Real Origins of Ancient Mystery Religions, Hivites, Giants, Annunaki, and Illuminated types

This is another post to Reddit back before they turned to support traitors to this country. This was originally posted Monday, August 6th 2018. I am not sure if I will leave it there or not, as they do not any more deserve to have it, and duplicate content can be bad sometimes. Here is the post as it was written:

Finding the real origins and history past a certain point is not just hard, but is generally somewhat impossible due to a number of factors (but don’t worry, I have the information anyways). We have written records up to a certain point, and some early writings from a long time ago. The earliest writing that is sophisticated enough to tell any roughly detailed information is maybe 5,000 years old if you give a generous estimate??? We have writing about Giants or Annunaki, or other civilizations not around now in several different early accounts. We have fossils of giants that are supposedly found in great numbers and hid by the deep state. (I say supposedly because until MSM admits it and displays them, then it is a conspiracy that most do not believe).

The stories of giants are true, as are the accounts that say that others were here such as the Annunaki. The problem is that even though there WERE people, beings, fallen angels, ET, or whatever you want to call it here that are not now, these accounts were all written AFTER THE FACT based on long histories passed down in oral traditions. By 5,000 years ago, the groups were long gone. ANY history based on oral traditions will become inaccurate pretty quickly. The actual time frame of those events were roughly 11,000 years ago to 17,000 years ago, give or take some. Given that, the earliest possible writings about these events we have would be from at least 5,000 years of oral traditions. It is amazing that anything survived. Given the very traumatic nature of what went on then, I do understand how these tales did keep getting passed down. Also please remember that those writing these events were anything but trained in how to accurately preserve a historical record.

At that, you have to see that even the most well connected individual would only have access to documents written far after the fact by a people ill trained to give anything accurately. They would have access to physical historical archaeological evidence such as the skeletons from the giants, and radiation information for what looks to many were possible ancient nuclear strikes from way back in the day, or things like that. They also surely have very careful means of passing down histories and information from generation to generation in the groups related to the Ancient Mystery Religions, but still after this many years that is anything but reliable.

So, if ALL of our histories are that inaccurate, then how in the world can I get a more accurate version of the events, when I clearly do not have access to even what the elite rich and powerful here have access to? Well that is simple. We were NOT the only group there at that point. Of all the groups around at that time, ours was the the one that was by far the least educated, and the one least able to record an accurate history. Our group made basically what amounts to a fantasy version of actual events that we painstakingly try to fix without the proper information to do so. If hypothetically, we were able to get the account from another group that was around at that time, one that WAS very well able to records the historical information, then that would fill in gaps that we never would be able to do.

Well, as unbelievable as that sounds, this is exactly where my account of the events comes from. This is what forms the basis of the fictional cartoon series that I made as well. I do have the gist of what went on from the accounts they give, but was not given access to the records themselves, so some of this is obviously less than scientific. Even a that, my rememberings based on what I saw and was told from their records, beats the many many years of things being translated through oral traditions of the untrained, if you assume that I am not lying, I am not crazy, I actually did talk with whom I say, and that they were not lying (as they do tend to do from time to time). Yes, I know that can be a lot to take on faith of someone you do not know and probably will never meet, but in this one case, it is true, and the accounts here and on my video cartoon series is in many ways more accurate than anything that will ever be made available for us. At that, even if you do not trust, this is accurate and either way does give some good information about how all this craziness started.

To start off, there were basically four main groups involved, all ultimately coming from the same society, The main society was an old and large one. The first group to splinter off was the one that now is the most powerful, and also is the only one still around, other than our group, the humans. Back then though, they were a very small group just trying to survive and hide so that the much larger, and far more violent group would not get some key technological advancements they had, and wipe them out. They did not play any relevant role interacting with us at that point, and did not directly observe everything that went on here at the time, but they do know more than we do, a lot more.

So the first group was a splinter group that is still around. We obviously are still around, and were directly involved in the whole fiasco back then. This leaves two last groups both related. Keeping in mind that this is a very big generalization, there were settlers that wanted to make their own way separately from the society they came from, and the business and military arm of the main group. Both the settlers and the main arm of the society were here. Well, I did not mention giants, did I??? That is right, I did not. This was a subgroup of the main society, which itself was splintered into the usual political opposing groups. They were basically just a genetically modified group of soulless cannibalistic goons that had hive mind technology (at first) to keep them in line. They are just the soldiers and do not matter for anything other than eating and killing, or doing both at the same time.

The old society was itself pretty vile in many ways. While some settlers did want to avoid that, no one here was a saint by any means. If they had been, they probably would not come here and interacted with us. If you have ever looked up possible ancient nuclear weapon explosions here, you will know that not only is there physical evidence that is very well consistent with this, but there are ancient accounts that are very consistent with that as well. Neither the old society nor the settlers are around that existed at that point, so we really do not have all the details of what went on then. We do know though that the old society blew itself up. I know many have heard of tales of Atlantis, or other forgotten advanced societies from ages past on the Earth, but no the old society was NOT from here. Their world was destroyed completely in this time frame. No one from our group, nor the other group that is still here was around to see that, so it is anyone’s best guess as to what the actual cause was. They had nukes and plenty of them. They did decimate their world, and it still is a lifeless wasteland now. Not even the computer data could ultimately be saved. They really did a number on themselves.

Could this war have come here? Are the accounts, and the physical evidence actual bombs that were here. From what I was shown of the history, I would say that is very very likely, but as this was not related to the topic I was concerned with at the moment, this was not covered either way.

So, what I do know is that somewhere around 18,000 years ago was the time the first group, (the one still around) splintered off. They were first to get the tech to get here (And as crazy as that sounds, it was inter-dimensional technology, not spacecraft as you may have thought). Yes that is odd and unbelievable, but it is accurate and explained more in my cartoons. No we are not scientifically on the right track to get that tech, nor are we going to be allowed to actually do so. We almost certainly are being given psy-op fake experiences to think we are close, but no that is not going to happen.

Back to the history, it took a while for the main part of the group and the settlers to get the technology to get here. They did not know about the first splinter group, but they did know about each other. I do not know exactly when they got here, but I know they did not have the tech around 18,000 years ago, and the last remnants of any significance were already gone before 10k years ago. So that is why I say 11k to 17k, because the times I have are 18 and 10 for our group, and the others fit in the middle somewhere.

Getting back to what went on, the old society was just plain evil. The Giants were quite literally designed specifically to be insanely strong and pretty mindless, so they would fall in line with what they were told, and also be sufficiently ruthless and quite literally bloodthirsty to instill fear on those they face. They ate massive amounts of food, and were trained to literally be cannibals.

The title of this post says this deals with origins of ancient mystery religions, Hivites, and others. This point in history here is EXACTLY where the origins start. While cannibalism, human sacrifice, and the ritual abuse of 2 to 5 year old kids can, happen anyways, it is most likely practices the old society brought here. They are wiped out, the settlers are wiped out, and the group that is around now was not observing everything here, as they were keeping a low profile then in other places. It cannot be said for sure this is where the practices started, as there will never be enough documentation to prove that. It is gone and does not exist anywhere. But we do know that these practices absolutely not only existed in the old society, but were actively practiced at the time they came here, it is very very likely we picked up the practices from them.

Humans at that point were pretty much just hunter gatherers. You can see in the types of plants that existed, and even in how the animals of the time were, that we did not have any farming or herding at that point. Any societies would have had to been very small, as there was no way to feed a larger group in one spot. There can never be something like Atlantis, an isolated spot with tech that is all that much different than the surrounding area, because tech takes infrastructure. That did not exist at the time. Furthermore, accounts from the group this account comes from directly states that the humans were very primitive.

Cannibalism and human sacrifice were useful to the old society to instill fear and control others. even those of their own society. (Not to mention things like adrenochrome). The giants had such a massive food intake requirement that this was NOT easy to fill. They were absolutely not like the tallest man you can see in pictures. They are not just people with too much growth hormones. Their bones, their muscles, everything from the genes up were specifically designed to easily handle the height and weight. They were massively strong, very brutal, and horrible in every way. Their very existence was an abomination of nature that never could have evolved that way within either their environment or ours.

In terms of the ritual abuse that is being made more famous with Pizzagate related stories, that served a purpose back then as well. MKUltra is ABSOULTELY NOT A NEW THING!!!! It is just an updated version of very old practices. The old society was vile, yet they did know science very well. They did have slaves, and thought nothing of abusing them. Mind control was not just done by electronic means. The old tried and true techniques of ritual abuse of kids was used there. If you have not heard about it, or why children, that is because when the mind is developing, it is at that specific age when it is easiest to fracture. Done correctly, you forever change the mind, in many ways. Electronic control can bypass everything. Literally that can take away any bit of free will or humanity you have. It quite literally can turn your body into a puppet. That is evil stuff. As tech could not long survive once their society had blown itself up, and since you do not have to waste resources if you can make old techniques work, the ritual abuse was used, and kept going from that point forward.

You may realize that everything I mention about that group is bad. It is missing a lot of the main part of teachings that are present in the current Mystery religions now. Missing are also anything about what even those that think of themselves as the oldest purest Hivites or any other such group would feel is their true origin story. That is because there were many other things to come. These oldest times gave a lot of the rituals and practices that continued, and some of the stories. Much of the specifics came either out of pagan and other traditions of our making, or out of another event that had not happened yet then.

By 10,000 years ago, any big or small threats were gone. Traces of bloodlines from giants, and from others remained. The giants were very big yes. The normal people from the society that came here (both the settlers and the main group) were anywhere from a few inches to a few feet taller than humans, I believe. Not sure on the specifics. They were not massive like the giants, but they were larger than the norm here now or then. It is a matter of debate as to if you consider that any settlers remained at that point, because there was nothing left of the technology or the knowledge of the old world at that point. Pretty much it was just humans, because the others had mixed in already and only genetics remained. None of the culture did, aside from some bloody and evil practices that remained.

The main group here now started becoming involved then at that point. In the time that passed, there was roughly 8,000 years at that point since they left the main group. They went from a pretty small group to one that was very large, and had tech that even now, no one here would be able to imagine. Even then they did not need UFOs. Now they are so far past the tech you see, that everything they do is dumbed down. Roswell, UFOs, everything is dumbed down and is basically a show, but as you will not possibly believe that, I will skip that. Basically though, at that point they were the ONLY force that matters here, period. Nothing then or since can ever hope to rival them, no matter what you have or will hear.

They were always more careful to not make waves with us. They were the ones who manipulated our genetics very slightly then to increase our intelligence and make our development easier. They were the ones who manipulated existing plants to make wheat, corn, rice and other plants into things we can farm. They always have manipulated things in our favor. They knew if they did things in an obvious way, we would not gain experience. But they also knew to leave subtle clues for those that know to look for them.

While this group that helps us was not responsible for those very bad times, they did notice some of the things that happened and wanted to make up a bit for it. Violence in a society can have a domino effect, and while humans were very primitive then, they understood that given enough time, humans could eventually become a threat. Starting off on a violent course would not be ideal, if doing a little then could help. So, they did adjust us a bit to increase IQ just a bit globally, and also helped plants get to the point where we could start farming. They have helped ever since, in very subtle yet powerful ways. They have helped to direct the course of events here, and even to this day put very real and powerful sanctions on our governments for things like violations of their Nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction laws. It is no accident that we have not nuked each other as much as we were trying to do. But that is another topic for another day.

At this point, you had a world healing from a long and brutal occupation that went on for many years, far before we were able to either defend ourselves or write anything about the ordeal in ways that would last. As odd and unbelievable as it sounds, we also did NOT evolve with the Out of Africa theory which we keep being told that is all but conclusively proven with genetics. There is no possible way that with 40k to maybe 100k years and 2,000 to maybe 6,000 generations, we could have one small group move from Africa to every part of the world, displace the existing Homo Erectus, Denisovan, and Neanderthal species, then evolve into every race we have now, then slow down our evolution so that no major changes to race can be seen in the 5 to 10 k years we have somewhat recorded more accurately. It sis not happen like that. We evolved with MultiRegional evolution slowly from Homo Erectus in an example of parallel evolution. You can see that in the fossil record, if you look in the right places, as well as in the types of tools and technology we used in the different regions.

Getting back to the point, the history we know is a big conspiracy in many ways intentionally covering up the big change that happened roughly 10k years ago. While the many years of occupation before that were far more brutal, and dramatic for the ones living here at the time, the very subtle changes of quietly increasing intelligence levels, changing the plants sufficiently to look natural but give us something we have to have in order to grow and develop, were all far more important than any one of the significant harms we suffered then.

As far as things were going then, everything was looking up a bit. The old threats were gone. The group helping us was forced to make sure that all pockets were gone, as we were being treated roughly. Now it was just the humans, Our friendly group, and some genetic remnants from the old groups. Optimism was at an all time high among the friendly group. That led to a little bit of carelessness, or times when they could have used more caution than they did, when looking back with hindsight. As anyone should easily be able to imagine, a handy group of far less developed humans were great to study. Collecting data, and yes even using them for observation in training programs was only natural.

Bringing the students to carefully watch without interfering, seemed like a very good idea, and the students liked it a lot. So, students do what students do sometimes, unfortunately. If you look in the cartoon series, this is the time of the escapees. The fallen angels most talk about were actually students, not adults. In their society, it takes a while to get full adulthood, and their students are insanely smart. They had not anticipated a revolt like they had, since everything was peaceful, but that is sort of what they had. Some students got tired of all the values and waiting, and just wanted to go have fun. Having fun means being treated like kings and queens, while taking advantage of the native population with the best looks, for the types of fun they wanted to have.

Now this was an equal society they came from, so there were roughly the same numbers of male and female. The biology was compatible, believe it or not. I know this sounds like a crazy odd, unbelievable stretch, but it is true. This is where the fallen angels come from, and where the many tales of families coming from ET/angels comes from. This is also where the main body of the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Religions come from. While I do not know the exact date(s) of the escape(s), I would imagine it is probably between 5k and 10k years ago. These students knew the history that happened before, and would have been able to retell events forgotten or changed by time, and countless retelling of the then ancient stories.

How vile were the escaped students? Sorry, not sure. They were taught very good moral principals from their youth, and knew better. They never at any time were as vial as the other groups, but they were escapees coming here for the purpose of sewing wild oats and taking advantage of humans so they could live like kings and queens. Did they also want to try out ancient evil practices started in the old society, did the humans convince them to? Did they not take part in the most vile things at all, and the humans just combined their existing dark rituals with the teaching of these escapes?

Well, there are some details I do not know. What I do know is that they were rebellious. They did not just want to have fun. They did let out secrets of the friendly group, but in very unflattering ways. The ideas of society structured like a pyramid where the few rulers on top, and everyone else below, came from this time, in a manner of speaking. A lot of the symbolism came from here, as did gematria/numerology.

The main important teachings that made up the Hivite/Ancient Mystery Religions/Luciferian and illuminated types came from a mix of the old world influences, the influences from the students, as well as a mix of pagan practices and beliefs from the humans. The old world influences were dramatic, but took place long ago. I suspect that the students would have had something to do with the Hivite teachings, since they were the most recent ones that had the capability to know exactly how to use the SRA abuses to effectively act as mind control, but I could be wrong. I was not told specifically if they did or not. Either way, both the students and the old group were capable of telling humans exactly how that SRA can be used for mind control. The old world was here a very long time ago, but it did not just know how, it used those exact abuses for those exact same reasons, and it would have been a significant part of what we as a species were subjected to.

In summary, I know this tale will sound nuts to most. It is very different than what is told in every other place. Whether you believe it or not, whether enough facts are made available to believe it or not, this is as close to what really happened as you will almost certainly be told.

The point of this is not to say that I am right and everyone else is wrong though. The point is to bring in enough ideas of how this happened to give different ways of looking at what is going on now. If you look very generally at what I was saying, you can realize that the truth is that no matter how you look at it, these practices came as intentional mind control techniques that at some point had a lot of glamour and mystical reasons added to make this stick in the minds of those that kept it going.

The friendly group tried a number of times to wipe out the practice, but it always kept going due to how stubborn that those people are that want to keep it going. It also has deep roots in our genetics are well, or at least the undesirable parts of it. Its days are numbered, but for now, this is a far more ancient and widespread problem than almost all understand.

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