In this site, we will have links to the cartoon series, and to commentary videos. There are also commentary articles that are posted here as well. The cartoon making subscription is very expensive, so I cannot afford to make them all the time. The current series finished, and stands alone as a good body of work that covers the topic. As I get more money and content for more cartoons, I will hopefully get more up at some point. For now, commentary, news, and the like will have to do.

Please visit my other sites and . The site you are currently on is about everything I cover more specifically from the viewpoint of the theory of what, why, etc… T-0 is about the natural events in the second tribulation that is starting roughly last half of 2021 and going to roughly end of 2024. T-0 is a reference to time is up (like the countdown t-10, 9, 8, etc…). It covers some theory, but covers more of the practical concerns of what is needed to get through these odd rough times. is a site dedicated to helping build mental strength and fortitude. It gives tips, techniques, and knowledge on how to make the most of your mind, and how to build judgment and discernment.

Please feel free to copy, save and share the cartoons or any text. If needed correcting typos is fine. Just please do not take credit for anything. Just properly cite or reference me as the original author and that is fine. Please do not charge any money for works I did if at all possible.

Remember, this transition is tough to get through, but we will be fine. A new Era of Peace is coming.

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