(Old) Rough plans and timeline for the Awakening

This is one of the videos from my backup channel. It has the oldest videos. I knew the theory and rough plans, but some of the details were not filled in with the specifics yet. It still is a good bunch of information though. I uploaded this as is to Youtube on May 20, 2017.

 This covers the behind the scenes of current to future. Update 1 (updated not that long after I recorded the video: The plans I talk about that Asia will be the financial powerhouse have apparently been revised. It had been the plan that this would be, but I was informed that after deliberation and computer modeling using somewhat recent developments, it is thought that this would not be for the best. The new current plan is not to have any one powerhouse, but rather make sure that all countries are strengthened enough so that the bulk of the people will have more time and access to learning and life pursuits that can aid in moral and long term individual soul searching and development.

Update 2: At the time I recorded the video, I did not have a concrete idea of exactly how long the introduction to the Era of peace would be. I had been under the impression that it was more of a gradual 10 year plan. I knew the official start to the reign of peace started officially when Trump took office, but not all of the good details were given yet.This still has a lot of very good background information, and does show that for everyone little bits of information are given here and there.

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