This was originally a Reddit post that I made back before Reddit turned into a traitor to Q, Trump, and our nation, by kicking off the group of patriots most capable and determined to rid the world of the insane corruption that currently grips it now. If future generations read this, remember that while Reddit was a place that freedom fighters could hang out for a while, it then turned traitor and helped those that wanted to keep corruption in place. It is a conspirator now, and so my articles are getting a new home.  Here is the post as written on Reddit August 2, 2018:

In the cartoon series I made, it honestly is pretty difficult content that is in there. I have a lot of conspiracy related content, some science fiction related content, and a story line that does not fit with anyone’s idea of how history happened. But having said that, I do go over some very important topics to understand if you want to really have a good idea how long term things will play out.

If you have seen my channel, you will quickly see that I do claim to have sources on the other side that have explained certain topics very well. To some that may sound crazy or against everything that is holy. If you think about it, it really should not. We all get inspiration and ideas that are either different, or have a different perspective than most others, if we really do our part and think and ponder as we should. This is nothing new, everyone can improve their mind and get new insights of certain types.

In my case, the insights I get are a but different than most. Rather than instantly dismiss them because they do not fit with what you already know, look from that perspective and you will get new information that in the long term can help you as well. No one has a corner on the market for truth. We have to compartmentalize a bit when exploring everything we know. Even many of our scientific theories do not always work completely well with each other. There really is no 100% verified unified theory of everything that is proven yet. We compartmentalize and go after each bit of knowledge separately when needed. While some can merge science and religion, often we just have to deal with the two separately.

So in this light, do look at the series that way. You have to be able to put your beliefs to the side with this series. It is a fiction based on certain truths. Just as an owl and a rabbit do not really talk, yet the tales we see can teach us, this cartoon series as well should not offend as it is not a morally offensive series, and does explore a number of important topics that really are not covered well in general.

In the opening episode, we start with a world that has no god, no ET influence, or anything like that. Things are different there. If a people were truly to be alone, the development of the technology and advancement in society would have been very different and taken much longer than what we have taken. I know that may be hard for some to see, as there is no objective way to compare, but it nevertheless is true. So in this case they did take a lot longer to get to an advanced level of society.

Other things are out of what we expect as well. Morality is not as well defined. Without any influence from higher forces, cause and effect, and the cumulative history of the decisions and the outcomes of the past shape their present. They still had kings and rulers. They still had slavery, despite the more advanced technology. Is it so hard to believe that an advanced race could continue with slavery? Well what do you call what we have now? Yes we package it up as freedom, but large countries take advantage of the small, and even the rights to food, water and land are taken away from any but the rich to control. In other cases, laws, culture and religion jail, assault or worse people who do not wear the required head garments, or follow the strict religious based rules of the country. We limit the information that is given, but worse, our education (though we are lucky to have education) intentionally is devoid of the emotional intelligence and higher order thinking skills that we need to really be able to make decisions for ourselves.

Yes, we may call it freedom, but without the skills, the knowledge, and the experience as a group, it is manipulation, not freedom we have. Slavery is a very different name, with a very different cultural emotional reaction, but it really is just a more extreme version of what much of the world already has now. In the world from the cartoon, they have slavery, and do not pretend otherwise.

In this environment, people still want what people always want: Longer lives. So a new project is started on. One that can not just extend life a little, but by a lot. From the beginning of the project you can see that the politics and money issues that are related have to be dealt with in order to ensure that this will be a success. As you can see in Altered Carbon, life without limits can easily be given only to the rich. It can easily be abused. While that model makes sense to some, the outcome of madness and very cruel behavior is not just realistic, but an inevitability if you do not find a fix for that before starting.

So the scientists realize that they themselves are never going to take advantage of their own efforts, if they do not be very careful there. This realization starts the series. They do not want to do all the work, and let the management of the species only chance at extreme long life managed by the same evil rulers and rich people that mismanaged their world so badly to that point.

Nature is responsible for a lot of the wars and greed. It is in our nature to want things before our neighbor. In a large society with a long history, war does happen, and it is often the rich that manipulate others into it. So it was in their world too. The scientists know that with extreme long life, everything changes, and human behavior will quickly become the limiting factor, not what they are technically capable of. So their struggle, and this series deals with those realizations. Their moral dilemma is essentially the dilemma of all who seek very long life. And on that note the series starts. More topics to come…

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