The Awakening, The Event, And the 28%

This article was written and posted on September 24th, 2018

This Great Awakening with Q anon and Trump is only a small part of the true awakening. It started many years ago. It may be best for you to look at the article about the history of the Ancient Mystery Religions, or the cartoon series first, to really get the context for this.  

Free will is an interesting thing. It is the most valuable thing to have, if we want to be happy. Even a gilded cage, is still a cage. Throughout our history, efforts were made to help guide and teach us to be more advanced, more free, and have a better quality of life. Happiness does take appreciation and wisdom. Without wisdom and appreciation for the things that make us free, we quickly lose the freedom to power hungry dictators that quickly take control. Over the course of the many years of ancient history, civilization after civilization chose to be bad, despite the best efforts. Quickly summarizing events, I have written about before, it was like whack a mole. Help make one good, and three more turn bad. That kept going for a while. Progress was made, and lost, and made. Different plans enacted. Many religions were used, like the Jewish faith which started as a kind of pagan tribal religion, to help disseminate new information to help humanity learn and progress.

It basically kept coming down to two things. Nature versus nurture, or in other words, genetics vs education and family/society values. Many may take the modern values for granted, but they were hard to build. Ancient nomads certainly were not usually bad people. But they did have their fair share of murder, and they did not value the education that we need to have in order to gain the maturity needed to build a stable environment that fosters learning.

As civilization grew, this increased the opportunities that very vile people had to do vile things. Greed, power, lust all grew in availability for the powerful. Efforts to teach fairness, equal rights, and modern values we take for granted had some successes, and many steps backwards. One of the reasons for this is that there is a very large difference between the thinking process of people that live in a modern educated world, and those with no education that lived in very primitive societies where learning was not valued or available as it is today. Yes, there were civilizations that did get very important knowledge, and times when very interesting things could be taught, but by and large, it remained a primitive society, with the best roles being filled by those that were too vile to use them in a productive way.

Genetics contributed to this mess as well. Not having the vast amount of resources and knowledge of genetics that they do, you may have to just trust me here, but genetics do play a very important role. Take cattle and farm animals for a minute. In the wild, the strongest wins. This breeds aggressive characteristics most often, and does not lend it self to peace, as much as it could. When animals started being domesticated, the tame ones had priority in many cases, as they were easier to manage. Having someone pick the mates, rather than leaving it up to the animals, did noticeably change the aggression levels of the group over time. Truly domesticated breeds evolved that never would do well in the wild, but were very good in farms or herds.

Now, I know we are not farm animals, but the comparison should prove useful to at least understand the concept. When humans were in the wild, strong, fast, and that type of man was most capable. The weak only made for more chances of failure. Yes, this is a very gross oversimplification,  but take an objective look at the old macho stereotypes for men, pretty much anywhere. Not in touch with feelings, very strong physically, aggressive, full of lust, and so on.  These are old stereotypes for a reason. Yes not true for everyone, or every circumstance even back then, but they were in a very general sense useful. 

Women often stayed in social groups, and as a result, or coincidence, we see traits of more of the brain used for speech, stereotypes of women being more connected to emotions, and other things that benefited then. Fast forward to now. Not all the traits that made us successful hunters or gatherers make us successful now. The fight or flight triggers when not needed and makes stress in unhealthy ways. It makes us less safe in traffic, more likely to behave in inappropriate ways in social situations. 

Long term, more gentle understanding and caring attributes are needed both for individual happiness, and group happiness. Strength may have been needed to survive, but it is not what is most needed when a soft gentle voice is needed. For family and group stability, group and interpersonal skills are needed. Emotional understanding is needed. Yes, physically fit is attractive, and always will be, but this is now tempered by long life in a city environment where stability, and a calm understanding demeanor is more valuable long term.

These are not traits that come just from education, or opportunity in life. Just as in any animal, and the cattle from the earlier example, our genetics over time make us more capable of being calm, stable, and understanding in modern environments. In order to get a modern environment, yes genetic work had to be done.

I know that if you came here to read this, it was likely for things relating to the Event, and the Awakening, not a genetics lesson that is too general to be all that accurate. So getting to the point here. Christianity was made to help break the cycle. Some genetics changes had been, and would continue to be made, although very slow natural ones. The religion and other changes in society were meant to both install certain important values as well as give more roles in society. Societies did have some roles, like carpenter, and ship builder, but for the most part it was still very primitive back in the days. Slave, farmer, slave trader, merchant, and ruler existed, but for most people, it generally often boiled down to take advantage of others, or be taken advantage of yourself. Yes, there was a depth and richness there that I gloss over, but it really had a lot of really bad things going for it.

New society had to have not just a few roles, but a lot of them. It had to have education, a love and expectation that education would be for all, and a large number of roles to give people opportunities for good interesting lives where more valuable knowledge could be learned. Time was also important. People needed time to be educated, and once educated, they needed time to think, ponder, and take part in art, music, and philosophy. Understanding many disciplines was needed to help us truly understand and have the wisdom we need to take the next step.

The education programs all kept failing for two simple reasons that we have gone over before. Genetics and education/experience.  In order to manage a world without rulers constantly murdering and enslaving everyone, there were a lot of tasks everyone needed to understand, and a lot of experience that society as a whole needed to gain. Bad rulers were very very clever at finding ways to take advantage of people and gain support from others in their endeavors to take over people. Wisdom and experience for a society was needed in order to have a chance for the people to have sufficient skill to combat these certain attempts as they came up. There are too many to ward off when you have a people that keeps giving in to them. This is the reason why this Awakening could not happen until we had the society that we have now.

Going backwards just a bit, when Christianity was given, it was known that it would be corrupted. It was willingly adopted by the rank and file, but make no mistake about it, it was forced on the elite corrupt rulers. They did not have a choice in the matter. This was one of the important reasons why there has been a love/hate relationship with the elite ever since then. They have corrupted Christianity heavily, and have even over many years before Christianity came and as the standard works were being codified, corrupted even the bible in parts. Some teachings of Jesus were left out, and some things He never said were put in. But the beauty of Christianity is that it was designed to be robust. The elite rulers liked that it let them teach the people to be subservient and give to the will of the rulers. In this though, it taught the people to have the spirit, and to want to have a world where everyone gets along in a fair way. Yes some of those things can be taught, but Christianity did play an important role in getting certain helpful values widespread.

In response to Christianity being forced on them, the elite rulers made their own religion as an affront to Christianity, and as a means of saying, that they can do it too. This religion was the Muslim faith. It was designed from the ground up to be something that would fit in and be accepted to certain cultures, and would have just the right amount of history and old history to be accepted. It was designed to enslave, as a means of society and mind control. It is no accident that so many are manipulated into wars. Many may say and believe that it is a religion of peace, but even at its best, it is something that has too many flaws in it to be acceptable long term. It played its role, and is an active part in the fight against Christianity and any other inspired groups. Its day will come.

The Modern Era

As you can see from this history, many thousands of years of effort was put in to building a society that loves education, and has all the maturity and skills to love and keep freedom alive. Having discipline and self control to overcome temptations and seek the best thing for the group, was hard to get. We still are not there 100% yet.

Technology was important for the build up to this Awakening. It was absolutely a part of it. The other side knew when The Event was coming, and carefully guided progress to get us to where we are now, by this time. Yes, it is pretty amazing timing. Just in one example, the Germans were given advanced UFO technology, because it would not be ready for the war, and would only ultimately drain resources. It also did help the trickle down of technology for the rest of us.

Tech from ET and from very bright inventors helped bring us invention after invention in our modern world. The radio, TV, movies, then eventually computers and the internet were needed. Information technology was extremely important. The Q anon movement is a growing army of information warriors getting news and information out. A lot of the tech was sold to the elites as a way of indoctrinating us, or spying on us. It is true that this is heavily used for that. But it is also an essential part of this Awakening and absolutely had to be in place before the Awakening could happen.

A Quick Note About Rules

I know one of the things that people want most is details. Very specific details. I go out of my way to get you back story and information, because there are more important things that details. The why of the matter is very important. Another reason is that there are very very strict rules about giving too much information. I already give far more than was ever planned, and that is for reasons I will go over another time. Before details and specifics are given that satisfy curiosity, meat and potatoes have to be given first. Discipline, love, patience, wisdom, and many other traits need to come first. I never wanted or asked to get the knowledge I have. I asked for wisdom and judgement. I truly wanted those. Because that is what I wanted first, I got that, and then was given other stuff as I was ready for more.

Those who seek to have specifics first, and skirt the rules of gaining wisdom first fall under the rules where psychics, demons, shamans, witchcraft, and other roughly similar things fall under. Yes, I know there is a VERY HUGE difference between a very honest Medium, and a Blood Witch. They are so different that there is almost nothing similar. But they do in this case fall under the same part of the law. They are part of the disinformation movement. 

I know that people HATE disinformation, but it does play a very vital role. Good Mediums and Psychics that have very little or no guile are at the extreme side of one end. They get valuable knowledge that can help many, but also do get disinformation that will keep the elite and bad people guessing and unsure of enough things to put too many pieces together. It serves a good purpose, but they will have to understand that some of the things they give do lead people away from truth as well.  At the other bad end, you have blood witches and the occult. These are given the demons who trick and deceive with very little truth. Part of the agreement that demons are bound to follow is that ultimately their actions must lead the wicked to do less harm overall than would normally be done to innocent. I know that sounds like a big load of bull, but it is true. The amount of rituals, the details, the learning, the many many levels of secret knowledge all takes time. The demons delight in deception and just want their prize. They do not care to give power, so they keep within the boundaries set for them.

Since evil at the top could not be forced out with more replacing it, the demons helped keep them from being even worse that they were. Yes, there were horrific crimes against children and innocents. That was unavoidable. There had to be protected areas of society or else we would not grow in strength to overcome this eventually. No one wants what happened, but this is triage at this point. All attempts at stopping the ancient practices failed. They were too deeply ingrained, and child abuse sadly was one of those passed down from the vile society the giants came from.

So the main point here is be curious about details, yes, but not too curious. The important things I give are the why and supporting information to help you make sense of things as they happen. Stray too far into details that are way too specific, and you will just get disinformation. Yes, even here there will be some. I try to strain it out as best I can, but there is no way around some. In a very small number of cases, I will even sugar coat things or omit details as  more info is not appropriate to be shared.

What is Next

In 2017, you may have seen that I was under the impression that these events would take maybe 10 years more or less. I knew that the official start to this Era of Peace, and the ramp up/awakening started the day of the Trump Inauguration. I knew we were leading up to events that would permanently separate the evil from the good, and the rough fate of the elite.

By February of 18, I had most of the other information about the real timeline recorded in those videos.  The Awakening is a roughly 5 year plan, from the time that Trump took office. The reasons for this are that things went as well or better than expected, and also that with The Event coming, it is best to wrap things up before they get too bad, if possible. 2021 should be the height of these events. Had Clinton stolen the election successfully, hypothetically, we would have needed to see this go more into the 2021 date and past. This would have meant more casualties to natural disasters, but that is not something we need to worry about now. 

This Awakening is meant to be the final shock and awe that the everyday future leaders need to wake up. The US and other first world nations have had the most riches and opportunities. They will need to use the skills they have gained to help the rest of the world, in the rebuilding phase. 

I said for many months that September and the fall was the start of the cracks in the corruption of the media. While the writing has been on the wall for a while, and the Q and other truther movements have been leading us in that direction for a while, the Kavanaugh confirmation mess, the fake weather newscast, and the pending Fisa declassification, have all been eating away at the corruption. The first part is that real people are seeing very concerning trends. While many have said earlier that they do not always trust the news, this is bringing things to new heights. The red wave is here, and in real numbers, the Blue wave has no chance. As in the presidential election, vote rigging will be attempted. In the presidential election, Trump soundly won the popular vote. Through white hats in important places, as well as very literal help from the other side, Trump won.

I do not know as of this writing, if the attempt to steal the votes will succeed by the left or not. The right has locked up the majority already, but vote rigging remains to be seen. I do know this is the last major election they will have any chance to do that. Over the next four months, their power will fade. By next summer many will be gone out of the spotlight. I suspect that they will either fail, fail and get caught, or get caught rigging votes. I would love for them to be caught red handed. I do not know when the disclosure for that comes, but their vote rigging is going to come to light. If they are not careful it could come this election. If not, it will come out in time.

The corruption in the media will continue to break. The bad side will continue to believe they are going to win long term. If not, they would blow quite a lot of things up, and cause massive casualties. But the media will become less corrupt, but do not expect this overnight. It is coming gradually, because people need to go through the awakening process. That takes drama and emotion. While Q followers have had plenty of that, normies have not yet had that chance.

This year “The Event” is pretty much under wraps. Some know of Nubiru, or the Brown Dwarf that is on approach, but many do not. Some know of orbs, but there is so much disinformation, that even I do not have a very clear understanding of exactly what type of orbs are coming, and what they will do. Magnetics and tidal events have been affected. This year, the important thing you probably will not see is that the corrupt start heading down to the DUMBS (bunkers). They have access to the classified data, and do know that this is getting far more serious that it seems. Since the point of them going there before we know is that they get there safely before we can do anything to stop them, I am sure that they will not just announce their departure. This is where a lot will be going. By next summer many should be there. What the cover story is, I do not know.

The important reason for the timing here is that since this event was happening anyways (It is natural and everything was timed to coincide with it), this will get the elite out of our hair and on to safety. The pressure Trump and Q put along with the pressure they are seeing from this potential civilization ending event will be enough to get all but the most stubborn of the elite to the bunkers. Military tribunals never were in the plans. The evil were always too strong for that, or at least the most powerful ones. There have been and will be interesting arrests, but no massive tribunals that wipe out all the old families and the corruption of the worst of Rome.

Fall 2019 to 2021 is the time that the event starts getting bad enough for us to see what is going on. Classified data about this is very well guarded. There was enough events recently to where we maybe could have seen some more signs of it, but that was covered up really well. This is the time that the rest of us need to awaken by. No one on the other side wants casualties. But we HAVE to keep unity and take this awakening seriously. The first thing we need to do is awaken and realize what we need to do to finally stop the insanity. We have failed every time so far. Now everything is ready. We cannot fail, or the future of humanity will be darker for a very long time. 

No matter the cost, we need to wake up and get ready to let the past corruption stay behind. With the success of the awakening, and the hopeful continuation of the fall of corruption in the media, this will likely help.

The best case scenario is that we awaken enough to get the most help from the Event. Ideally, if everything goes well with deflecting the bad stuff, then casualties should hopefully be kept to a minimum. (We do not have the same infrastructure as they do. Casualties and damage in their realm will be zero). If not everything goes right, we could feasibly have worldwide casualties of less than 5% to 10% or so. This is a potentially major event with the capability of being a civilization ending event. It is a natural event and not something manufactured. Being a natural even it is possible casualties could be more, probably not much over 28% though with intervention from what I am told. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. The US is very well protected.  Do not worry about the US or certain other countries. The infrastructure and civilization that took so long to build up will be the first thing that is protected, as the future of peace is at stake. The second and third world is important too, but it is really hard to build the society that we built. Without the leadership, all would fail. The details of how much protection and how many casualties is up to our will and the leaders. They ideally should ask for help, and the citizens should unite against corruption everywhere and ask as well. If ET is here, then welcome any help they have. No bad ET would help. (The reality is that ET is just the other side in disguise, or maybe a rogue demon).

So, worst case, we have a good bit of damage, and the worst should be stopped hopefully in 2021. ET could be here helping, if they do not chicken out and change plans yet again.  The best case scenario is that the corruption goes so well in the media, and the efforts to stop the event go so well on the other side, that there are minimal natural events to worry about and plenty of political and legal drama to awaken us instead. I do not personally anticipate very large casualties, as there is a lot of things that can be done that may be able to get much of the stuff fixed without being all that bad at all. There are many that may not even notice, as they do not notice the odd events happening now. But I do mention the possibility of high casualties, as these are natural events and can be unpredictable. So how bad will this even really be?  I honestly do not know. As it is Fall of 2018 now as I write, and some interesting things are going on, but certainly nothing with any large casualties, I personally think that this will not be all that bad. I am told it could go high though as this is a significant natural event that is coming in space, and a lot of different things can be affected. So who really knows. Not that many specifics are available, even to me. Prepare for the fact that it could get to 28% or slightly more. Yes, I know that is roughly 2 billion people in current population numbers, but as no one can really predict how the natural even affects us, that should be a safe highest number to put. Realistically though with what tools are available, I doubt it would go anywhere near that, and could be something we barely notice. I know with such wide differences, this really is not a prediction, because it includes too many variables, but it is what it is. This is an event with massive potential, but with several factors that can bring that down. We will just have to see how scary this is, when fall 2019 to 2021 comes.

Nothing is set in stone. We are free to choose. The better we choose, the better it is for all of us. One way or another, the awakening is happening. If there needs to be mass casualties from the event to ensure that future generations are safe, then so be it. But we have done very well so far in this awakening, and this could mean a very easy transition (relatively) to the new era of peace, and a transition where ET may not even be needed (but as they said they would come, I would rather they did help out).

The Rebuilding phase is next. This will be a roughly 100 year phase where we go from where we are now, to much more enlightened about the evils we have done. We will get better energy tech, and get a much higher standard of living to the second and third worlds. They too will get all of the time and rich opportunities to seek wisdom as every one else. They did have some time and ability now, but the harder you have to work, the less personal time there is. People need some personal time to really have the chance to be what they can be.

Going back to the genetics for a bit, in the rebuilding phase multiple genetics upgrades will be rolled out. It should come out at some time that long term damage to our DNA has occurred already due to environmental factors that the cabal put in place. These will be fixed, but in the confusion of everything, the genetic upgrades should be snuck in. You should not hear about them if things go as planned. Psychopath genes will be reduced in the population, and other minor adjustments will be made to even out global IQ levels and increase the genetic tendencies for compassion and empathy. The upgrades should go unnoticed, and will not be the only ones given. Over the next 500 years, some decent changes are planned to be snuck in so as not to be noticed. This should give us a better chance at being smarter and more capable of continuing a peaceful modern world. The genetic data collected over the past 10,000 years is sufficient to condemn very specific parts of the genome. This is not a race based thing. All races have good and bad DNA. This is a very specific gene by gene alteration of everyone that will be subtle, but will help increase intelligence levels, reduce aggression levels, and increase the inherent tendencies for compassion.

These are not the only things coming. Better energy will be here that can power our society without as much waste or extremely high cost. There will be restrictions as well. As more is uncovered about the many plots, we will have restrictions to not travel outside of the solar system for around 1,000 years. There also will be restrictions on certain cloning tech that has already been well abused. This will help prevent anyone from trying to create artificial immortality here, when it already exists. We do not need immortality here, as we already have it and our real home on the other side would not let us truly come to danger long term here or there.

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