This is another companion article to the cartoon series. It was originally posted on Reddit on August 14th, 2018. They no longer deserve to have it. This is a very real explanation of how dimensions or frequencies work. Current science available now does not come close to accurately explaining how dimensions really work. If you are interested in current cutting edge science as explained in other places, this is not it. Nothing there is accurate. This is. Granted, it is a very very way oversimplified explanation, compared to what you would need to actually unlock the tech, but this will suffice to let you understand some very important nuances of the eternal society we come from.

Dimensions/Frequencies Explained or Multiverse 101

The multiverse, or multiple dimensions are something that to the uninitiated, does seem so odd that it surely must be something that exists only in the realm of fiction. To those in the know however, this is very very real. Many here have seen the multiverse in action personally. The few that have know how real it is. This is the ultimate mystery though. Once we have not cracked yet, nor one that we ever will, IMO. It is essential to understanding how everything works in the group that is helping us. Whether you believe it is God or ET or both/neither, I am not getting into that. It is far too divisive, you you can call the force that helps us whatever you want. I will just get into the issue of the multiverse so as not to ruffle any more feathers than needed.

Starting off, the other multiverse theories that I have heard are way off. The typical one is where if you travel past the edge of the known universe, there are infinite number of other universes out there. Anytime the number is infinite, you would then get an unlimited number of people exactly like you in most ways. If you get enough monkeys and typewriters in the same room for long enough period of time, eventually you will come out with the complete works of Shakespeare. Infinite number of anything means all possibilities can and do happen. Additionally, the laws of physics can be completely different in each universe.

Well, that is a summary of things I have seen others write about, or make videos about. That is all false. First, why wait for another galaxy in that thought experiment. The number of galaxies in the known universe that can be observed is high enough that the number of worlds in the universe must be tremendous. If the monkey and typewriter theory was correct, then why is one of those worlds, not the same as ours, and then why would a multiverse even matter? Random is random. It would be just as likely for another world in our own universe to be the same as ours, as it would in another universe.

Distance is also something that does not make sense. If it tool light billions of years to travel here from the edge of the known universe, then what hope of we of getting to see even one other universe, let alone the countless ones it would take to visit to make that theory practical.

The nature of random also makes this an impossibility. If you really were able to get a group of immortal monkeys in a room with typewriters that never broke or ran out of paper, you still would NEVER get the complete collected works of Shakespeare. Once an outcome is past a certain point, it becomes statistically impossible. Also, real monkeys are never completely random. They have set behavior patterns that only tend to go within certain boundaries. For example, smashing a keyboard rather than taking great care to only press one button is something that does happen. Boredom also happens. You literally would never get real immortal monkeys to be able to do that.

So, the existing model is useless. It involves distances and numbers that are far too impractical to ever be something that we can test, let alone be something that is used for any purpose.

So does that mean we are out of luck, that dimensions are just false? No, not at all. It just means that this is a misdirection. Something that helps you begin to think about the concept of the multiverse, without thinking it is possible. The real multiverse does exist, and there are those who travel from realm to realm every day with great ease. There are tales that you can hear from Cern or other places about people that have glimpsed into other dimensions. Smashing atoms in Cern is not creating a wormhole that allows very fast travel, so how is it that dimensions actually work in real life then?

How It Really Works

Examining the very large scale is actually the exact opposite of what you need to do to understand the multiverse. The wonderfully weird world of the very small is what we need to look at. Keep in mind though that there is a large foundation of knowledge needed to understand the very small well enough to get a very good idea of how the multiverse works, and how to unlock it. This large body of knowledge, unfortunately has not been discovered yet by our scientists, nor will it be anytime soon. The reason for this is that there is already a group that uses it, and that group is not going to want us to use it. There is such a thing as intentionally manipulated test results, and scientific disinformation campaigns. Our elite pull those tricks on us, and the ones that have unlocked the multiverse already pull these tricks on our elite. So essentially, if we do not have the information on how this works, and are not going to anytime soon, if ever, then how do I know it then? Well, simple. As rare as contact with “them” is, and with as more rare as it is get get sensitive specific information like that, it is a far easier thing that making thousands of years of scientific progress while we are being thrown by a disinformation campaign. I get this very dumbed down version straight from “them.” It should be about as accurate as explaining nuclear physics to a 3 year old would be, but it is the best account we have at this point.

Starting off with the theory, you should be well aware by now that once you get smaller than a certain point, objects are not really solid, as they appear. There is far more space in atoms than material. Your hand does not go through your mouse or keyboard, not because everything is truly solid, but rather because the forces at play at that level repel in such a way that objects feel solid. What makes up the protons and neutrons are other smaller particles, but for the purpose of this post, I will just refer to everything past that basically as different types of energies, simply because nothing is truly solid at that point. Solid happens as particles repel for one reason or another. At this point, you cannot use the word solid as accurately. I use energy, because this is how they function in the very important ways that affect the multiverse.

Frequencies Explained

Any energy that we know, water, air, solid materials all have waves, and they are all different types of waves. Sound for example, is almost always shown in diagrams and visual representations as looking like a longitudinal wave (like an ocean wave). Sound is vibration and does travel in a wave, but not a longitudinal wave. It travels in something called a compression wave, which looks more like pushing a slinky or an accordion together and apart very quickly back and forth. The waves in electricity are different still. The main point I have is that there is more than one type of wave format.

The energies that make up the very small also do move in waves. As you can imagine with a guitar string, the smaller the object, the typically faster it vibrates, because of the smaller distances involved. So at that level of really small these waves are very quick. The very interesting thing about these waves is that matter itself only tends to interact with other matter while AT THE SAME POINT OF THE WAVE. So with waves, we can use the word frequency to talk about the specific point of a wave. So, the huge thing our scientists are not getting is that all matter is a wave of sorts, and that matter only interacts with other matter that is at the same point in the wave.

So is this how matter seems to disappear and reappear then? Well yes it is. With matter you can see some particles seemingly vanish and cease to exist for a short period of time, then come back in the exact same place as they were before they left. Because they came back in the same position and state as when they left, you can see that there is at the very least a MEMORY that keeps them coming back in the same way. Because there is memory, it means they never truly ceased to exist, rather they just were not observable. In actuality, ALL of matter is going in and out of existence very very quickly. Or not out of existence, but rather to a different part of the energy wave that never stops. Somehow most matter tends to sync up on its own so it pops in and out of existence at the same time. What we see as random particles vanishing is not what scientists think. The particle is vanishing, not because it is the only one doing that, but rather because it is just temporarily a bit out of phase from the others, and therefore we perceive it as vanishing. Since the atoms that our instruments are made of go in and out of existence at the same rate all other matter in our dimension does, they do not catch that. Think of it as only being able your eyes at the same exact time as someone else. Even if you both spent most of the time with your eyes closed, neither party would know that.

So what we think of as other dimensions are more appropriately called other frequencies. As the energy that makes up matter travels to a different frequency in its cycle, it no longer appears here, and at the same point in space as we are, it makes up atoms, molecules, and even a whole world right in the same place that does not interact with ours for the most part. Unlike what scientists have speculated about, the laws of physics do not change between dimensions in the real world. It is the same stuff that makes us that also makes the other frequencies, and it does behave in the same ways at other parts of the energy cycle. Additionally, since the material that makes us up is the same in all natural frequencies, the number of atoms would be the exact same in every dimension/frequency.

So if the material that makes us all up is the same, are these just mirror copies of us then? No, and this is due to a very important concept. The energy or particles below the size of the atom have the ability to move in space as they go between the different frequency states they are in. This is the very very weird thing that is not really something that is easy to understand without the loads of data we have no access to. But particles can move and jump around quite a lot. Being small and made basically out of a type of energy they can and do move around quite a bit. So what makes your arm up, for example, could be a part of a random cow on the other side of the world in a different dimension. It actually is pretty much just randomly scattered throughout other dimensions not in any one group such as an animal, so your arm really would not be a part of a cow somewhere else.

Because of this ability to jump around from place to place, and keep a memory of where it is in each state, we have pretty much the same number of atoms, but in different arrangements in each frequency/realm/dimension. So the exact size and composition of each world is the same, but the way in which life evolved is somewhat different in each place. You get a lot of parallel evolution, but not everything is the same. Additionally, since there are only so many frequencies in the cycle, there are certainly not an unlimited number of parallel worlds.

So How Does This Affect Our History???

(If you do not want to hear history that you may not agree with, then just skip this part.)

Parallel worlds, while very hard for many to imagine are very very important to our history. Just think of the vast distances between worlds, and the time and tech it would take to get there. The tech to get across the galaxy or universe very quickly is harder to do than moving between frequencies, so mastering this technique allowed our group (Those we think of as ET or the ones that help, not the humans) to get access to a number of new worlds without any required travel time. As our group was the first group we know of to unlock the dimensions, we were able to get to a new world and to safety away from the old society that was quite violent and depraved.

I know that this part will probably lose most, since I have not explained anything of the old groups in this post, so I will try to skip past most of it for now. A bigger part of that is in my videos and other posts I make here.

Skipping a bit, once our group got away and on its feet, you have the era of the Giants and the other very violent and greedy outsiders that you may have heard about in other accounts of our very ancient past. Being the first and the best to master the multiple dimensions allowed our then smaller group to keep hiding in safety. When the old group wiped itself out, then our group was the most powerful. By now we are also the most numerous and are so much more insanely powerful than we were. Humans were always the less developed quaint neighbors.

So you see, the main part of the society we come from, and will go to once we pass, is actually located in a parallel frequency. They are right here next to you, in the very room you are in, but it is a different world.

Construction Techniques

If you have heard or read of accounts with the real ET (which actually is just us but with a lot of fun disguises) you can see that spacecraft have no joints in between parts of the ship. It seems like one solid craft that no technique we know of could build. Well the construction involves a technique called ATOM SHARING.

With Atom sharing, individual atoms are forced to stay in the same physical location and order as in a different frequency. At first, it was just used to clone objects. Take the pyramids for example. When we helped guide human students to build the pyramids, we used atom sharing to clone the newly made pyramids, so they still are in pristine shape and a tourist attraction in other frequencies. (Although I too am in the human life and a student like all of you, I identify more with the main part of the society more than humans, because that IS who we really are, and where we really will be later. We are eternal beings now, not just what we see here.)

Once we mastered cloning objects, the next step is just taking existing materials in random parts of an Earth in a different frequency/realm, and using that to digitally construct a new object that does not exist in any other realm. Instead of atom sharing with everything in the cloned object, you force the atoms you need from random parts of an Earth in another Frequency, and you just force them into the pattern of a ship or other object that you have a digital design for. Sort of like 3d printing, but where you control the very atoms themselves.

So, now you should have a very basic understanding of the very rough principals that make multiple dimensions/frequencies work. You also should now see why we can completely trust, but not always believe those that come to help us. They are us, or the elder ones in our own society just putting on a big show, and using the humans in the process. The only 100 percent true humans left now are the Elite that are under the curse. They rejected a free and equal existence with a more advanced group, so now they will get the rewards of the evil they have done. As for us, we are very safe, but also have zero chance of getting out of the planned show that we are a part of in this learning process.

I know that quite a bit of this will not be popular, and some think crazy, but it is what it is. Our history is odd, and reality past this existence is more odd.

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