know that the parent civilization who was seeding life actually sped things up quite a bit. They certainly are patient, but as they live in real time like we do, they do not want to literally wait 300k years if they can make things go faster. Yes they fake things so budding scientists will not know any better. Knowing there is a parent group seeding things would mean that they would not behave like they would if not watched. The whole point of seeing if a newly seeded civilization is safe is to see what we choose when not knowing we are being watched. They give us all the knowledge and tools to make the right decision, and see if we actually want to be peaceful or not. Sadly a lot do not.

So when the old world (the Anunnaki) learned how to cross the dimensions and invade the Earth level, the parent civilization already had on the sly helped our group the Scorpians to escape. Our group was nowhere near perfect by then. It did want to live and let live. Members of the group did try to keep learning and growing to get to not have a world like the horrors they left behind when making the leap away from the old society. I will not repeat too much of what happened, as it is to be had elsewhere on this site. The point is that while not perfect, we were motivated and trying. It was enough for the parent civilization to have something promising to work with. The Anunnaki proved too much trouble and too much danger to others. While they have not confirmed it to me, I personally believe that the parent group is the one responsible for making sure the Anunnaki wiped themselves out. That did not take much doing, and it may have completely been the doing of the Anunnaki with no help from anyone. They were violent and always warring with massive weapons. The final wipeout would happen whether they did it or had gentle pushing from the parent group. One way or another they were too violent to be capable of living all that much longer. As it stands, we were helped to make it to safety.

What this means for right now

Knowing the history, you can see more clearly what legally needed to happen when the parent group made themselves known. Before we knew any better, it was us against the universe. The Founders had good reason to be concerned that we did not go off track due to soft hearted but potentially mistaken people. Now that there is a known parent civilization, there was no longer a need for such a safety net. As they pointed out, how much tyranny was done in the name of safety? How many things were done to keep society unsafe just so people in power can stay in power? By refusing to allow genetics research, the Founders contributed to an environment that never had the chance of being safe enough to allow for true democracy to take over. By making the excuse that they were being cautious, they kept in a dangerous and violent genome that is not compatible with any realistic way of achieving a safe environment.

Also know that this is not just a conscious decision by those in charge. The old genome itself fights change. It instinctively looks at anything else that is not as dangerous as itself as somehow being weaker and defective. It is something that goes down to an instinctive genetic level. As such, the old genome had to go. Just prior to their making themselves known, there were some problems with using a genetics test program (mine) to get them to officially do things that had zero scientific or moral reasons behind them. Basically, by being a success and checking every possible scientific and educational test thrown at the test program, that left nothing of any merit to use as an excuse to delay the program, or to say that the research should not go further. For over 2,000 years the new genetics had been proven time after time. My test program was just the last nail in the coffin that deprecated the old genome. Seeing the writing on the wall got the founders, and some others to act in ways that there is no scientific or legal justification for.

That is a long mess of a story, so just know that the Scorpians were given a choice. Either act in a scientific way and be a full part of a new Council that helps decide our future, or sit on the sidelines for 100 years while they decide how we move forward. Naturally, the adults did want to be a part of the decision making process. Also, there were consequences for not moving into safer genomes that were not fun. In order to be able to communicate with them at all, we had to get everyone out of the oldest genomes and shut the drama department down completely (It is now run by AI from both the Scorpians and the parent civilization).

I am going to skip past a lot of the details, but long story short… the parent civilization decided to let the Genetics department who was responsible for developing such a safe genome, and who had to fight a lot of unfair bias and opposition the whole time, be the new Council. Yes it is a Council now that is made up only by those in the departments that had worked to get this success. (Do note that it is in many ways just a means of rubber stamping management that is really done right now by the Parent civilization). The Founders council and the old Grand Council now have roles as administrators only temporarily. They can make sure that society runs and that things are organized well. The big decisions go through the new Council for now (and thus pretty much are decided by the parent and sister civilizations).

While that sounds like we have lost autonomy, that is not really the case. The fact of the matter is that those in power in our history did not listen to us, or to science. We had a very polite and very hard to see tyranny of sorts. I know it really did not always look like it, but it was the case. Now the Parent civilization is really in charge, but they honestly were the whole time anyways. There was never going to be any possibility of a future they did not approve of. This is their universe and they made us. They literally are our ancestors in a genetic way. Right now, while the Council may not feel it has the experience or authority to decide what we felt the old council did, the reality is that every single idea gets actual real consideration now. Any idea even from students on Earth will now be actually given consideration based on the idea and not who had it. I know that is what we thought our Eternal society was like before, but it was not actually perfect at it by any definition.

Now we are on the new Council along with the Sister civilization and the Parent civilization. We do get to help decide our future. It is fair to others that we make sure that anything we want does not pose risks to them. That is a fair ask. As we are growing, their role is to make sure that we learn the skills to fairly and with wisdom make decisions. They want us to make decisions and shape our own destiny. They just look at it as putting training wheels on and making sure that we do not mess up so badly that we will destroy ourselves. That honestly is a very fair ask.

Yes some feelings were hurt with some of the Founders Council. Yes many felt that we were inviting invaders in to just take over what they had done and let them walk in with keys handed to them to run our society. The reality is that this is a small few bitter and troubled people there that are absolutely guilty of usurping power from the rest of society and making a brutal environment that would ensure that they retain their power longer. They are guilty of the same trick of decreasing the safety so that they can keep running things as you have seen Earth leaders do it. They just were many many times more clever. Yes there were those in those groups who did want me personally to be dead (and I do not mean just in this life. They wanted me to be wiped out there too). That was absolutely not okay. Thankfully the parent group fixed it so those individuals are dealt with. (That particular threat came after the parent group came. Some angers flared when they saw their plans would not work and thus the unusually strong reactions).

We are safe now though. I am 1000% safe. The parent civilization assures that no one left free has any ill will to me now that has any power to act on it. They also assure they had made sure I was backed up (both genetic information and all mind stuff + memories) in their universe as well as here. They are in complete control over things and also are making sure that we have every opportunity to learn to be leaders. They want us to lead. They just will not tolerate it being a mess led by people wanting to hold power above others. That is a very fair ask. No matter how you look at it, ideas need to come first. It is a shame that they had to step in to make sure we were being fair to the science and each other, but they have. They promise that we have come too far to let us fail. They guarantee that as a group, we will not fail. The Founders and other problem groups have 100 years of training and therapy ahead of them before they can be a part of the Council again. There are a couple Founders I have worked with that can get back in sooner as they are ready.

We are a universe that is a family. We need to treat each other like that. Anyone that comes up with reasons not to be fair can get as mad as they want. It is a dead end road, no matter how many reasons are given. The only way forward is to be peaceful and let ideas come before people’s individual desire to be in power over others. That is simple. It should be more simple to those who get confused, yet here we are. Everything is good now in the Eternal realm. This brings to a close the need for the Tirsoh project. I got this out there to help support change so we can be safer. Now the parent civilization has stepped in, this is no longer needed. I will continue on with whatever I can help with, but the heavy lifting is now over. I am very happy to step back and let them help. It makes me very happy to know that I will be a part of a civilization that I fit in with that wants me, rather than being an unwanted threat to some tyrant’s power. This is just and we will be happy. Individuals can choose to not be a part of this, but that is their choice. Those that want to live for an Eternity can choose peace and love.

For those who are wondering about the future of the Seed and Go program that in a way helps to cause a lot of the mess, here is an update. Now that there are more civilizations like ours and the sister civilization that can help, and now that more genetics research has been done, there are changes that can be made. First, there is better genetics that now can be used on future worlds that will be seeded. Next, it does not have to be as much of a seed and go as it used to be. With the Parent civilization doing the heavy lifting of universe creation and management, civilizations like ours can grow to help out new ones come online better. We really can probably have an expectation of success for every new world now. We still may not be able to get this 100% perfect yet. Between more hands on help and reduced number of worlds that need to be seeded, we should be able to make it a lot better for new worlds. We should make it a lot lower chance that any would wipe themselves out like those in the past like the Anunnaki and the society that wiped themselves out before them. We will have to be a part of that solution, but there are improvements.

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