As you may know by now from what I have been writing, this world has quite a bit of manipulation in it. This is done in a myriad of very complex ways. Since I go over them here some and there some, this article is meant as a quick reference to explain a bit of these a tiny bit better. If you do not quite get how all the methods work, or exactly when one is used and another used, then you would not be alone. Please read the Multiverse 101 or watch the cartoon episodes first to understand multiverse theory better.

Atom Sharing:

In order to understand this method, you have to know how multiverse theory works in reality, as opposed to how current scientists (which they themselves are victims of psy-ops) tell you about it. Once you see that, remember how matter is a wave in some ways and at its heart it is basically types of energy that make it all up. We are solid because the subatomic forces at play. I am not going over all of that here, so you will have to catch up by reading the article.

As the subatomic particles go in and out of natural dimensions, they could be part of a tree in one, a desk in another, or a moose in yet another. Atom sharing is basically the process of forcing the subatomic particles to stay in the same form as they go from one part of the natural wave they are in to another, or rather as they go back and forth between natural dimensions.

As you force the atoms to keep their place in more than one frequency or dimension, you essentially clone an object. One example is that when the Pyramids in Egypt were completed, and before any damage to the now missing outer coating was done, they were literally cloned whole into multiple other dimensions. This world is NOT a simulation. It is real physical/analog. The matter itself that makes it all up CAN be manipulated. The words on a page of a thousand year old manuscript can be made to change, or an entire miles long craft can be assembled with no construction. You can make miles long underground ruins that test in every way to be millennia old.

Current Big Use: I had made a reference to the world we are on now being a different dimension/frequency/level than the original one Earth started on. The goal was to make a copy of our world so that this could be even more of a manipulated play than it otherwise would have been if we had used other methods. You have to remember that the level of tech that we have on the other side blows away anything anyone knows about.

To create the copy of the original Earth, one of the dimensions without natural advanced life was prepared almost as a clone of the world we knew. Intentional differences were made as the new copy was created, and extra things were put in place (like the library near or beneath the Sphynx for example – to reference one psyop). Many things that had never existed were intentionally put in place in this other natural dimension that was made to be a close, but intentionally somewhat inaccurate copy of the original. New things that were designed, created and put in place look and test as if they are actually very old. Now once the copy of the world was made, we were smoothly all of us – the entire population of the planet – were moved at the same time smoothly to the copy. This safeguarded the original while putting all the odd pieces into play. I know how odd that sounds, but it is actually pretty easy to do for them as they have a lot of practice with shifting between dimensions.

So in other words an already existing dimension without advanced life was changed into a manipulated copy of our world, then we were all smoothly moved onto it, so that the games our eternal family plays with the elite can be even more effective. There are also things that are made for our benefit as well. Reality after all is not as important when learning the basics as experiences that teach you basics. As we get past the basics to the advanced training, once you are on the other side, you not only will know about it, you can play a part as well.

DNA Manipulation:

There are NO ET races that are real. Every last one of them is fake. Some of them more closely resemble how we really look (Our true form is identical to humans, but anywhere from a few inches to a couple feet taller, and never anything but completely perfect looks with very minimal effort to get them). So ET was needed as a better way of intimidating people into following directions. If parents just show up as parents, no one listens, no matter how correct they are. ET however represents a vast array of different cultures and experiences. People rightly need to be a bit more respectful of being a small part of a very big galaxy. As such they tend to take it a bit more seriously when they see for themselves many races and worlds all with differing experiences to draw on.

So DNA manipulation is used to create very real beings with diverse histories and evolutionary backgrounds. There is ALWAYS some small “tell” (I do not play poker, but I generally gather what a tell is). These tells are quite intentional and sometimes not easy to find (Other times astoundingly obvious once you know them). Every ET here is ALWAYS in character. They will NEVER be allowed to break character, as far as I am aware. It is a very strict rule. More than one person can play the same ET. You can have several, as well as AI taking turns playing the same ET. As for bad ET, this is not always us. The black ops programs run by the cabal make some pretty convincing stuff with their tech. The few somewhat bad ET that we do is run by AI with the design that is like triage. They can appear bad and seem to do bad things, but in the end, not as many are actually harmed as what it seems, and the ones that are only are as far as it is needed to save even more from harm. Not everything in this drama unfortunately can be nice, but as we make progress, more and more will be.

Virtual Reality/Matrix levels:

There is a very big difference between virtual reality and matrix technologies. First type you have direct mind manipulation that can augment reality, inserting elements that are not actually there, but look and feel in every way that they are. The next type is similar to holograms, but that can seem to have physical properties that can be touched. The last type is a computer world that does not exist except in virtual. The idea of infinite dimensions, and various similar yet slightly different copies of our world and of ourselves has always been one that is done in a Matrix level.

Matrix levels are ALWAYS limited in number of people in them, and in scope. They will never come anywhere near being able to be used as a replacement for a whole entire world with everyone in it. The variables are too many, and that becomes impractical even with the amazing computers we have there. Examples of this in use are things like some of the larger underground cities, and any expedition to other solar systems (and most past the moon).

Augmented reality is done pretty easily. Our minds convert everything to electrical signals, to make an insanely complex process easy to understand. Intercepting and adjusting these are quite easy to do. Apparitions, ghosts, sounds we hear no one else does, and other similar things can be done this way.


There are other ways I am skipping as well (Such as direct interference/manipulation with electromagnetism). As any movie FX person, magician, or some psychologists would know, there are a large variety of ways that can be used to fool or deceive others. Movie effects are in one way of looking at it a lie or intentional deception. Same thing with how the drama team runs day to day operations of this world. Real tech, and real concerns would not effectively engage our minds. Movie explosions are not at all realistic in many cases. If they were, they would not be exciting. We need excitement and drama. We may not like being lied to, but we love the experience we have, for the most part. Even more importantly, it helps us learn and not choose paths that would lead to very dark places. Even the rough and tumble students have a bright future thanks to the drama we have here. Please do not think of it as lies, but rather special effects that are insanely convincing.

Just remember, this is a real world. We are not in a matrix. It is not a virtual reality we are in. It is a normal physical reality and the amount of lies are far less than the amount of truths. The purpose is to keep us safe and learning. The more we know, the less we need the protection of fiction. If you do ever see ET here, do not call them out please. Just play along. They are not allowed to break character and it will only drive them away if you pester them.

I know this is insanely hard to understand, so if you have done your part in looking though the resources I have put and still need help, email me at [email protected] You really do not need to understand everything of the how. Just know the why, and remember it is done by loving family that want to help us even more than we ourselves want to be helped. They just have a bit more experience at knowing what in the long term does actually help, and what actually would hurt more than help.

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