(Article written 10/07/2018) In the past posts, I have made, I have not talked that much about the clones. I went over the actual fate of the Elite, and of our world, and not always the perception or theater that we experience.  One of the most odd things about our political environment is that we do have clones and doubles that are used. While this is a mind blowing concept to many, that just cannot be believed, doubles have been used for a long time. Whether on film, or in crowds (Beatles and outside of some selected concerts for example) sometimes doubles could be used for everyone’s safety.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, there have been quite a number of videos going over the possible use of doubles or clones. Body doubles would be people who are very similar in age and looks, who are made up to look like the original, often with the help of cosmetic surgery (As in the case of the person who has been playing Paul McCartney since the late 60s, and yes Paul really did die). Clones are genetically identical, and like twins look very similar (but not always exactly the same).

Now as far fetched as clones sound, the 32 cabal does have them. McCain had a clone, and quite a number of others do as well. One of the most obvious problem with clones is the age difference. By the time someone is famous, it is far too late to make a clone that grows at the normal human rate. The age difference would be a deal breaker. Not sure how, but they do have the ability to speed up the aging of a cloned body, so the perceived age is very different than the actual age of the clone. I do not know how long it takes, but their process is not perfect. It does take time, and the result is a clone that does not live as long as the real deal. Our cloning tech may be far better than rank and file would ever believe, even if they saw it themselves, but it still has its fair share of problems.

To make a long story shorter, these clones will play an ever increasing role in importance as the event comes closer. The goal is to get corruption out. The reality is that no matter how effectively one group portrays itself as the party that is 100% behind freedom, there are always very powerful people only supporting the movement for what they can get out of it later. The good side led by Trump and Q is no exception. Trump does have his friends, and is a businessman getting things done very effectively using deals the best he can. As I said many times, he never at any point was required to be perfect, or to give up all his friends.

The event is putting pressure on all past a certain level of power, wealth, and access to important information. This is what puts the pressure for them to get to safety, and step out of the way so that real change can happen. But not wanting to lose power in whatever is left here, clones and doubles will still often be used as placeholders. As long as the chains of communication are kept strong, then there is plenty enough leverage to keep them working doing what they need to do.

The DUMBS are not just a place you go and hide, then are completely sealed off from the world. Being safe, often means living right next to entrances. Washington DC has entrances, but so do many other places.  Communication can be in person, or electronically.  At some point, when events get bad enough, the communication can be cut. Those in the dumbs will have their fate, as I said earlier. This will effectively cut off the communication and all pressure that the cabal and owners exert on their clones/doubles. Since the clone or double has no deep vested interest in what the original does, they are far easier to control, once their masters are gone.  You may have seen some of this already. People certainly can be manipulated, that is true. Just because you see someone do something out of character does not mean that they are a clone. However, it is easier to get the double/clone to step out of character than the original, and they can do more than the original ever would agree to do.

So next year should be a wild roller coaster ride of drama. By next summer, a number of important people should be in hiding, and many doubles/clones used as placeholders. I will be the first one to say this sounds like lunacy and fantasy to the extreme, but the actual working behind the scene are often far stranger than anything one would dare create with fiction.  

So what will happen from our perspective? Sorry, do not have all those answers. We will likely see some more very big personality changes similar to what happened in Senator Lindsey Graham. Not all of these are due to doubles. Sometimes the right opportunity mixed with a bit of leverage works wonders. The events are coming though. Once we get out of this awakening, we will slowly get even more information. The crazy stuff done with the clones will come out. It may take a while, but there are restrictions already decided that we will have, due to how this technology has been abused. In enough time, the public has to know about the abuses going on now, that seem like wildly impossible sci-fi now.

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