This was a post I made on Reddit on August 9th, 2018, before Reddit turned against those fighting to free our world from corruption. [Notes in brackets are added later, and are meant as a clarification.]

Information about the Disinformation, or How to fight/confuse an enemy 20,000 years less advanced than you.

Other than the computer voices, and the difficulty of the content, one of the things that may alienate you from getting into the cartoon series is the very very big difference between the version of history I am telling, and the things that are told in churches, seen in ET sightings, or found in ancient references and artifacts. Right there, you can just say okay, I am wrong, and this is all coming out of left field. Yes, I do see how you can see that at first. But if you have the patience to look past what you think you know for a moment, you can learn something that really is important and can help make sense of the world.

[What I meant in this next paragraph is that science, religion, philosophy, ET, and other areas all do have many great things about them, but they often contradict each other. Whats more, people in different religions with conflicting views often get things they perceive as divine guidance. Then the people who have had the spirit and have had confirmation of their beliefs also then disagree with those who have legitimately had encounters with ET. So multiple, incompatible viewpoints DO get some level of corroboration, even though that should be impossible]

When you think about it, it is not just my cartoon series that does not fit with everyone else’s view of the world, its history, and what comes next. Pretty much any area does not agree with every thing else. Religion often does not get perfectly with science or with ET. Some that have seen ETs in the military have a very dark sense of what is out there, and those lucky enough to see ET with a more peaceful mystical background have completely different views. Some see Grays, some Nordics, some aliens that have a bird head, and others reptilians.

These different views are NOT always compatible either. Despite all of this, almost all groups get some miraculous or wondrous experience that likely could not be attributed to just something we could make up, or that humanity is capable of at this point. There are such a thing as miracles, and supernatural events. They also tend to reinforce beliefs that cannot exist together. This causes some to believe even more firmly in one belief while others are positive that their views are right.

If you look into it much objectively, and look at the details very well, you can see it is more than just our desire to believe that leads us here. Yes, there is the cultural pressure, the brainwashing elements embedded over the years, and occasional drugs or other, but even accounting for all of this, there is still the unexplained events, experiences, and inspiration that just cannot be explained. So how can all this coexist, and if it does, how in the world are we to make sense of that? If these miraculous events, or these completely genuine ET sightings do not fit with what others have that are also valid events, then what can we use to determine objectively what is actually out there?

[Another reason this drama is not just allowed, but in some cases aided from the other side is that we are not just logical thinkers. We are emotional thinkers. As illogical as it sounds, we need dramatic and emotional experiences to help us emotionally mature. We also have a deeper buy in with experiences that are more consistent with views that are more consistent with what we want or expect. Being more deeply involved in our reality does help us learn the lessons it can teach far better than if we were more unsure of it. The drama department on the other side, or your family that helps guide you, does not have to confirm everything about differing religions or points of view. They very often just help confirm and guide areas of belief in which you are closer to being right, and then we on our own take the next step and assume that all the views we subscribe to are right. In reality we want the specifics to be confirmed, when we really should be looking more at the moral, ethical, and similar areas, rather than too many specifics that we are not ready for yet.]

Well take a step away for a minute and look back both at theory, and at what WE have done in our military history, you may be able to spot patterns. As most people seem to believe what is comfortable to believe, whether or not facts are in their favor, it can be hard, but do try looking from another perspective for a minute. How much of war relies on intelligence? Before the days of our satellites and high tech devices, we did have maps and scouts, spies, and other means of finding out information about enemies. Knowing everything possible about the enemy can and does save countless lives. It therefore is very important to know everything about an enemy. That wins and loses wars.

But knowing about an enemy goes two ways. Yes, I know this part is obvious, yet no matter how obvious I get here, the next step past this always loses nearly everyone. Getting back to the topic at hand, planting wrong information about yourself helps enemies base their plans on bad information which in turn can cause them a great deal of harm. Look at Operation Mincemeat for example. We planted bad information that got to Hitler, and he fell for it. Great for us, not so much for them. The list goes on and on and on of things we do to fool or confuse our enemies. Codes, encrypted communications, counter intelligence all are used to defend against the enemy knowing too much. The goal is always roughly to get more information about them than they can about us. Yes, I know that military experts can do much better explaining the premise, but you get the idea.

Now this is where you need to pay good close attention and open your mind. Do not worry about things you have experienced before, and just take the next logical step with me. Why in the world would ANY advanced race want to be 100% honest with us???? Are we all that trustworthy? Is there something irresistible with our charm? The only thing they really do by giving us more information than needed is risk that one day eventually we will be able to do something about it and take advantage for real. I am telling you that in no way shape or form can you trust any specific thing you have seen or know about them, or the other side. Morality, lessons that help us grow, and even become emotionally connected well yes, that only helps us. Anything about who they are, where they come from, what they look like, you cannot trust that.

If you assume for a minute that we are dealing with ANY race or species that is NOT from here, then very likely they had to claw their own way up, and the very very advanced technology that it would take to be here in the first place would have to have been gained over a far longer time than we have had. In that time, they would have had time for far more advancements than we have had. It is NOT the same thing taking a few technologies by reverse engineering or by occasional diplomatic agreement as it is by taking the time to develop it yourself. I know in theory it sounds like it could, but not with the amount of time, and the amount of knowledge you are talking about.

This here is NOT just my philosophy or untested theory. As hard as it is to believe, I am the ONE person you will ever meet that has seen the real truth behind their lies. Yes they are great, but yes they lie like crazy. They will NEVER EVER EVER EVER, not for 1000 years or far longer show us their complete 100% true selves. It will NEVER happen in this life.

The reasons are many, but this is the case. They have no good reason to. Many thousands of years ago, they were a lot more honest (and naive) and did try to make several honest civilizations here when they were attempting to wipe out the horrendous practices I mentioned in my other post. It failed miserably. There was a very promising group in what is now western Europe that now is almost completely unknown to even the best researchers. The leaders were living like all the other residents and equality was great. But in general, it was like whack a mole. Take one bad leader out and three more pop up. It always happened. Trying to negotiate also did not work. More than one leader, including some Pharaohs, said flat out they would much rather keep their slaves (the rest of us) than give freedom in exchange for more technology.

Not to get sidetracked too much, but the elite then and now feel that they are essentially the true owners of humanity, not any outside group. They felt then that they had more than enough servants to get them what they wanted. Technology was not worth giving up ownership of the rest of us. Yes, I know there is the illusion of freedom, but believe me that is more an illusion than most understand. So the work of trying to trade failed miserably as well. Then there was the attempt to give make work projects, like the pyramids, and the other now ancient structures all over the world. The idea behind that is that if you make a project that it takes lots of manual labor from humans to do, you force knowledge of quite a number of useful areas to go down the ranks to the rest of the people. With advice about how, these projects do not have to be too backbreaking, and the labor will ensure that learning of specific things happens whether anyone wants that or not. In that way projects can be designed to please rulers who want to please their imaginary gods (No real god would every justify their greedy actions). It helps the people as they get information that improves the knowledge of the whole society.

But I am getting off from the main topic too much. Back to the main subject, nothing they did was effective enough. They needed more improvement in that. This brings us to the revolutionary idea to give people what they want, rather than the ideal thing they need. It takes a bit of a pragmatic approach to really understand this, but the idea is very simple. The objective is to control and give as much meaningful improvement in overall society fairness, and knowledge. By giving an accurate account and telling morality in very objective ways, so the people here can treat each other better, no one likes it. They rebel, do what they want, kill,maim, and do all manner of very vile things to each other.

The new idea, which is insanely effective is to take what people either already believe, or things as close to that as possible, then slowly infuse the information you need them to have into that. If 10 societies have 30 different sets of beliefs total, then insert things into every set of beliefs. Over time, this can be guided and new sets of beliefs organically created from the old. Skipping past any talk of religion (Because that is a hornets nest I do not care to get into now), you can see this in the many many tales of ET we have now.

Keeping in mind, some of the most brutal ET experiences are actually caused by our black programs, you do see ET races of all types. You see naive kind ET, very mean ET, and some that are more advanced than others. The Star Trek mentality of ET fits. We expect a universe teeming with life, and quite a lot of variety. The ancient accounts do have different groups that were here (although not as many) and in retelling, they can seem like more groups with a deeper history than they had in real life. Either way though, we have many races here, we have had past experience with other groups, and other humanoid groups from here, like the Neanderthals, and that is something only natural to expect.

Another issue that comes up is the technology difference means that while there really is no chance the weaker group has (That would be us), due to the fact that the more primitive group does not have any chance at understanding the tech the more advanced group uses, it can be actually harder for them to have the appropriate level of intimidation. For that reason, it is best to display technology that is more primitive than you are capable of, just so that the weaker group can see it and be intimidated as they should Intimidation prevents them from doing anything stupid that could hurt themselves.

Another thing is that intimidation from a crowd is more effective than from one group, no matter how strong that group is. Creating multiple ET gives an instant rich galactic assembly of planets that gives us history, a sense of belonging, something we can be a part of, and also reasons not to rock the boat. It gives us grandeur and fits everything we think that extraterrestrial life should be. Yes with some surprises, but those are expected too. It gives us what we expect, so believing it is far easier.

While intimidation is important, vulnerability is important as well. If you look back at operation Mincemeat, you can see that Hitler believed that the documents were real, not just because they were so convincing, but also because of the way in which they were found. If we took a plane and handed over the documents with a smile, they would know for a fact not to trust them. Likewise, if we take technology from ET that we shoot down at Roswell with our advanced weapons of the day, then we are far far more likely to adopt the tech than if we were just handed it with a smile. Likewise trading for tech, or using diplomacy for tech also increases how much we perceive that it is genuine. It increases how much we give our whole heart to it, and jump in with both feet in embracing what we learn from what we obtain. We question it less, and tend to throw out caution as well.

So please take a step back and forget what you think you know for a moment. We can see no shortage of decent quality videos and accounts of craft that by quite a large number of reports, and even some written documents reportedly belong to our own dark projects. So if we have all this tech secretly, which I am absolutely sure we do, there is only one place we could get it from. Reverse engineering and obtaining tech in one way or another from ET, is still getting it from ET, rather than taking the thousands of years we would need to invent, develop and perfect the technology on our own.

So the thing that I know people have asked and dismissed that should be very obvious is the question of “How can we trust the tech????” Think for a minute. ET that have had the time to be around the block long enough to get the tech and still not blow each other up yet certainly are not going to be stupid. And yet somehow all this tech for the most part ONLY finds its ways into the hands of the most vile, greedy, deplorable, worst, most useless and genetically inferior humans on the planet (the deep state goons and the ultra rich, in other words)!?!?!?!?!?! I can go on and on about our ruling classes, but the millennia old belief that inbreeding somehow does not pollute royal blood that is the only blood that comes from aliens or Christ or some other magical thing, is just nuts. Inbreeding is inbreeding. Systematic ritual abuse does NOT make anyone more enlightened.

So if they do a drip feeding of tech for the rest of us, and somehow let ONLY the worst of the worst have the fun tech, then how are we not asking WHY IS THAT???????? It amazes me that we buy the experiences that we collectively get. Look at cause and result here. We reportedly shoot down a UFO in Roswell, then get tech to backwards engineer. The Germans before WWII get advanced UFO tech that is just a bit too complex to be useful in the war effort, but very neat anyways, somehow get the tech as well. It amazes me that no one else sees that pattern or thinks this is weird. These are the very groups among us that would be not just likely but certain to use that tech to attack the ones that we got it from, and yet it is the evil among us, not the peaceful that get it.

As you should be aware by now, yes, I do have connections to those that are behind all of what is going on with those that show as ET/other. The reason behind this IS because they are giving certain groups here enough rope that it will be more than sufficient. No one would stand for some outside force coming in and wiping all of our leadership out at once. We would rightly look at them as invaders, and never listen, no matter what their intentions are. On the other hand, it would be foolish to leave a corrupt evil regime in for any longer than needed. Yes, we are absolutely nowhere near being a threat to them. Not even close. But eventually time passes. 10,000 or 20,000 or more years will eventually pass. Yes it takes a long time, but it does eventually happen whether you like it or not.

The longer you leave a civilization under the rule of a corrupt violent ruling class, the more violent EVERYONE becomes. The more likely the primitive group is to wipe themselves out and potentially cause harm to others in the process. One way or another, if a civilization is not on the right track, you either correct it, or eventually face a dangerous situation. So you play a long game early, rather than waiting for anything anywhere near a real threat.

So why the rope reference? Well they give the rope, and our wonderful brilliant leaders proceed to do the inevitable and hang themselves with it. Yes this will result in a bit more hardship short term, but it will provide the evidence that will need to justify the removal of the ruling class whether in our courts or courts anywhere in the universe. Anything that can be demonstrated to be a threat to everyone else will not be tolerated by anyone else. Laws follow needs in that respect. So the plan is simple. They give the rope, our elite use the rope, and at the right time, the ET helps clean up the mess, put us on the right track and there you go.

So with that plan, they right our ship far more quickly than we ever would, assuming we would ever be able to do that (We probably would not have). When our leadership somehow mysteriously just goes away and is not heard from again, then we consider it a very fortunate relief, rather than a grave offense. And of course, it IS a huge relief, and something that benefits us all immensely. We get a chance we never would have had in a very real future that benefits us all, rather than the dystopian one that our rulers would have for us. In the end, we learn to respect each other, and our neighbors in the universe. It really is a win-win for everyone, minus the greedy fools that used the proverbial rope to hang themselves.

Remember the security I was writing about earlier? Remember the need to give people what they want, rather than what is accurate, if you want them to buy into what you are selling wholeheartedly? Well, this is the reason for the long con. Yes, it is in our best interest to be fooled. If we were told the 100% truth, it would do more harm than good. People are kids that have not yet had the time to learn and grow sufficiently to handle the truth as it really is. So, we get an experience that has depth that we crave, engages our imagination and awe of the vast number of alien races around us. We feel pride and a sense of community at being a responsible part of an interplanetary group of civilizations that all for the most part respect rules and each other. Plus, if anything ever did go bad, then the reality they are hiding would not be endangered. Not knowing anything accurate means that even if 10k years pass and there is a violent group, the real ET would not be in danger, as no real secrets ever get out.

So assuming that even one person still believes me, or is at least willing to read for the fun of proving me wrong, then how would this long con be accomplished? Well, the technology is actually the simple part. Yes it is hard for us, but for them education and control/manipulation is the art they need to really work at. Tech is simple. They have control of matter at the smallest level. They can literally manufacture a millions of year old object brand new on demand. They can manipulate genetics and create puppets that look, feel and test like any real life form (Think Avatar). Also, remember that all your senses get converted into electrical signals before they enter the brain. Intercepting and manipulating those, and processes in the brain can make even truly impossible things something you experience and cannot distinguish from reality.

So there are a number of ways they use to keep this lie. They all are so effective there is no way to test or find that by most scientific proofs. They control our test results and can manipulate just about anything they want. We are truly helpless against their tech. So, please if they do keep their word and come here at some date soon, maybe 3 or so years (which I doubt because they are liars, nice but yes they lie like crazy), then just think about them like you are going to a play. I think there are a few places back east like Plymouth or Jamestowne that have people dress up and pretend to be from the era. Just go with it. Do not call them out, or try to expose the lie. They do everything from choice and do not need to be here. Just have fun with it, and encourage others to do the same, if anyone tries to rock the boat. Plus there is no way that they can get easily manipulated, despite how vulnerable they intentionally make themselves look.

There are tells that they put in every race. They can be subtle. The grays would never have evolved like that, as the Bird Heads, or the Reptilians either for that matter. If you see the tells they put in, then pat yourself on the back and keep it mostly to yourself, or they will be more careful next time.

So if I support the games they play, and I admit there is a risk, then WHY am I telling this. Assuming that this is true (and just go with me on this point for a minute), then would I not be a traitor for telling about the reality they try so hard to hide? Would this not risk the safety (even if only a minor risk it would take 10k years to realize)? Well, there is obviously a point to that, but all in all no. There are overriding concerns. There is NO military weakness that we will ever find in 10k years. I know them and that has so far less that zero chances of happening that it is a joke to even ask the question. But they DO have a weakness. That weakness is their extreme love of their own voices. They LOVE to go on and on and on in their councils and discuss things ad nauseum. Their politics are their only weakness. Yes it is far more advanced than here, but it IS their weakness. They hide it very very well, but there are things going on that we have to become aware of for our own good.

Sometime we will pass, and realize that this life was a part of the game as well. We do not die, but go to their true realm. We will eventually see the councils and wonder in grand awe at how amazing they are. At how kind and loving they all are. Hopefully by then at least one or two people eventually will remember this crazy tale I am telling. Please think it is nuts now, but you will die someday. You will then take some time to pass through the training they have, and eventually you will see the councils like I have. At that time, please remember the warning I am giving that there ARE some things that need to be fixed. Voices, discussion and political action there are the only ways of realizing what is wrong and fixing it. At least then when you can see for yourself that this is more right than wrong, do look me up then and I will tell you the very important work we all will need to do then. Yes this is a long play. I learned the technique from them. It is the only play we have, and we need desperately to use our long play to make sure that all the things there get fixed as well. Now I am sure I sound completely nuts, but look back on it and I won’t .

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