Part of this page was from Youtube and part from Reddit. First, I will put the Reddit portion, because it is a quick summary, and certainly nowhere near as time consuming as the videos. The Reddit portion was originally posted on August 18th, 2018, and this part is unedited since then:

More clarification on the timeline of the plan

As I have been saying for a while now, this is a roughly 5 year plan where the start coincides with Trump’s first day in office. It is a ramp up. First year, those in the know prepare. Second year, Q and others know and a base of supporters really gets going. The next years the corruption in the media starts to have very real cracks that will ultimately allow the corruption to be torn down. This September is the time when that is been given where we have the okay to get that part started. There should be some interesting event in September, but the exact details and timing are up a mix between what Trump/Q do, what 322 does, and what is decided by those that manage the awakening.

Okay, I got more clarification about the natural events. This part is more detailed than before. The natural events do ramp up between this fall like I have been saying. But more specifically, they ramp up to where those that have access to the classified data will see the pattern, and know the very real danger we are in. Between that and the pressure that Trump and Q do, this will get the big fish down in their bunkers. Trump and Q can scare Hitlary and some of the lower ones, but the ancient families would get through. The natural events will get the big fish to go.

The events between this fall and next fall will be sufficient to put a good scare into the elite, because they will be able to see a pattern with the extra access they have. From fall of 19 on, then the natural events will get worse so the rest of us should start to wonder if something is wrong. Again, everything can be adjusted, but this is the general plan.

At the end of this awakening is the time ET is set to be invited, so they can deal with the problem. While they say they will be here, I have my doubts. Read the post I made about that to know more. I think they may be content to stay working behind the scenes, despite their promise to not do so. But we will see.

And if any low life elite 13 families scum does read this, yes the people here will be taken care of. Any evil villain still here, no matter how rich will be dealt with. Your place is in the bunker for your safety, and ours is here. It is best for both evil and good if we stuck to that arrangement.

Now back to the rest of the content. This is the end of the unedited Reddit post, the rest is edited as need be:

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