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Treason, Narcissists, and Psychopaths

There has been such massive changes and discoveries in the past year that it has completely rewritten the entire history of the Eternal Civilization that we thought that we knew. The importance of the information contained in this article cannot be overstated. This article covers a very massive Eternal treason plot that would likely have ended our Eternal civilization had things gone differently. There have been very recent and massively important changes to how returned students who were extreme Narcissists and psychopaths are going to be treated in the next life.

The Parent Civilization

This is an article that tells about the absolute largest disclosure in the history of our Eternal Society. It is an absolutely massive change to everything we have known. This also is a very important and welcome change as it ensures our safety and long term happiness.

Case Study of a Narcissist and a Psychopath

This is a case study and explanation of the fate of a narcissist and a psychopath. Honestly both may be deep narcissists. Why would caring Eternal parents send down precious souls to lives that are certain to be uncaring and rough? Well the answers are not what everyone would expect. There really are no good ways of looking at that without knowing the accurate history of the Eternal Realm.

Power and Control + Religious Views

This was a long thread about how the desire for power and control over time corrupted the doctrines we believe in now. It is still a work in progress and may be edited or added to. Essentially, Christ will not come to reinforce bad ideas. Much of the crazy stuff we have been seeing is because we had more learning to do that many realized.

Drop and Bop

The Drop and Bop training method is what for the most part has been used in this Earth realm for our entire recorded history. It has played a pivotal role in getting us to where we are. We would not be here where we are as a society without it. Yet on the other hand it also is in part responsible for keeping the level of horror and depravity in the world in place.

2020 The World Will See

This article goes over the importance of the events around 2020 and the role they play as a pivot in opening the minds of those on the Earth. This is an important article that helps put many things in perspective.

Survival Of The Fittest

This is about the myriad of unexpected problems that survival of the fittest caused. We were adept at surviving in the cold unforgiving world nature has given us, but the things that made us survive there, actually can hurt us a lot here.

Methods of Manipulating Reality

There have been many ways of manipulating reality that I have covered here, and in the TirsohCartoons Twitter account. This article is a bit of a clarification of some of the methods. Please understand that this is NOT an introductory article. It is meant for those who have looked at other things first. If you start at the Multiverse 101 article, that would be a better introduction.


Clones and doubles are something that you can see a number of videos on Youtube about, but still is something that sounds like complete fantasy to most. Despite some very specific, expert, and very clear data available, most still think of this as fantasy for now. It is anything but that. This article goes over some of the importance of clones and the Awakening.

The Awakening, The Event, and the 28%

In this page, I go over the background and theory behind the awakening. Yes, I do go over a bit more of what happens with the event, and its importance with the awakening. Much of it is background to help you make the best of what you will see. I know people want specifics, and predictions. I do give those, but background is more useful to really understand how everything fits in. This article should have a good balance of what is needed to understand the basics of why things are going as they are now. As always, my email is at the bottom. Feel free to ask questions if you need clarification about anything.

Timeline Clarification

In this post, I go over clarification about the timeline of planned events in the Awakening. This was an update from August 18th, 2018

Companion to the cartoon series

The companion to the cartoon series was meant originally as an introduction and a start of a larger body of articles. All of what I write is somewhat related, but for the cartoon series specifically, I will probably write more on the individual cartoon pages, if I need to.

Real Origins of Ancient Mystery Religions

The ancient mystery religions are covered in the cartoon series. I go over more information in this post that I originally put on Reddit.

Information about the Disinformation

As I go over in the cartoon series, much of the reality we take for granted today is really just a mix of what we choose to see, and the game that helps us learn and keep us safe. This article explains more about that.

Multiverse 101

There is a video in the cartoon series that explains the multiverse and how it really works.  As this is a very odd and hard to understand topic for some, I wrote another post about this. It is a concept that is central to how things work in the rest of our existence.

Their Arrival

They have guaranteed that they will come down here and help in person when the time is right (As ET). I personally have more than my fair share of doubts about this. I go over the why about this and why it is certainly not a sure thing, despite the guarantee they said they had.

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