I had a question about how the drama team is going to wake up the oh so many completely blind people out there. We already were told about 2020 being a turning point, and also a throwback to the 20/20 vision on the eye test. Since as of the time of this writing, that is just next year, and it seems like most people are still completely blind, it does not look possible for 2020 to be all that big of a turning point in terms of an absolute number that start seeing. So then would this nice opportunity go to waste, and the real turning point be later?

The quick answer is no, it will not go to waste as an important year. It is very important, as are the things we are going through now. The year 2020 is a turning point in one way, but this is also a matter of degrees. Many people have many different ways of looking at things, and the turning point for each individual is different. We knew the whole time, most of the Earth would take quite a while to see clearly. People only can learn at their own pace and the more that people prepare themselves emotionally, spiritually, and with education, the quicker they will be able to comprehend these complex lessons that are being taught. For many, they will have to be taught and retaught over and over to see exactly what is going on and learn how to properly judge the world in ways that will help keep us all safe. As a matter of fact, this Great Awakening and the Q movement is the training ground for the next generation of leaders in a way.

Without the cabal, there really is a gap of people experienced at a certain level. They took most high level positions for themselves or those they could control easily. So part of the continual frustration and long time of this Great Awakening acts like a school in many ways. Many years of great responsibility will be needed from many who will help in the next phase. The many hours of research and involvement in the movement to wake up the people of the Earth helps us as a group coalesce. It is a very effective training ground for our future leaders. Additionally we are a great support group for all those waking up in years to come.

As for those that are currently blind, they have already had the chance to see things that should make it obvious as the nose on anyone’s face exactly what is going on. No amount of being more obvious will do it for many, shy of broadcasting at a level where then they become out of control lemmings in a different way. Basically, we want people to think for themselves. We do not need to just be lemmings going in a different direction, even if that direction is temporarily something convenient. They need to learn to think. Psychopaths can be very bright. They all know what honest people want, and the optics needed to get them. True sober citizens need to know how those lies work and how to spot them. They need to know how to make objective ways to sort nice looking friend from nice looking foe.

Going back to the 2020 reference to 20/20 vision, I thought that this just meant that in 2020, we as a world would really start to see clearly. It would be a big turning point that would snowball into everyone understanding the intended lessons the other side is trying to teach. Make no mistake, it IS intended to be a turning pointand will be used as such in certain very important ways. As I mentioned earlier though, the real times when a lot of pig headed people (like my brother and sister) will start believing is when the space weather comes in greater force, and also in the times past.

If you do not remember the latest timeline update, the first meteor strikes should likely come in 2021, then 2022 to 2024 should bring a lot of very dramatic natural events. Currently those are the years when the massive devastation is set to happen in a number of places. At least one meteor strike is roughly planned for 2021, and many more in the next couple of years. Additionally, the food problems, weather, and other natural phenomenon continue to get worse. As people see these things, that will make a lot of people snap into realizing that this IS the wrath of God coming down. The years 2020 and 2021 will give more than enough information where agree at the time or not, people will see and understand that quite a lot of going on is very much against what some perceive as a classical version of what religion teaches. Well, in 2022 to 2024, seeing those events happen right before their eyes, and seeing where they are happening and where they are not, it should become obvious to many that they severely messed up. They will have everything but a big flashing neon sign at that point showing them that the actions of the evil have brought this about, and it is time to repent.

This brings back the importance of 2020, the time the world started to see. Even if it does not make sense until some years later, the events of these years before and after 2020 are what is studied for a long time to come. It is not enough to just agree with spoonfed truths. To get to a new era, we the people need to be able to have increased discernment. The lessons of how we all got fooled for so long, and how many were so blind as these amazing things were being revealed will give many quite a lot of food to show them how to be cautious. We learn how to have better judgment and techniques needed to ensure we do not get fooled again as easily.

When the events come and they see what is going on, many will remember the political happenings, and having enough time in the rear view mirror, they should really start to break out of the insanity that grasps them now. When in the heat of a political fight, that is not always the case. So, even though that it already should be obvious to any caring rational person, it is not. Constant lies from the media and politicians and the constant pressure from all other sides just are too much. There is also the emotional attacks. We are not really all that logical when it comes down to it. Emotional attacks catch us completely off guard and manipulation then is very easy. But seeing natural events previously unimaginable, that breaks the emotional control, lets us relax, and that allows truth and the spirit to slip back in

On the other end of the events, the medical help will come. Part of waking up for many also are the scans that they will see. Poisons have for a fact been sprayed overhead from planes in the chemtrails that everyone sees all the time but few believe in. Poisons get sprayed on the crops. We have poisons intentionally injected in the population control program known in this time as vaccines. So many ways we are poisoned exist that I cannot list them all.

Well guess what, each person will see scans that show really nasty things in their bodies and changes to their DNA most had not even guessed could occur (despite the warnings we have even now from certain studies). The results from the scans and the treatments to get those problems fixed will be something that makes many more than sick to their stomach. It is a wakeup call that will be almost impossible to ignore, because it will hit so close to home.

Lastly, the tribunals will also be very important as a historical record for many years to come. My contacts never did talk about the importance of the tribunals much in regards to bringing justice. They are talking about how they will be used in waking people up. Evidently there have been and will continue to be very important tribunals. Those are not the main thing that traps and gets rid of the cabal and the ancient powerful bloodlines. They will provide a very valuable historical record that will show beyond doubt that great evils were being done in the name of the law, of medicine, and even of a fake twisted version of god that they would have you believe. Both written documents and videos taken during the tribunals will be available and a great resource for many people who are alive now and too blind right now to notice, as well as many future generations. They will show a lot of what is going on now, and again reinforce the importance of the years around 2020. They make the world see during the year 2020 yes, but also for many years to come studying what is going on now.

People have to see. That is a HUGE MASSIVE problem! While I wanted to see a really massive satisfying tipping point, the reality is more complex, and also far more important in the long run. People will be studying these times for generations to come. 2020 and the surrounding years help wake up the world and move us to a new era!

Think of 2020 and the years surrounding it as a great pivot point. With these events as a pivot and enough force applied in many ways, this will pry open the minds of the public once and for all. It will push our society forward to what it needs to be to truly be a peaceful self-sustaining society. Our television shows and movies do not teach us how to be the capable wise people we need to be. They do not show us the details of how an advanced future society needs to work. Even our churches do not. They have strict guidelines and controls placed by the ancient bloodlines and very corrupt and violent people what can and cannot be taught. The world needed a pivot point that is strong and effective enough to help move our minds to a new level of thinking.

Remember it this way and you can see that with 2020 we as a world do indeed see clearly, and we will raise our society to the next level of advancement.


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