About the fate of narcissists and phychopaths that are normal people with a soul (only the very rare person does not): The Council says that they are increasingly looking at certain genetics that lead to pscychopath and narcissist behaviors as being more along the lines of illnesses such as schizophrenia, autism, or other such illnesses. No they are not the same. There is a much higher level of responsibilty for those that are psychopaths and narcissists because it is not actually the same thing. It is more a way of explaining a point of view they have.

Their point is that it has become clear that those with certain genetics that lead to psychopath and narcissist behaviors, the issue becomes more complex than just what the behavior itself is. There are some things that they cannot be fully held responsible for and therefore you see there is a kind of similarity to the very old genetics and mental illness, at least as it relates to the fact that there are degrees of responsibility that needs to be considered.

Starting off life, they are not doomed to complete failure. There is a choice at first. It is not as much of a choice as newer genomes, but there is choice. That genome may not ever be capable of being the most wonderful person ever, but it certainly can be capable of having a rough person with a good heart underneath.

As time goes on, decisions are made and things happen. The events and choices the growing person lives through hardwire the brain differently based on those choices and experiences. The choices and events people go through also affects epigenetics and other things we do not know about here as much. Basically the longer it goes, the more set in stone things are both in the body and in the mind. Everything the person becomes both physically and mentally a being that is so set in their ways and so evil that they are not capable of knowing how to live in an Eternal society. The further down the path of pspychopath they, the less true free will the person has. It turns into a mess, but many things are to blame not just the person.

The first thing to blame is the DNA itself. If the DNA is known to be so deeply flawed, why use it at all? Is that not like condemning a poor soul to misery and bad choices without their realistic free will to do anything about that?

Honestly, it is not exactly like that. It has become such that sending a soul into a body with completely original human genetics or DNS heavy in psychopath or narcissist tendencies is basically condemned to a human life that is essentially doomed to an incredibly rough life.

Original humanity was ALL deeply flawed. There were some cases of slightly better and a lot worse, but the process for everyone was very rough. Everyone was very bad to everyone and it just took a long time and a lot of suffering to get over it. It did not used to be something where a lot of choice was taken away, because that choice had never existed in the first place. DNA was something that nature gave that just made people more rough than many are now. Read the Fight or Flight article for more information.

As older genetics was all that existed, it was not unfair sending kids to that genome. Temptations and limitations of the older genetics was all that existed. As the Genetics Department came up with newer and more advanced genetics, the transition to what situation we have now is more complex than it may seem.

As of now, those with original human genomes, or other such things as the psychopath and narcissist genomes have less realistic free will than we in the newer genomes do. That is just how it is.They may want to point out that it is not exactly a technical lack of free will on the part of the original genetics as it is that with the new genetics we did make it easier for people to actually have a decent about of free will now where there used to not be that much.

So, a lot of the rough things in history (like world wars) were allowed on occasion, because of a few reasons related to the fact that original genetics was very violent. Human genetics ALWAYS led into massive problems like this in every single realistic scenario involving the original human genome. The allowable situations here have to include whatever minimum is needed to ensure that students will not ever want to bring back any similar behavior to the Eternal realm. That would spell disaster. Remember way way back in the day that some students from the Eternal realm really did escape to the Earth realm and do things they should not have? There are other possible scenarios that also could happen in the future if training is not done right. It is not time that changes things, but rather newer more advanced genetics and training techniques.

That temptation that led the escaped students astray would have still been there for future generations without the changes in training methods that happened when this current Earth system was implemented. Because there are natural temptations, then training methods had to be made to adequately prepare students for the very very difficult pressures that lifespans of indefinite length bring us. Unfortunately really brutal was the only effective way long term back then. They did try many many things, but literally nothing else worked. This was better than losing kids.

But going back to modern times, the newer genomes do not need as much of the rough and tumble. In any realistic scenario, most kids with newer genetics would never at any point be tempted to go commit mass murder and enslavement. They do not require such brutal experiences to learn the same lessons. If treated in the same way, one experience that would not teach an original genome enough would crush a newer genome. The original human would still go about wanting to cause problems, and the newer genome would develop problems from going through stress that is completely inhuman. It is not easy making the balance. It is especially not easy when you have a society that is used to nature doing certain things, then after thousands of years some completely different genetics come from nowhere. I understand why they had reservations going to a newer teaching technique. Ultimately that level of brutality, while needed and appropriate for keeping the galaxy safe in the past, is not needed now.

Going from theory to application, here are two real life cases listed for comparison. They should illustrate some of the problems with teaching older genomes, and also different outcomes based on choices that the students made.

First case is that of the Admiral (Jim’s Earth father). He is a very well respected person on Earth who had much authority given to him on Earth, from the armed forces and the Unites States government. He did rub sholders with a lot of “important people” (though note that almost all of those “important people are Onelings that no longer exist except permanently stored inactive on data storage). The Admiral was a jerk to his family members and caused a lot of problems to a lot of people around him. He is not the person who was Jim’s abuser, but he was really bad. Jim did tell his father, but as his work was so important and not to risk offending anyone there, he gave Jim the hard time, rather than the abuser. Yes, maybe he really did not know, but it was handled in a very bad way. Not only was Jim forever taumatized, but now he also was traumatied over and over again by his own father.

To make a long story short, this is not by any stretch of the imagination the only thing the Admiral did. The very person he became was uncaring to the extreme. Yes psychopaths and narcissists do not project that extreme uncaring attitude here. They keep it hidden. In the Eternal realm, they do not care if you hide something under a thin and obvious veneer. They want people to honestly be good.They need everyone to actually deeply love others.

So if the Admiral was a Oneling (the Eternal definition not any definition found in Earth dictionaries) then he just would be denied entry and that is it. No further consideration would be given. He would be stored in long term data storage probably not to ever be revived. He is not a Oneling though. He was a very good person in the pre-Earth life. Back when he was born, it was the normal thing to have genetics closer to original. Even at that his Eternal parents had given him genetics that were a bit too much in the deep narcissist/psychopath tendencies. Between circumstances and choices that the Admiral made while growing up, that took a situation that in retrospect was unwise and probably a bit too dangerous and turned that into a complete mess.

The final verdict is that the Admiral part is going to be gone forever. Very often the kid who was assigned to the life would either be sent back or would be given fake memories of a more compatible life (after some very difficult trainint). In this case, it is likely going to be fine to let the student feel as if he was just an outside observer trapped watching in horror as the human Admiral made all the decisions and made things into such a mess. That is not actually an easy thing to live with, but it should work. It will allow him to identify with the really nice person he was and move forward in a completely safe way that does not threaten any of the many he was cruel to.

The other case is that of someone named “Louise”. She was just a little younger than the Admiral (and did not know him in life other than what she may have seen on the news). Louise was born with really bad narcissism and some other problematic mental health issues that made it very hard to have compassion for others. Naturally she needed to feed her own ego a lot. The choices she made were not maybe what everyone now would agree with, but she did make an effort to try to consider other’s feelings and to do the right thing. She did look into religion and seriously consider some of the things that were said. She did consider things at least for her own sake, so she hopefully would not go to any bad place after death. She did constantly complain about her daughter though. An only child, the daughter needed affection. Rather than affection, there were complaints about why the diaper was full, or complaints about this and that completely normal thing.

The problem was that this early time in childhood are very important for the development of the child. Not having nearly as much love as disdain deeply scarred the daughter for life. Efforts were made to keep the relationship at least okay, but it really was not the most loving relationship by any means. If all of that was not enough, then at the end when Louis got cancer, rather than fight it and get some extra time with family, she ended her own life.

So the fate Louise has is actually a lot better than the Admiral. She was a bit rough, but did try as reasonably well as she was capable of given the severe problems she was given herself. It is not all fun and games learning, but compared to the Admiral it is. The important thing here is that the daughter has to realize that there are limitations to what Louise was capable of, just as there were completely different limitations the daughter had been capable of that Louise found difficult to deal with. Louis will have to completely understand how her behavior affected people. The problem is that the “Louise” personality is incapable of that. In order to fix this, the original personality from before Earth has to be brought back and then it needs to feel a bit like “Louise” is a bit of a different person in a way. There needs to be a different perspective.

This is not normally done. Normally the person we are continues to the other side and is able to learn all the lessons we need to learn. We do not get the pre-Earth knowledge until we have learned and progressed enough to really feel more of the actual reality that the pre-Earth life, this life, and the next are all just a completely continuous and unbroken existence. For Louise, she still will exist and it will all mesh, but not as smoothly as it could. It will be a bit more jarring and take a bit longer for the pre-Earth personality to learn from the Louise experiences and soften up the “Louise” thinking a bit so that these two perspectives can match.

I know talking about the same person as two personalities is odd. Think of the perspective the pre-Earth personality would have if they just saw Earth life on a movie screen. Now compare the perspective that we here would have if we saw pre-Earth life on a movie screen. Yes that would seem like two different people. The reality though is that we were there, had that view. We then were the same basic person with a slight different DNA here. We have experiences here without the memory of the life we had known. We then come back, learn and remember all the things we used to do. It all does gel and we then become a much older and wiser person.

When narcissists are incapable of learning deep love, sometimes a step back from one deeply rooted way of thinking is needed. Basically putting newer memories on pause and bringing back older ones is enough to get the new personality to break and be able to learn what is needed. Odd but effective.

Going forward, soon after the end of the rough nature stuff, all newer kids will be born with the new genome. It will have the worst of the problems deprecated. It should not look too different to humans. People should hopefully just think old people were violent and uneducated. The reality none will know that much until the next life is that newer humanity is very different than old humanity. Right now, we have an odd mix of both. That will change.

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