This education method may seem overly brutal and hard once all the disclosures come out. There is no other way to put it than absolute horrors have happened on the Earth. There were ways of trying to make it better, but for some this life was really really hard, past the point where it ever should be for them.

The whole thing about this world being so hard and unfair should be a dead giveaway to show that there cannot be both an omniscient/all powerful God and a completely loving one. I have referenced Batman V Superman before with the Lex Luthor quote (or at least it is that movie if I remember correctly). The think is that this is true as I have said. If we were truly omniscient and able to do literally anything, if our society had indeed created all things both in Heaven and Earth and humanity itself, it would NEVER have been created as it is. It would have been made more gentle so that such harsh training was not needed. But as you know, we did not create everything as a society. The founders of it found themselves in it and had the genetics that nature gave them. We had what we had, thanks to nature and many things that led here.

I have gone over that before, so then the next step as it relates to this topic is why and how in the world did the training get so brutal, and what is this “Drop and Bop” training method?

I go over a bit of background here in this article, but to not go over everything I have already covered before, you may need to go over some past articles if anything here seems unexplained or out of place.

So, if you remember, our eternal society started to become involved in this Earth realm about 10k years or so ago. Before that, the old society and the giants were here, and were very brutal. We bumped up the intelligence level of humans a bit and helped with getting things like corn, wheat, and rice ready to farm. We also gave farming a bit of a behind the scenes nudge in the right direction. As the world was then free of the giants and the old world was extinct, the Earth returned to a realm inhabited by the native human population which had always been on this Earth realm.

At first, we studied a bit from afar, and used the opportunity to get our kids some observation experience of watching a normal human species which at the time was pretty much unaltered (other than the IQ bump we gave). As you know from the cartoons, there was an escape of some students which was a bit of a mess. In the aftermath of cleaning this problem up, it was decided that our kids should be given an opportunity to have a bit of an Earth life like standard unaltered humanity. The goal was to give experience in a more unaltered realm closer to what nature had made.

With that goal, we started little communities among the humans. We made nice organized places where we could ensure a gentle, exciting and fun place to learn and do some human like things, but in a more safe, controlled way. That went over about as well as a lead balloon. Kids would either not want to really do anything they really wanted to do in front of parents (not learning any lessons and still at very much risk of eventually breaking from society later), or they would just not listen to parents at all. So the parents took the hint and backed off a bit, then a bit more. Soon all memories of the pre-Earth life had to go away while the kids were here, for their own sake, and to make it easier for them to separate the rough Earth life from the Eternal one. They would need to feel as if they would have chosen all manner of evils on hone hand, but on another, they needed to feel like the Earth experience was something they could eventually leave behind as a vivid experience that has an end.

It quickly got to the point where the kids here on Earth wanted to live like the humans and did not want any advice from parents, pretty much in any form. They went after their own beliefs here, and followed many things that had been passed down from different very human sources. Those human sources wee a mix between pagan beliefs that were from Earth, influences from the old society when it had been here (human sacrifice and all manner of bad things), and stuff passed down from the escaped students (which the humans and those with a little mix of genetics from the students had passed down).

The training method now known as the “Drop and Bop” method was born this way. Students did not want to listen, so they did what they did and were scolded for it later. It was brutal, nothing like what we ever had wanted, but in the very long term, losses due to rebellious kids dropped to pretty much zero for the first time in our history. It was able to eventually save even the roughest of kids (with quite a bit of creative thinking on the post processing on the other side).

First, the kids go here to bodies and lives geared to me somewhat loosely compatible with their eternal genetics. To ensure a better match, DNA is picked from the available combinations of the parents when needed. Once the kids are here, they do what they do, and cause a bit of problems with each other. It is important that they have a chance to get their own best attempt within a natural world, because this takes the romantic notion that it is all just do what you want and only other people get hurt. Genetics tend to make people feel as if stupid behavior makes them powerful or happy, or whatever, but in reality living essentially like an animal is not something that does anything but hurt everyone.

Human and eternal genetics at that point were a bit rough still. Yes the Eternal genetics had been altered over time to be better, but it still was not what it is now (Please read the article Survival of the Fittest to learn more about the problems with the original human DNA). Many methods tried in clever ways of helping kids get a way to learn and make this experience less brutal. Almost all had pretty large traumas that needed to be worked out over many years after return. Many of the kids literally had to be sent through a long and excruciating “hell” before they were willing to drop ways that focused solely on hurting others, or different things that would lead to them dying for real.

As students and the rest of humanity did not listen to nice, well organized ways of giving information, a different tactic was given. They instead focused on using already popular belief systems and inserting things in them that would slowly bring them in the desired direction. Bit by bit things were put in almost every single belief system. Some were able to get more and some less. Even Luciferian and devil worshiping beliefs did have some minor things we were able to put in to make them less horrible, but there is only so much that can be done with things like that. Over the years, some belief systems were favored, as they are more useful in the education of those within them. NOT ALL ideas are equal. Most of the original beliefs of humanity were actually laughably bad (or laughable if they were not so horrid and brutal).

The Second part of the “Drop and Bop” system is to process for a very long time after this life ends. As life has no natural limits anymore, and since time is a very cruel enemy, taking a lot of time on how long it takes each student to process was not a bad thing. Kids getting home took a good long time to slowly move away from old brutal and evil lives to more sustainable and pleasant good ones. Time actually was an ally. The kids could not sustain the bad behavior indefinitely, so they took more and more of the pleasant way out as time went on. Eventually pretty much all kids then willingly abandoned any desire to engage in the behaviors that took so much time and suffering of their long lives. They wholeheartedly wanted nothing to do with the old brutal ways anymore. This meant that losses were finally pretty much over. Parents on the other side do not ever ever want to lose a kid to rebellion and then eternal death. As this “Drop and Bop” method was effective in the long term at cutting losses and teaching great things, it was adopted.

Keep in mind, the “Drop and Bop” method became the standard we had for many thousands of years. From the time things got going here on Earth, to even now, almost all went through that training method, to a greater or lesser degree. (Side note: This is why it is so hard to tell the difference between Onelings and traditional students. Both have older genetics, and both do not have the level of interaction that some of the newer methods have.) In truth, kids are not just left completely to their own devices. There are ways of getting messages from the other side. As original humanity wants nothing to do with the divine eternal ways for the most part, they have to be very careful. Ways were built in to religions over thousands of years to help (mostly with pretty poor results). All in all, there was some benefit, but the old genetics always proved too powerful. There never at any point has been a single time that we were successful in breaking old habits the genetics reinforce. Not in any race, not in any culture or belief system. They have varying degrees of good or bad, but they all lead to bad behavior that it is not possible to safely lift past a certain point.

Going forward, as I have mentioned in the other article referenced above, newer genetics were finally developed that showed some real promise. We had long ago exhausted any natural genetics from the old realm, from humanity, or from the Neanderthal/Denisovan genetics. Nothing was good enough to ensure safety. Every AI simulation ended up with our eternal society eventually falling apart, leading to our death. Something different had to be made for everyone’s long term safety.

When the new genetics were developed, they started being tested before the time that Christ was introduced. The introduction of Christianity was an attempt to move religions a bit larger of a step closer to certain goals. We wanted to have more interaction with the student willingly asking for help. We wanted to get ways to help them where they felt more like they were getting in touch with ancient and divine wisdom, rather than having them feel like they were just being told what to do. The new genetics did prove to be much more effective at getting kids to feel like advice and found wisdom was good (as opposed to the found wisdom that is actually found evil behaviors wrapped in a nice sounding package).

Kids needed to actually get divine things that helped. All the times previously the “divine” help was honestly mostly them polishing a turd and calling it ancient wisdom. Yes, we tried to put as much in as possible that was good, but the real meaty and useful advice was never able to be given in ways that translated to the stability of society and any sustainable way to lift humanity to a higher level. As you can see, tech opens many doors. While it gives for more good opportunities, it also leads to an eventual complete destruction of society and far more problems than it is worth if not done right.

When they introduced Christianity and used the new genetics to help make sure it went forward in the right direction and took hold, that combination finally gave the last thing humanity needed to be able to move forward. There was also other pressure to move humanity forward as well. They knew even back then that the natural events that are ramping up now were coming. Ideally they wanted to make sure that we had better technology by this time than what would have happened if they kept up with the same methods used before.

Better technology leads to inevitable destruction with the old problems, but with the new genetics, it was the only way to ensure that the people had enough resources and ability to finally keep others from continually rising to the top and treating everyone else like slaves. What many do not realize is that it is ever more difficult to ensure the safety of a group as technology increases than they realize. Yes, you can always have the Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan that wipes out a lot. You do have pretty much constant wars even without good tech, but there are limits. Humanity itself is not at as great of risk of being wiped out by tech.

With the natural events coming, without the help of the eternal society, it was known that humanity would almost certainly be wiped out without help anyways. This meant that the moral guilt of giving tech that theoretically could lead to humanity’s destruction is outweighed by the fact that it was going to end without help anyways. Tech would then instead of a risk, be the best practical means by which we could move forward building a safe and less corrupt society.

I know that I go over that a lot, so I will skip past a bit. The main point here is that gentle genetics and guided education made this all possible. Making a sustainable higher tech society takes a far more delicate balance of ingredients than does a more primitive one. With the original genetics, NOTHING would work to get it safe. No method is good enough and safe enough to get us there.

So we should clearly see by now that newer genetics that are very very well tested to be safe and a better way forward for all, should be a no brainer, right? As it happens, not really. The vast majority of society on the other side was used to a system that had worked for thousands of years. It had virtually eliminated losses that had plagued society in times in the distant past. There still are many parents who remember losing some of their own kids to stubborn defiance and desire for behaviors that only lead to death and suffering. In their minds, changing from a known stable plan that works (with some flaws) to a newer one that relies on genetics that never had existed naturally was risky. It also means looking at your own genetics and realizing that everything about what makes you who you are, and what you have known will need to change just a bit. It is also brought up that the Neanderthal species was also more gentle in some key ways, and look where it led them. They were every bit as bright as Homo Sapiens were, and in some ways much more geared to certain types of thinking. Part of the reason they lost out was that the other humans were more rough.

With that line of thinking, you may be able to see how large sections of the population there were not ready for such a dramatic change. They are very happy and at peace there, and have been living the way they were for thousands of years. Changing to a new genome that they were not used to is not the first choice of a number of people there. But everyone does clearly see the AI simulations and what the projections all show. Every adult there is very frustrated and sick of the constant horrors of the world that cannot ever possibly be changed without some move.

For the safety of the Earth realm, and the long term safety and group cohesiveness of the Eternal realm, the decision was made to move forward. They had planned a move, but the finalization of that plan, and the genetic updates on the Eternal realms were just ramped up in great earnest since I started posting videos (audio with pics) back in 2017. Much of what my life here was a part of last minute educational and genetic testing of the new genome. There have been many tests over the years with many people (almost all not aware of the tests until they get back).

So, the long and short of it is that the “Drop and Bop” method of education was a direct and (in retrospect) unavoidable byproduct of a deeply flawed genome that nature gave us. It was the best of a bad situation that there really was no other choice in adopting. Though even the best workaround is not something that is truly sustainable in the long run. There are massive problems that such brutality creates. The old genome may not have any way of avoiding all of that, but it still is not something anyone wants.

The new genome was a scary transition for some there. Most of society still is not used to guided education. They have experience after experience with it failing miserably over and over again in years past. This may be distant memories to us, but to them certain hurts bring caution even thousands of years later. We ultimately do not have a choice. There was a bit of a rift in the change over. Some stubborn groups just did not want to budge. I am assured that everything is fine now and things are on track to be completely okay. The sign that it is fine, actually is that this Era of Peace is able to come as they say. If everything goes right there, it will go right here. They are able to get any long term results they want here, if there is the political and society wide pressure and will to do so. I am assured that things are fine and on track. We will see a new era of peace, and the genetic improvements very discreetly pushed to replace all of the older genetics on Earth. The newer genetics there will be finished being rolled out there soon as well.

With any luck, we will finally be able to move a bit more away from Drop and Bop type teaching. There will always be the need for people to go through hard times. Those hard times should hopefully be a little less random, and geared more towards a learning objective that cannot be done in other ways. Hard times should also get a lot less hard. The many unspeakable atrocities should also become a thing of the past as well.

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