Power and Control + Religious Views: Many understand that it has been a pretty common thing for religions to make and use doctrines that are in only their own best interest. Martin Luther is one of the many who had some things to say on this matter.

People underestimate how much has been altered and manipulated to boost the power of the few at the expense of the many. There have been many changes both subtle and deep. There have been changes even to religious texts we hold sacred.These corruption that has been carefully woven in are not just used by the ultra-wealthy, but also many others.

When anyone puts their specific brand of doctrine above the spirit, and above true love for others, this corruption is usually at least partly at fault. Churches want people to believe them and not other churches. This leads them to be more rigid, find fault with other church doctrines, cause their members to have a grossly warped sense of perspective, all so that they can get more people and $$$ than the other churches.

People often separate themselves as the only group that is correct. This is done in a number of ways, both through doctrine and through ancestry. Believing that a people are chosen above all others through bloodlines and ancestry alone and not works or faithfulness is another. There is no such thing as one race bound for glory and all others not so.

The only people “chosen” are ones chosen to help others. In ancient Israel, the people were very keen on their bloodlines and in the Tribes of Israel.

Let me make this clear: at NO POINT was the intention to permanently set one people above another. This was never the case. Ancient Israel believed they were more chosen or important than others. This was used for the benefit of developing and spreading certain important doctrines at the time. The House of Israel and the tribes were told what they needed to in hopes it would get some help in making important progress. It was never intended to permanently exclude others. When usefulness and the true commitment to follow what the spirit is ACTUALLY saying has passed, then a group is no longer chosen. Others then will be.

Christianity came next and with it a few long held positions of power and perceived authority that were used for quite a lot of evil. Yes Christianity was designed to be robust and withstand the corruption while improving the rank and file. There still was very deep problems. From the start, large portions of Christianity were made up at the convenience of the corrupt leaders at the time. Take Christmas and other holidays as an example. There were some who associated certain aspects of that with disguised pagan rites. This was known and manipulated and despite the origins, most holidays are great to celebrate. In most cases, any old pagan leftovers are not really as important as the ancient bloodlines think.

It is not just holidays though. Major parts of the story we have of Jesus were made by religious scholars of the day. We do NOT have a full, complete, and accurate account of what really happened here. Large parts of what Jesus actually said were omitted, and some things He never did were put in.

I know that is not what people want to hear, but it is true. Having said that, the useful parts of what has come to be a part of Christianity will still be used and fully incorporated into the “history” we know here and what needs to be restored that was lost will be. Christianity is divine. It has not actually come to us exactly as many think, but it was with great difficulty that it was molded into what it is now.

Having said that, there must be balance. Those with unchangeable doctrines set in stone based on years of tradition will at some point have a bit of a rude awakening. We take traditions and knowledge that we perceive as always being with us as fact beyond question. We often feel it blasphemy to go one step against it.We are told that making a mistake will lead us somehow to doom. In reality much of that is another control mechanism.

We do not need people ignoring sanity and calling madness and falsehoods their own divine truths, but we also do not need trained armies of pre-programmed mind controlled victims running around telling everyone that they will go to Hell if anyone dares to believe something different than the intentionally skewed doctrines they are victims of. Judgement is needed. It is easy to lose track and go in any number of ways if we do not keep the spirit and good perspective at all times.

Let me get back to my point here.

Many were completely convinced of their own views of the second coming are 1000% correct and the only thing Christ is going to do in the 2nd coming is to wipe out or severely admonish those who dared not believe the same doctrine, and then endlessly praise them for their faithfulness. Sorry, as you can see that is not the case. We are going through this Great Exposure because the world needed to learn a lot more. It was not meant to be easy. It was not meant to reinforce the incorrect teachings we were given. It was meant to build upon the good things we know, then have us reach out to the spirit yo grow more.

This Great Exposure was meant to show us things that are wrong, and help us become ready to accept changes that we have never seen before. We must be ready to acknowledge faults within the systems we were always told to deeply respect and never change.The nature stuff will be very rough for some. Those who cling stubbornly to false doctrines and self worshiping or violent belief systems should fear. There are a lot of self worshiping and violent belief systems. Repentance is needed.Yes meteors will come. Earthquake, Tsunamis, and all manner of things. It is going to be rough. The Exposure is first so it will be more clear why some have displeased those they claim to worship.

At some point after the rough stuff, Christ will come. Do not expect only to have Him reinforce everything exactly as those here are telling you now. Truths have been twisted. He comes to set them straight. He comes with great love, but also with honesty. It is NOT time to sit on the grand mountains of perceived laurels. It is time to learn. Parents love us but do set us straight sometimes. If we have the spirit, things will not be that much of a surprise. Cling stubbornly to rigid and corrupted belief systems and see where that gets you. We will learn new things here and develop new skills.

Chosen does not mean the only one forever no matter what you do. Chosen means that we have a job to do and we will do it. It means helping others get the benefits of the knowledge that we worked hard to get, so all can live in peace and wisdom.Go to holy or good places when nature comes, if you wish. Many places can be holy, including your home. Just be sure to choose wisely. Not all places that claim ancient or modern wisdom actually have it. The US is protected though. We are protected. Not all in the world have chosen wisely or will choose wisely though. (Insert Indiana Jones “He Chose Poorly” gif here)

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