Survival Of The Fittest Or Grandpa the Hero

In Episodes 20 and 21 of the cartoon series, we meet a Gentle Born kid whom subtle references are made to hint that some day he would be a grandfather of a new more gentle and kind natured children. In real life he did become such an individual. It may seem odd, given the history of how he spent his life on Earth that he would be considered a hero. This article both clarifies that and sheds light on very new and quite honestly Earth-shaking information. To the uninitiated, this may seem like bad science fiction, but I assure you, this is very real. 

As you may know, I cover genetics a lot in what I write about in Twitter and other places. Genetics were one of the first topics I was taught in the time after my youngest was born when these lessons started. My family on the other side are geneticists in the genetics department, and the cartoon episodes 20 and 21 are in fact about my very real eternal Grandfather on the other side. I know that may confuse most of those here reading who do not know how our society is actually organized over on the other side, but that is a topic for a different day. For now, just focus with me on this particular subject. 

(quick review for those not up to speed with the topic) You may be familiar by now with the fact that our DNA does not just give us hair color, height, or other such characteristics. As much as we will completely disagree with it, violently so at times, it DOES affect how we see the world, and that in turn affects personality and actions. The whole nature versus nurture debate does revolve around how much a role our experience and upbringing make and just how much our biology makes. Instead of biology, I use DNA and genetics, because these are the designs behind how all other processes work. 

As I cover in the cartoon series, our choices are not just our free will and personal preferences. We may be choosing what we want to do, but these choices are based on our feelings, our hormones, and how the incoming data about how the world around us makes sense to us. Yes, experiences do change how we learn to perceive things, and even the way that our brain hard wires itself in our youth. There are limits though, and boundaries in which things will stay.  

Going back to the example of cows, they like eating grass because it tastes good to them and because they are hungry. No one is forcing them to like that. Their bodies are capable of processing nutrients out of the grasses in ways we cannot, so in turn their bodies help the process along by making this more palatable for them than it would for us. In our lives, there is quite a lot of difference in foods that people eat around the world. One country’s delicacies would be garbage for another. What we have in common though is that our bodies learn the available nutrients in the area, and in our history and then make what we need more palatable to us. There is some preference in that, but there is a lot that is hard wired in that supports this process on a genetic level that cannot be changed. In general, we will just happen to learn to like foods that fit with our bodies’ particular abilities to process food. 

Food though can only take us so far in our understanding of genetics. As hunger is particularly unpleasant, people can tend to learn to ingest anything that can stop it. That limits the clear cause and effect that genetics and DNA has on our behavior. More important than what food preferences are, is what makes us so violent and greedy as a species. What leads us to allow such ongoing murders and other depravity? How can anyone see totalitarian systems and the horrid effects and still want them? How can so many keep up this madness year after year after year? 

The reality that existed before the modern times was actually worse, believe it or not. While many things contribute to the problems we have, one big overriding thing makes everything worse. The cold reality in the natural world (as opposed to the artificial ones we love to construct) is that there is a constant unrelenting survival of the fittest. There is no time this really lets up for long. It is eat or be eaten, and do anything it takes to survive. Some species get good at avoidance, and are not as aggressive towards us. Look at nature objectively and you see it is constant death, rebirth, and a fight for life by every creature and species out there.  

In this fight for life, there do tend to be predators and prey. Even the timid species lower on the food chain are often very rough towards each other. The predators hunt and kill without remorse. We tend to look at things from whatever experience we have grown up with. Nature seeming serene for some, and ferocious for others. For our species, both the human one and the now eternal one on the other side, we all started out with a very powerful fight to survive where the survival of the fittest was in full force. 

Lions do not think twice about it being mean to kill. Even herd animals will fight with each other for a mate or other reasons. Coming from nature, there was no reason our species should grow to be all that gentle and every reason why it should not be. Rape meant that there was a chance for offspring to continue the species. Killing another meant getting ahead and surviving in tough times. It is not thought as wrong or unusual for violence in nature, and as we came from nature that applied to us. We know all that, but we all underestimated the effects of this drive on individual free will, and our stability as a society. We thought that thinking feeling people would not do those things if we showed each other that they were bad things to do. 

Going from Theory to History 

[If you have not seen the videos, or if you do not believe the version of history I present, just go with it for the purposes of this paper. It is essential to understand why we got to this point.] 

At the time of the leap, our merry band of intrepid scientists was far lower on the chain of who was important in society than they would have liked. They were very smart of course, but then as now, smart people often get put into the servant’s class, rather than a higher one. They did not have it as easy as the higher classes, but things could have been worse. Their world had always been very dog eat dog. In ancient times, their species had almost destroyed itself once before in the distant past, only to slowly go back from stone age to modern age. That took a lot longer than we did it, because they did not have help like we do. 

In their day, they had to learn how to get along to survive. Times were very tough, and there was always someone else looking to take the products of their work. As you know, they found a way to hide their work while they planned and worked towards the leap they made. Once safe, they did not know that it was a hard thing to keep the constant dog eat dog world from happening there. They had a rough life that had forced them to band together or everyone would share death equally. Once safe though, their children never had that rough training. 

I know I have told this story before, emphasizing different points, but humanity was different back then. It was NOT just that modern morality had not been perfected yet. It was that at the heart of every human, we were hard wired as a species to be capable of literally anything to get our way. The life then did not come with as many safeguards as we feel now. When we are born, we often naturally gain compassion more quickly and have harder times learning to be brutal than they did. Up to that point, it had never served a purpose in evolution to wire humans for compassion. Those with compassion died, and those without it spread more kids to the world. 

Yes in a society, the need to get along and not go past certain bounds does temper things a bit, but the reality is that evolution favored psychopaths. For those like me that were born with newer genetics, it can be hard to understand the differences. Everything has an order of strongest to weakest. It is almost like a pack of dogs. Everyone knows the leaders and their place. A bleeding heart did not help, as someone was always there to take you out if they could. Yes that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. 

There is a very deep genetic cause for psychopaths. That was placed there because that gave us the ability to be the fittest in a brutal world. We had to think of ourselves first. That changed our biology in ways that even now no one understood, not even me. So their kids, not having the extensive brutal training of having to fit in together for their survival started the competition again. Pecking orders, and increasingly brutal tactics were happening in society, despite all of the best teaching they could do. It was a disaster. Add to that all the psychological pressures of extreme long life covered in the cartoons, and they had a royal mess on their hands. 

As you can see, they got some help from the Neanderthal and Denisovan genetics. That helped to temper things. Some careful genetics work helped. Changing learning processes and other things in society helped, as you can see in the videos. At its heart, nothing short of changing the very DNA of society helped. 

I know most think this is complete rubbish by now, but none of you were there watching your children kill each other when you had technology to keep life going. Do you think it easy to want to change your own DNA? Imagine that someone comes up to you and asks you to be a guinea pig and try DNA upgrades that have not been tried yet. Would you go for it? They did not want to either. Everything with genetics was done carefully and slowly, but it was done. They had no choice. They had tried everything else. 

So the upgrades to the society were done. By roughly 10,000 years ago or so, the threats of the old brutal society and the giants were gone and they had a far more stabile genome and education than they had before. They thought they were doing pretty well, until some students escaped (Watch the cartoons for that one). 

Human History 

The ancient history of humans and this realm we are in now really got started when the old world invaded (see the cartoons). The giants and those that came with them were brutal. There were some relatively peaceful outposts and settlers, but the human sacrifice and other barbaric things happening then changed a lot. If there was any chance that we could have not had human sacrifice before, that chance was completely gone once the old society got here. 

In the time before 10,000 years or so, humans were not as smart of a species as we are now. We also were not either as smart or experienced as the invaders were. They naturally are a few inches to a couple feet taller, and the giants were genetically engineered to be even bigger than that. Humans stood no chance. Luckily, the old world blew itself up, and our family on the other side was able to clean up the rest of the mess and get things better for the humans. 

While we are taught about brain capacity increases over the many years of evolution, we are not taught about the fact that the Out of Africa theory is a made up cover for the events of the somewhat recent past. We are also not taught about the slight but important bump to the intelligence level of humanity as a whole around 10k years ago. This was done before the students escaped. We thought we knew how to control things better than we did, and felt the humans needed some reparations. Between helping things like corn, wheat, and rice become available as crops, the bump to IQ was part of the reparations. 

[Here is an important part:] There is a BIG difference between intelligence level and aggression levels. Bumping IQ up a little was not hard. Humans were just as deeply hard wired in with the fight to survive/survival of the fittest as the old society ever was. While no one likes being in pain or suffering, no one minded inflicting it on others. Evolution certainly makes sure we do not like being the one to suffer, but there for a fact were very strong biological mechanisms in place to keep people from being weak. Inflicting pain on others was not a bad thing for evolution and nature. It got us here.  

It was so bad that slaves who grew in power enough to have their own slaves, rather than thinking anything of wanting to end the system, they were just glad to have the chance to be the one who is more powerful and dealing out pain, rather than inflicting it. This is how slavery kept going for so long. You keep a tiered society with most people having someone else to have underneath them, and then no one but the lowest would want to risk getting out of their place. The lowest would be naturally weak enough to just not have a choice in the matter, so everything was stabile. Even the old world had slaves, and they had all the modern technology you can think of. 

I know that this may seem not possible, unfair, really badly designed, or other things like that, but this was the case. The Survival of the fittest that we went through for millions of years just created great sorrow when societies got large enough to where we were no longer hunters and gatherers. Even the most primitive societies were very brutal, but once larger civilizations got going things got worse. We had not anticipated it getting out of hand, because we thought we could fix things by that point. The escape of the students showed otherwise and changed a lot. 

As I covered in the videos, we tried setting up several societies. There was one in roughly Eastern Europe I think, that was pretty successful for being pretty equal and happy. For the most part, things went south pretty quickly. This was the time of the whack a mole changes in leadership in different countries. We take one out, and multiple contenders pop up to fight for supremacy. There were many tricks used, much drama, and a lot of offers to get the help of leaders (rather than have to work against whoever could fight their way to be the leader of any given group), but nothing really worked all that well to get stability. 

On a side note, if you see how badly the stability of the society was, then you may ask why then did we keep sending students down to Earth then, if it was so brutal? Well, it was a failure in terms of the brutality level, but once kids got back home, they were more than willing to then drop all the insanity and listen to the rules for a change. The training in the long run did help a lot.  

The agreement/curse was then made to keep control at the highest levels. As the struggle to reach the top was damaging to all involved, it was decided to just let one group stay there, and then we could keep our kids far away from any chance at being at the top of power. So that worked. The kings of the Earth agreed to be the ones who would keep power, in exchange both for willingly handing it over at some point specified in what was then the then future, and they were aware that a part of the deal for power is that they would not go to our eternal society. They were offered that with the price of equality, but time after time after time, they chose unwisely. It was then and now too dangerous to send kids to the elite past a certain level of power, so then and now we still do not do that. 

Grandpa The Hero 

Up to this point, you can see in history, there was progress here and there, then it got wiped out. Ancient knowledge was to be found in Egypt, Greece, with the Jewish faith, and back in the far East to name a few, but it was mostly a zero sum game. Progress was made and then got wiped out. We could never move society further in technology, because the risks of bad behavior were far too bad.  

This is the point where the gentle genetics came in to play. As in our Eternal society, the humans needed more DNA changes to make any forward progress. What we had to that point was not good enough, and even the Neanderthal and Denisovan lines had nothing further to give. So a little over 2,000 years ago, the first real successful genomes were coming online. These were not natural. They were very slowly developed over time to contain brand new designs that never at any point had existed in the natural world in either realm.  

If you remember the cartoon series, episodes 20 and 21, then you remember that Grandpa was sent to the life of a slave trader back in the day. Up until now, I did not know all of the reasons why he was sent to that rough life. I did know some of them (you can see those in the cartoons). What I did not know is that he was actually considered to be a true hero and inspiration to the older generations. It was a great success story (as were others who were part of the test groups). 

The problem that we faced is up until that point, when the kids returned from Earth life, they had to be taught to regret the actions of hurting others. That may not sound hard, but you have not seen the literal personality melting Hell that the kids had to go through in order to even start to feel empathy for others, or feel sorry for what they did. This was not the kids fault to that point really, because the DNA in humans (and a little in the other realm) was so strongly hard wired to be able to be stronger at any cost, that they just could not feel the empathy they needed to have to not do it again without going through a literal Hell.  

In the case of Grandpa, he was always a bit nicer in his life. Yes, he was taught to be a slave trader, and do things that were bad, but in that society it was very stratified and those not taking advantage would be taken advantage of. Things had not changed enough yet. He was gentle enough to where he did in real life end up marrying the slave maid of his Earth wife 9once he got to the other side and progressed to the point where marriage is reintroduced). She never felt that she was treated as badly as he felt he treated everyone. 

The hero part of this is that the parents knew the whole time that those were lessons he did not personally need. He never was the type who ever wanted to take advantage of anyone, He had to basically be forced into it. [THE REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT PART:] He was and is thought to be a hero also specifically because for the first time, he naturally was very sad and quite embarrassed by what he did to others. Yes he was put in the place to test if the genome and training he had received to that point would work. You may not realize how important that is. He of course was not the one who developed his genetics, as he was born with them. He also was not the one who developed the pre-Earth training that led to it, but he WAS the one who was sent to a life far more rough than he deserved to be sent to, and had to deal with making up for things that he was pretty much forced into.  

He had to do that because they needed to stop the insanity of having kid after kid after kid come back have to go through a literal personality melting Hell. It cannot be understated how hard that was for students who had to go through it (There are plenty who still do have to go through that). The parents hated having to put kids through that, but there was no way around it. While not every kid was bad, there are always plenty that do make bad choices. Back then, there were even more kids who needed that rough experience, since the genome was so deeply flawed.  

Having someone deeply regret that and so willingly choose to change ways and make up for that life was a revolutionary accomplishment. I know that may sound unbelievable now, but they did not live now. Imagine some other society than what you live in. Imagine a world of totalitarian rules where people live like they did 2,000 years ago. Do you get frustrated wondering how people living now days can choose to be so horrible to each other? Well, we were all like that then, and it was not just the lack of knowledge. 

Look at how much was given to Egypt, to those that built the pyramids of other places, and look how much knowledge went other places. Take the Jewish faith for example. It was given things like the Ark of the Covenant and so many other precious things, many forgotten now, but they kept turning to works of darkness time after time. We look at the old worlds as being maybe a little ignorant and not educated enough to have learned to be civilized like we are. This is absolutely NOT the case. They did not have every opportunity we have now, but they did have far more than we know of. The genome itself in every group was just the weak link in the chain. The human genome was hard wired too strongly to care much about pain being inflicted on others. Teaching people to not do those things was literally trying to undo millions of years of evolution, and one of the strongest driving forces that got us to where we are. It was not an easy thing to do, and EDUCATION ALONE DID NOT WORK! Progress was made, then erased time after time. 

Let me state this clearly, once any one person can demonstrate sufficient progress in creating a more stable genome, that success can be shared. Grandpa then is not doing the work and the sacrifice just for himself. He was a part of a test that was rolled out to many others, and that is going to be rolled out to all. This means that he literally is a grandfather to a new generation, even to people that are not actually related that much. The success with newer genomes is rolled out to all. Once tested, genetic upgrades can and are made to anyone who wants or needs them, no matter what their genome was. His sacrifice was considerable, but it allowed us to have the data needed to move forward with a program that would do far more than save kids a ton of pain. It would help us move forward into the modern world. 

Into the Modern World 

Many people think that we made the progress to the modern world we have now because we just progressed to that point naturally. They see the hard work and the inventions, and just assume that this is the whole story. It is not. Many were given technology before then. The promise was made over and over and over again to bring society to a modern era within three generations, if a society could prove worthy on a moral level. (To be considered worthy basically we need to at least have some realistic chance to not blow everything up and create another mass extinction of the human race, or something more or less just as bad.) The progress itself was always either not given, or taken away because of the unacceptable risk levels and the behavior of the society as a whole. Given the new successes with the gentle genetics being tested with those early pioneers like Grandpa, we were ready for a new push to revolutionize the world. 

When it came time to decide what to do, the studies and test programs helped demonstrate feasibility of the new genome and education techniques. Grandpa had not been alone in the tests. There were a couple others in rough places, but there were more put in places that were isolated enough to where they had the opportunity to show how several students with the newer genomes would interact with each other. The test programs to that point were a big success, so it was determined that we could move forward as a group to the next phase. 

Looking in the rear view mirror is FAR different than living at the time and moving forward in ways that were new and never tried before. We now see the explosion of Christianity and of new dawn of technology that we had in our past. This was not the past though at that time. No successes held long term, and while the test programs were promising, they were still too new to have enough data for a complete society change at that point. 

If you look at things as being risky test projects, as they were back then, maybe you can understand a bit why things were done as they were. Our parents on the other side have always tested things on certain societies and taken turns. It was fair, and they could give each group a rest and move on to a newer group with different things to test. It worked, and gave everyone a good chance at getting something worthwhile. East Asia was one of the first places that they went to. As you can see, every group at some point got help. The pyramids and other odd out of place things are just some remnants of past trials of this or that. 

As it turned out, it was Europe’s turn next. They had just spent quite a lot of time with Egypt and with the Jewish faith trying to move forward, and they needed a fresh start with this next project. Europe had compatible groups that were just right for this particular test to move forward. So, Christianity was made roughly as you know it, and as I show in the cartoons. All the while that is being made, the DNA changes and gentle genetics are slowly being rolled out in Europe. You can guess at a lot of what happens with the history you know. 

One of the reasons why the newer gentle genetics were not rolled out to all, is because first, they were not tested well enough yet, and second, because not everyone was convinced at that point. Even in the eternal society on the other side, many were unsure of this new genome. Yes it led to less suffering of the student, but it also was completely different than anyone had known. It was an untested quantity. The suffering of kids was not something anyone wanted, but on the other hand, once training was complete, the older genome had passions and benefits that they really liked. It was stabile for the time, and they did not want to risk everyone’s safety on some genome that they did not have confidence would lead to an actual worthwhile existence in the long run.  

People do not want to be turned into robots. People do not want to be mind controlled. Yes the gentle students were showing remarkable progress, but none were old enough to reach the level of society where marriage and family were had. None had the thousands of years of life that many others in society did. So kids had to suffer for a few hundred years. When unlimited years of pure happiness follow once training is eventually complete, then it was considered to be very worth the price. 

Keeping in mind that the new genetics were NOT related to intelligence level, but instead to personality type, and level of compassion/empathy, not everyone wanted that. Both students and their parents generally opted for the safer, more tried and tested method of some years of suffering, more for those that were rough and tumble, in exchange for a passionate genome they were used to and loved very much. Most of the world at that time was not wanting to be a part of the test. The rest of the world had already given assistance that was in the rear view, and had a slower, but more well understood path to eventual success. Europe had a lot of work to do at that point, and much of it was completely untested. 

Christianity was designed with the Survival of the Fittest problem very much in mind. It was the whole reason for the gentle genome’s design in the first place. The religion was very carefully created so that the elite of the world would see it as an opportunity to control and manipulate the people, while keeping power to themselves. The religion itself taught not to behave in ways like the elite did. It taught humility, to turn the other cheek, and many things that never really stuck to that point. The rulers saw this as an opportunity to reinforce sheep like behavior. The elite did know it was being forced on them from a divine source. They did not want that. They did literally have to be forced to adopt it using some pretty strong methods. Once they did adopt it though, the benefits became clear. That greed helped them be even more determined to see it spread. 

Seeing a belief system that can be used to control the masses is always attractive to the elite. Seeing one that teaches it is wrong to have vengeance, and to have the qualities it was teaching was a bonus to them. When people now complain about how religion controls the masses, they often complain about the role of Christianity in doing so. There is truth in some of the complaints against Christianity, but in general it did teach a belief system that, along with the gentle genetics, did help start to break the stranglehold that the Survival of the Fittest genomes had on humanity. It helped spread new society values that the other belief systems had not been as successful at spreading. When combined with a much larger and growing number of test groups with ever more successes, it was determined to be safe enough to move society forward into a modern age for the first time. 

How the upgrades work is that the genetics of the individual on the other side have to be gentle there first. Once a suitable well trained (for this project) individual is ready, the Earth parents have the combinations of their DNA carefully selected from available combinations to ensure a compatible match with the gentle student coming to that Earth body. Over time, the genetics of the group then get slowly altered to have more and more gentle traits. This is one reason it took so many years to get through the “dark ages”.  

Even before the gentle genetics were introduced, there were DNA changes being done, not just to Europe, but also to the rest of the world. You can see in the type and variety of people around that DNA changes were being done, if you know what to look for. The DNA changes did address problems with the human genome even before the gentle genetics were released. The difference is that the gentle genetics were a set of changes that never before had been put into any group at any time. They were not taken from any new or extinct species of humans in either realm. They were completely new (and therefore risky) changes that had less to do with IQ as they did with empathy levels. This is why they were not immediately rolled out everywhere. Even in Europe’s population, they did not get to everyone, or even the majority at that point. 

As tests and the roll out were going well, the new genetics also then started to be rolled out in various other societies as well, using the tried and true methods described where the DNA from parents is selected carefully to slowly move societies towards having fewer problems in sustainable ways. One of the places you can best see differences is in Central/South America. It is no secret that in times past, there was quite a lot of death and brutality in certain areas. This was well before the conquest. There was human sacrifice, and many other ways in which life was cheap and thrown away in rough ways. 

The change of the DNA there was going on as it was in other places, as described. At the time of the conquest, the were additional interventions made to ensure a continuity of newer lines. The rough and brutal DNA led to more aggression and a lot of that was lost with the conquest. Every life lost is tragic, rough or not rough. The reality is that much of the rough practices were going on already and did already lead to many murders before anyone from the new world came over. Only those who would not turn around and do the same back again to others, if given the chance, were considered to be worthy of protection. The conquest was not desired. Given the difference in technology and military might, it was inevitable that someone would do a conquest. As Europe was already a long part of the newer Gentle DNA test program, they were considered to be the least brutal of many brutal ways this could end up. That also meant that the society which had been a part of the test program the longest would help spread advances in DNA, so that also could speed up things as well. 

Many look at Europe to be the most vile place for its may conquests. That is a vile thing. Considering that I just said that they had been a test grounds for more gentle genetics, some may question the success of such a program with as brutal as they were. Yes it was brutal. What many conveniently do not remember is that prior to the introduction of the new genetics EVERY SOCIETY was brutal. The only thing that kept more the world having more conquests was a balance of power. The gentle genetics even with all that time still made up less of the population than it needed. It did make the whole genome for all in the group more likely to have gentle traits, but this was not a complete roll out. It did also tend to take a very clear edge off of what levels of brutality had always tended to happen in pretty much any group that had original genetics. 

Modern Life and Towards the Future 

One of the principles of any test is that there HAS to be a control group with genetics that stay pretty much at the last known stable version. This is why some groups had been given fewer of the new test DNA than the others. No one wants to be unfair. Everyone that has genetics different than others does tend to think that theirs is better. It is actually very hard to get people to agree what is best for the group. It does take many thousands of years of testing to be ready for the next step. While we look at societies such as exist in the middle east, we may see barbaric groups that use violence and other practices unacceptable in our world. They may be looked at as living museums from life that existed many years ago. Well, do you remember that before Christianity and the gentle genetics test started, it was the middle east that had a lot of help? They are a group that had one of the last somewhat stable genomes. They were more of the control group, that we all needed. They were not the only control group by any means, but they did have successes in their past, and quite a lot of work was given to them in times past. For the safety of all, they made the decision to be a control group for this specific time period.  

As you may know, there also then did tend towards some unhealthy practices. Some had marriage customs that led to inbreeding among certain populations. Also, there were many in the area who unfortunately fell victim to the made up religion Islam. The elite were mad at having Christianity forced on them, so they came up with that. The Arab world has many problems which are very obvious, and which look really bad. They are not the only group that has problems though.  

The one thing that became more evident as time went forward is that the old last safe genome proved to be far worse in comparison to the new than was thought. None of those living now in the old genome have anything to be ashamed of in the least. The new genome was risky and few wanted it. The old genome was fine for life as it existed for thousands of years. When the modern world came in, and overcrowding and other problems came in, problems became more obvious. 

Please do not think that I feel that any person in the world is less smart or capable in any way. The IQ level is unrelated to the updates. Survival of the fittest meant that their genome IS the most adept at surviving in specific environments. That is just not the unnatural world we are going into. In is not intelligence or strength that are different per say. What is related to the newer genome is other things like inherent empathy intelligence level, and a reduction in the biological safeguards that help people be able to be brutal without it stopping them from Survival of the Fittest. It is an upgrade meant to attack that one specific area above all others. People like to have that drive to compete and be first before anyone else. This is not a thing people look at as being the least bit bad. If you ask people in the old genome if they want to have that taken away and be put in the newer genome, they would think you want to make them weak. This is not something people want who are used to the old ways.  

SO let me be very clear on this fact: LARGE GROUPS OF BOTH STUDENTS AND PARENTS WANTED TO BE IN THE OLD GENOME. The knew the differences. They did not want a genome that could potentially be weaker, or that could have unforeseen problems. Many years can go by before some problems show, and as safe as it seems now, it took until very recently to complete the tests and convince the group we are all ready to go forward. The old genome worked for millions of years to get us here, and still is the one that most people on this Earth would probably choose right now, if they had a choice. The old genome was the strongest in the natural world. It is not the strongest in the unnatural one where we have the ability to nuke each other into oblivion now.

Going forward, this is a HUGE MASSIVELY IMPORTANT thing that we have completed all studies needed. I know that some may feel that it is as plain as the nose on anyone’s face which genetics should be adopted by all, but most in the world would think all manner of horrid thoughts. We have tested to make sure that it DOES NOT hurt individuality or turn anyone into a mind control robot. We have many years an a very large amount of people in the new genome going back many many years. If you are reading this, you are likely in the new genome. We have people in the new genome in every race, including those that are generally in the control groups. For happiness levels, and every good thing, we have conclusive data that proves this is the way to move forward. 

Next Steps 

People like the Elite rulers think that the old genome is the absolute best thing. It is not. They will be taken care of, probably within the next couple years. The coming natural events, and the exposure of some of the things that were being done to us will trigger the need for help. We are being poisoned in our food, our water, our medicine, and our environment. We need to get help. There are things that damage DNA and can cause cancer. Along with the help, there will be upgrades to DNA. Some IQ levels will need to be adjusted, but for the most part it is just a reduction in the amount of genes that lead towards psychopaths. Gentle genetics with DNA that never existed in any real environment led to many successes, and now there will no longer be any control group. Every single person on the planet will get new genetic upgrades, if they were not already born with them. Yes, many will not wan them. They cannot imagine being weaker, but this is not actually weaker. Strength comes with understanding and compassion, not the opposite. 

In review, do you see what type of a difference that a few test subjects in test programs made to this world? They allowed the proofs and confidence needed for Christianity to be rolled out. If just a few test subjects were enough to roll that out and lead to this massive change we had, just think what that means now that the new genomes and educational techniques are refined and approved for roll out to everyone! A small group made the confidence to implement the changes that led to the world we know. The massive successes in generation after generation since, has given more than the needed amount of data to move forward in finally deprecating certain older dangerous genomes, and allowing everyone to move forward in safer, more gentle ways. 

When I say that this is the dawn of an era never before seen, please understand that it has NOTHING to do with whatever any politician wants or does. There is NOTHING the deep state or any other group can do. Our parents on the other side have been working out very tough problems with the very imperfect genome our species had when we made the leap into the eternities. Now that we know for a fact everything that needs to be done, and there is complete consensus on this, do you think for a moment that any corrupt deep state sleaze can stop this? No, not a chance. The complete roll out of the genetics is underway. It will happen. New changes to educational, religious, and political systems are already designed and awaiting implementation. Nothing can stop this. The parents are in charge, not the kids. 

Old systems that are corrupt will go. Newer generations born with gentle genetics will not easily understand brutal ways. They will choose wisely in the coming Great Revival. This world will not be perfect, but it will be unlike anything we had in the past. Sorry if this topic offends anyone, but I call it like it is. If you do not understand or agree with any of this, you can go to the source, once you have had time on the other side to process. They can go through any amount of objective data needed. It is the way to go, and there is zero doubt left, and zero questions left unanswered. 

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